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You Have the Right to Remain Fat

by Virgie Tovar

Growing up as a fat girl, Virgie Tovar believed that her body was something to be fixed. But after two decades of dieting and constant guilt, she was over it—and gave herself the freedom to trust her own body...

Raising the Transgender Child

by Tey Meadow

Trans Kids is a trenchant ethnographic and interview-based study of the first generation of families affirming and facilitating gender nonconformity in children.  Whereas previous generations of parents sent...

Immigrant Experiences

by Walter A. Ewing

Immigrant Experiences: Why Immigrants Come to the United States and What They Find When They Get Here weaves together detailed historical and contemporary examples of immigration to the United States that move...

Realizing Our Place

by Catherine Egley Waggoner & Laura Egley Taylor

What does it mean to be from somewhere? Does place seep into one's very being like roots making their way through rich soil, shaping a sense of self? In particular, what does it mean to be from a place with...

You Have the Right to Remain Fat

by Virgie Tovar

Growing up as a fat girl, Virgie Tovar believed that her body was something to be fixed. But after two decades of dieting and constant guilt, she was over it—and gave herself the freedom to trust her own body...


by Philip Ryan & Niall O'Connor

The emergence of Leo Varadkar in Irish politics and his election to the post of Taoiseach is a remarkable tale from any perspective. Journalists Philip Ryan and Niall O’Connor tell the inside story of how...

Traditions, Traps and Trends

by Barbara Helen Miller, Jarich Oosten, Kim van Dam & Willem Rasing et al.

The transfer of knowledge is a key issue in the North as Indigenous people meet the ongoing need for adaptation in their habitat. In eight essays, experts survey critical issues surrounding the knowledge practices...

Mothers of the Military

by Wendy M. Christensen

Mothers of the Military examines the distinctive kinds of support required during an increasingly privatized war, specifically material, moral and healthcare support. Mothers are a particularly key part of the...

Make America Stronger Together Again

by Gregory T. Christensen

Make America Stronger Together Again discusses Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and a presidential campaign from hell, but it is so much more than that. It’s a vision for a better country, a more engaged electorate,...


by Michael Kimmel

One of the most eminent scholars and writers on men and masculinity and the author of the critically acclaimed Manhood in America turns his attention to the culture of guys, aged 16 to 26: their attitudes, their...

Fluid Networks and Hegemonic Powers in the Western Indian Ocean

by Manuel João Ramos, Preben Kaarsholm & Iain Walker

The present volume sets forth to analyse illustrative aspects of the deep-rooted immersion of the populations of the eastern coasts of Africa in the vast network of commercial, cultural and religious interactions...

Mandarin Brazil

by Ana Paulina Lee

In Mandarin Brazil, Ana Paulina Lee explores the centrality of Chinese exclusion to the Brazilian nation-building project, tracing the role of cultural representation in producing racialized national categories....

The Agenda

by Memory Bengesa & Mansa Mneme

As a black person, have you experienced racism in America?

Is your default position to blame others?

How can we change the way we react when faced with the issues around racism?

There is no doubt that racism exists...

BLACK a Misunderstood Race

by Memory Bengesa & Mansa Mneme

Have you experienced racism in America?

Do you think there is still a lot of work to do to right the wrongs of prejudice?

Mansa Mn?m? was born in a country south of the African equator but moved to the United...

Getting to Zero

by Sinéad Walsh & Oliver Johnson

  • A gripping, first-hand account of the harrowing decisions and uplifting encounters experienced by the authors in the midst of a humanitarian crisis.

  • Co-author Oliver Johnson received an OBE following his work...

The Oxford Handbook on the United Nations

by Thomas G. Weiss & Sam Daws

This Handbook provides in one volume an authoritative and independent treatment of the UN's seventy-year history, written by an international cast of more than 50 distinguished scholars, analysts, and practitioners....

The Oxford Handbook of Public Heritage Theory and Practice

by Angela M. Labrador & Neil Asher Silberman

The field of cultural heritage is no longer solely dependent on the expertise of art and architectural historians, archaeologists, conservators, curators, and site and museum administrators. It has dramatically...

The Oxford Handbook of Energy and Society

by Dr. Debra J. Davidson & Prof. Dr. Matthias Gross

The Oxford Handbook of Energy and Society presents an overview of this expanding area that has evolved dramatically over the past decade, away from one largely dominated by structural, political economic treatments...

Al Rashid Mosque

by Earle H. Waugh & Baha Abu-Laban

Front Flap: Forty years ago, as a young scholar in Islamic Studies at the University of Alberta, Al Rashid’s Muslims welcomed my queries, tolerated my ignorance, and joyfully opened their homes and their hearts....

Trade Battles

by Tamara Kay & R.L. Evans

Trade was once an esoteric economic issue with little domestic policy resonance. Activists did not prioritize it, and grassroots political mobilization seemed unlikely to free trade advocates. The passage of...