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Original sins

by Andrew Spannaus

The revolt of the voters that exploded in 2016 represents a reaction to the effects of financial globalization, with economic discontent driving heightened political and cultural divisions. As populist parties...

The Moment of Lift

by Melinda Gates

“The Moment of Lift is an urgent call to courage. It changed how I think about myself, my family, my work, and what’s possible in the world. Melinda weaves together vulnerable, brave storytelling and compelling...

In a Pure Muslim Land

by Simon Wolfgang Fuchs

Centering Pakistan in a story of transnational Islam stretching from South Asia to the Middle East, Simon Wolfgang Fuchs offers the first in-depth ethnographic history of the intellectual production of Shi&703;is...

Occupied Territory

by Simon Balto

In July 1919, an explosive race riot forever changed Chicago. For years, black southerners had been leaving the South as part of the Great Migration. Their arrival in Chicago drew the ire and scorn of many local...

Black Thursday

by Martin Caidin

Thursday, October 14, 1943, two hundred and ninety one B-17 Flying Fortresses set out for a strategic bombing raid on the factories in Schweinfurt.

Sixty of those planes never returned and six hundred and fifty...

Beauty in a Box

by Cheryl Thompson

One of the first transnational, feminist studies of Canada’s black beauty culture and the role that media, retail, and consumers have played in its development, Beauty in a Box widens our understanding of...

The Restless Hungarian

by Tom Weidlinger

• Amid our current state of global unrest, enrollment in Jewish Studies has grown. At Dartmouth, nearly 25 percent of sophomores take Jewish Studies classes, and the Jewish Studies program at the University...

From Willard Straight to Wall Street

by Thomas W. Jones

In stark and compelling prose, Thomas W. Jones tells his story as a campus revolutionary who led an armed revolt at Cornell University in 1969 and then altered his course over the next fifty years to become...


by Bernice L. Hausman

Antivaxxers are crazy. That is the perception we all gain from the media, the internet, celebrities, and beyond, writes Bernice Hausman in Anti/Vax, but we need to open our eyes and ears so that we can all have...

The Act of Living

by Marco Di Nunzio

According to the World Bank, Ethiopia has one of the fastest growing economies in Africa, yet it is also one of the poorest African countries. Marco Di Nunzio's analysis of two street hustlers in Ethiopia offers...

America the Fair

by Dan Meegan

What makes a person liberal or conservative? Why does the Democratic Party scare off so many possible supporters? When does our "injustice trigger" get pulled, and how can fairness overcome our human need to...

Enduring Alliance

by Timothy Andrews Sayle

Born from necessity, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has always seemed on the verge of collapse. Even now, some sixty years after its inception, some consider its foundation uncertain and its structure...

When Violence Works


Why are some places successful in moving from war to consolidated peace while others continue to be troubled by violence? And why does postconflict violence take different forms and have different intensities?...

Making Space for the Dead

by Erin-Marie Legacey

The dead of Paris, before the French Revolution, were most often consigned to mass graveyards that contemporaries described as terrible and terrifying, emitting "putrid miasmas" that were a threat to both health...

Democracy for Sale

by Edward Aspinall & Ward Berenschot

Democracy for Sale is an on-the-ground account of Indonesian democracy, analyzing its election campaigns and behind-the-scenes machinations. Edward Aspinall and Ward Berenschot assess the informal networks and...

Everyday Transgressions

by Adelle Blackett

Adelle Blackett tells the story behind the International Labour Organization's (ILO) Decent Work for Domestic Workers Convention No. 189, and its accompanying Recommendation No. 201 which in 2011 created the...

Empire of Friends

by Rachel Applebaum

The familiar story of Soviet power in Cold War Eastern Europe focuses on political repression and military force. But in Empire of Friends, Rachel Applebaum shows how the Soviet Union simultaneously promoted...

From Migrant to Worker

by Michele Ford

What happens when local unions begin to advocate for the rights of temporary migrant workers, asks Michele Ford in her sweeping study of seven Asian countries? Until recently unions in Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia,...

Matteo Salvini. Italy, Europe and the New Right

by Alessandro Franzi & Alessandro Madron

Matteo Salvini is one of the most controversial up-and-coming figures on the European political scene. Since 2013 he has been the leader of Italian Lega - formerly a secessionist party which he himself transformed...

Henry David Thoreau: The Complete Works

by Henry David Thoreau

9 Complete Works of Henry David Thoreau

A Plea for Captain John Brown

A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers

Canoeing in the wilderness

Cape Cod


On the Duty of Civil Disobedience



Wild Apples...