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The Key to the Door

by Maurice Apprey & Shelli M. Poe

The Key to the Door showcases rare first-person narratives of pioneering black students who desegregated UVA in the 1950s and ‘60s. Situating their experiences in broad historical context, the book speaks...

Does Policy Analysis Matter?

by Lee S. Friedman

Just how well can democracy incorporate knowledge and expertise through public policy analysts? This book examines the evolution of policy analysis, its use in legislative and regulatory bodies, and its use...

Participation and Non-Participation in Student Activism

by Alexander Hensby

There is a strong need to understand the changing dynamics of contemporary youth participation: how they engage, what repertoires are considered efficacious, and their motivations to get involved.

This book uses...

States of Discipline

by Cemal Burak Tansel

Despite the severity of the global economic crisis and the widespread aversion towards austerity policies, neoliberalism remains the dominant mode of economic governance in the world. What makes neoliberalism...

Beyond Expectations

by Onoso Imoagene

In Beyond Expectations, Onoso Imoagene delves into the multifaceted identities of second-generation Nigerian adults in the United States and Britain. She argues that they conceive of an alternative notion...

Unorthodox Kin

by Naomi Leite

Unorthodox Kin is a groundbreaking exploration of identity, relatedness, and belonging in the context of profound global interconnection. Naomi Leite paints a poignant and graceful portrait of Portugal's urban...

The Unbroken Machine

by Dale Smith

  • Written in an easily accessible style for the lay reader
  • Author is a freelance journalist in the Canadian Parliamentary Press Gallery, and is one of three or four reporters who attends Question Period in the...

Biosecurity Dilemmas

by Christian Enemark

Biosecurity Dilemmas examines conflicting values and interests in the practice of “biosecurity,” the safeguarding of populations against infectious diseases through security policies. Biosecurity encompasses...

Lethal Decisions

by Arthur J. Ammann

This first-person account by one of the pioneers of HIV/AIDS research chronicles the interaction among the pediatric HIV/AIDS community, regulatory bodies, governments, and activists over more than three decades....

Don Mills

by Scott Kennedy

  • A colourful local history that ties Toronto’s pioneer roots to its modern form, including an inside look at numerous historic structures to discover
  • Learn how the Evergreen Brick Works, an internationally...

Yours for the Union

by Baruch Hirson & Tom Lodge

Yours for the Union stands as a landmark history of the making of the black working class in South Africa. Drawing on a wide range of sources, it covers the crucial period of 1930-47, when South Africa's rapid...

The Story of an African Working Class

by Jeff Crisp & Gavin Hilson

  • A story of struggle against exploitative mining companies, repressive governments, and authoritarian trade union leaders

  • Combines lively historical narrative with original analysis

  • A unique contribution to the...

Race, gangs and youth violence: Policy, prevention and policing

by Anthony Gunter

This book challenges current thinking about youth violence and gangs, and their racialisation by the media and the police. It highlights how the street gang label is unfairly linked to Black (and urban) youth...

Where Have All the Heroes Gone?

by Bruce Peabody & Krista Jenkins

From the men and women associated with the American Revolution and Civil War to the seminal figures in the struggles for civil and women's rights, Americans have been fascinated with icons of great achievement,...

Mixed Messages

by Stefanie Mollborn

Sex is bad. Unprotected sex is a problem. Having a baby would be a disaster. Abortion is a sin. Teenagers in the United States hear conflicting messages about sex from everyone around them. How do teens understand...

Us, Relatives

by Nurit Bird-David

Anthropologists have long looked to forager-cultivator cultures for insights into human lifeways. But they have often not been attentive enough to locals’ horizons of concern and to the enormous disparity...

Glass House

by Brian Alexander

For readers of Hillbilly Elegy and Strangers in Their Own Land

**One of The Week's 20 Books to Read in 2017**

**One of Bustle's 16 Best Nonfiction Books Coming in February 2017**

Beth Macy, author of Factory Man...

Drop the Ball

by Tiffany Dufu & Gloria Steinem

A bold and inspiring memoir and manifesto from a renowned voice in the women's leadership movement who shows women how to cultivate the single skill they really need in order to thrive: the ability to let go....

Cannibalism: A Perfectly Natural History

by Bill Schutt

“A masterful and compulsively readable book that challenges our preconceived notions about a behavior often sensationalized in our culture and, until just recently, misunderstood in the scientific world.”...

Race and Ethnicity in America

by John Iceland

Race and Ethnicity in America succinctly examines patterns and trends in inequality over the past 60 years for different racial groups, focusing on education, income, poverty, wealth, residential attainment,...