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Meditation for Life

by Justyn Comer

Career, relationships, health, happiness, sport, creativity – you name it – they can all be enhanced by the practice of meditation. It has the power to improve every aspect of our lives. Although there has...

Living the Beauty of Imperfection

by Jarem Sawatsky

Are you worried that life and the passage of time have sent you far past your prime? Discover how to overcome your desire for perfection and celebrate your true beauty.

Are you self-conscious about your imperfections?...

How to Be Yourself

by Ellen Hendriksen

Picking up where Quiet ended, How to Be Yourself is the best book you’ll ever read about how to conquer social anxiety.

“This book is also a groundbreaking road map to finally being your true, authentic self.”...

I, Dragonfly

by Kerrie Lyn Baldwin & Gwyneth Olwyn

This groundbreaking memoir unveils the light and shadows of anorexia recovery—from what it requires to what it can ultimately deliver.

At thirty-three years old, Kerrie was managing a freelance career, her...

The Anti-Anxiety Diet

by Sarah Wilson

From the New York Times bestselling author of I Quit Sugar and First, We Make the Beast Beautiful comes this proven 2-week plan for reducing anxiety and beating one of its leading causes—sugar addiction—using...

A Beautiful Morning

by Ashley Ellington Brown

You deserve a life you love. A Beautiful Morning can help you create it. Discover the power of a morning ritual to transform your day—and your life.

How you start each day affects the quality of your day, and...

How to Die

by Seneca & James S. Romm

"It takes an entire lifetime to learn how to die," wrote the Roman Stoic philosopher Seneca (c. 4 BC–65 AD). He counseled readers to "study death always," and took his own advice, returning to the subject...

How to Kiss Goodbye to Ana

by Kim Marshall

Do you struggle with anorexia or have a difficult relationship with food and body image? Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) have the potential to transform your life and put you on the path to recovery. Here,...

Think Happy to Stay Happy

by Becca Anderson

Think Happy

Positivity guide: Happiness is around every corner, but every once in a while we need a guide or map to find it. This book is your guide. The 50 chapters of Think Happy to Stay Happy are filled...

Think and Grow Rich special edition

by Napoleon Hill

"Think and Grow Rich" is a motivational personal development and self-help book written by Napoleon Hill and inspired by a suggestion from Scottish-American businessman Andrew Carnegie. While the title implies...

Mission Nutrition

by Susan E Spear


This book takes the reader on a health journey to understand what food really is, how it works in the body, and how to use it to optimize health. It debunks commonly...

Think and Grow Rich (Panama Classics)

by Napoleon Hill

"Think and Grow Rich" is a motivational personal development and self-help book written by Napoleon Hill and inspired by a suggestion from Scottish-American businessman Andrew Carnegie. While the title implies...

The Creative Heroine's Path

by Julie Baldwin

Activate Your Creative Genius!

The Creative Heroine's Path shows you how to transform your life and express your creative genius, with deep insights and practical tools to get you moving.

Writer, painter, and...

Think and Grow Rich [Illustrated]

by Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is one of the bestselling motivational books of all-time. Inspired by a suggestion from industrialist Andrew Carnegie, Hill explains the philosophy that helped the wealthiest...

Earth is Hiring

by Peta Kelly

Is ‘hustle and grind’ really the message of The New Way? Is financial freedom really what it’s about? is ‘living life on our terms’ really the summit of this mission? Is The New Way about becoming...

Spirit Healer

by T.B. Human™

So many people are searching for answers at this time of insecurity and awakening on the planet, and one brave soul and mind steps out and openly reveals a life journey meant to awaken readers and countless...

The Secret Life of a Weight-Obsessed Woman

by Iris Ruth Pastor

Do you think about food too much? Envy those “skinny bitches” and wonder how they do it? Use the needle on the scale as a measure of your self-worth? Are you “just ten pounds” away from happiness? You...

You Are His Masterpiece

by Judith L. Hewes

Whether you’ve lost a child, a loved one, or your health to cancer, or some other devastating illness or accident. Perhaps you’ve lost a job, a life-long dream, or your financial security; maybe you lost...

The Only Way Out is Through

by Gail Gross

Books on grief often fall into two categories: memoir or science. In The Only Way Out is Through, Dr. Gail Gross combines the two in an inspiring story of loss alongside the analytical psychology that helped...

Unmasking What Matters

by Sandra Joseph

• During the 2015/16 Broadway season, there were a record-breaking 13.3 million admissions to Broadway shows, and musicals performed on Broadway generated over 1.17 billion dollars; there is a huge audience...