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This Grand Experiment

by Jessica Ziparo

In the volatility of the Civil War, the federal government opened its payrolls to women. Although the press and government officials considered the federal employment of women to be an innocuous wartime aberration,...

Revisiting Jonestown

by Domenico A. Nesci & Nancy McWilliams

Revisiting Jonestown covers three main topics: the psycho-biography of Jim Jones (the leader of the suicidal community) from the new perspective of Prenatal Psychology and transgenerational trauma, the story...

The Oxford Handbook of Gender and Conflict

by Fionnuala Ni Aolain, Naomi Cahn, Dina Francesca Haynes & Nahla Valji

Traditionally, much of the work studying war and conflict has focused on men. Men commonly appear as soldiers, commanders, casualties, and civilians. Women, by contrast, are invisible as combatants, and, when...

Through Times of Trouble

by Anna Matveeva & Michael O. Slobodchikoff

This book tells the story of insurgency in Ukraine’s Donbas region from the perspective of the rebels, who sought and continue to seek either independence from Ukraine or unification with Russia. As such,...


by Domingo Morel

State takeovers of local governments have garnered national attention of late, particularly following the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. In most U.S. cities, local governments are responsible for decisions...

Why Children Follow Rules

by Tom R. Tyler & Rick Trinkner

Legal socialization is the process by which children and adolescents acquire their law related values, attitudes, and reasoning capacities. Such values and attitudes, in particular legitimacy, underlie the ability...

Strategies for Success among African-Americans and Afro-Caribbeans

by Chrystal Y. Grey & Thomas Janoski

How can African Americans and Afro-Caribbeans from the former British colonies be so different in their approaches toward social mobility? Chrystal Y. Grey and Thomas Janoski state that this is because native...

Broken: Can the Senate Save Itself and the Country?

by Ira Shapiro

In Broken, Ira Shapiro, a former senior Senate staffer and author of the critically-acclaimed book The Last Great Senate, offers an expert’s account of some of the most prominent battles of the past decade...

The Anthem Companion to Karl Mannheim

by Volker Meja & David Kettler

The Hungarian-born Karl Mannheim became recognized as a pathbreaking sociologist in Germany when he published 'Ideologie und Utopie' (1929) and in the English-speaking world upon publication of 'Ideology and...

Globalization Reappraised

by Dhirendra K. Vajpeyi & Roopinder Oberoi

Globalization Reappraised: A Talisman or a False Oracle analyzes the emergence of Washington Consensus inspired globalization model in the post cold war era. It presents a comprehensive scholarly survey of the...

Government Facilities Protection and Homeland Security

by Frank R. Spellman

The eighth of a new, well-received, and highly acclaimed series on critical infrastructure and homeland security, Government Facilities Protection and Homeland Security is a reference source that is designed...

Geek Sweets

by Jenny Burgesse

Easy baking recipes and unique theme party ideas

Geek Sweets: The ultimate guide to creating 60 confections for the legions of geek fans out there ? from Star Wars to Game of Thrones to Harry Potter and much...

The Politics of Place

by Joshua Bandoch

Many Enlightenment thinkers sought to discover the right political order for all times and all places, and scholars often view Montesquieu as working within this project. In this reassessment of Montesquieu's...

Anthropology's Interrogation of Philosophy from the Eighteenth to the Twentieth Century

by Jerome Fanning Marsden Carroll

Anthropology's Interrogation of Philosophy from the Eighteenth to the Twentieth Century presents and discusses key aspects of the German tradition of philosophical anthropology from the eighteenth to the twentieth...

Understanding America's Gun Culture

by Craig Hovey, Lisa Fisher, Garrison Allen Crews & Gordon Arthur Crews et al.

Understanding America’s Gun Culture focuses on building understanding of some of the issues associated with US gun culture and the contemporary debate about the availability and use of guns. This edited volume...

Movie Quotes for All Occasions

by James Scheibli

Great Movie Quotes for All Occasions

Best movie quotes: We all do it. Every day, with or without noticing, you quote movies. Hit a search engine and you can find thousands of lists of the best movie quotes of...

Policing Black Bodies: How Black Lives Are Surveilled and How to Work for Change

by Angela J. Hattery & Earl Smith

Policing Black Bodies walks readers through critical issues facing African Americans in the criminal justice system—from police brutality to exoneration and re-entry. Synthesizing the latest research with...

White Middle-Class Men in Rio de Janeiro

by Valeria Ribeiro Corossacz

White Middle-Class Men in Rio de Janeiro: The Making of a Dominant Subject investigates what it means to be classified as a white person and a man in a society that is known for its valorization of racial mixing...

This Day in Presidential History

by Paul Brandus

For reference librarians, journalists, history buffs, and more, a treasure trove of information about the US presidency for each day of the year from the popular, award-winning White House journalist Paul Brandus....

Happy Abortions

by Erica Millar

  • A radical criticism of choice rhetoric.

  • Significant and novel argument: that abortion is configured as a bad choice at the same time as it is accepted as a choice.

  • Reveals the conflicting and contradictory elements...