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The EU and Effective Multilateralism: Internal and external reform practices

by Edith Drieskens & Louise G. van Schaik

This book investigates the extent to which the EU has defined and operationalised the notion of effective multilateralism.

Reform has dominated the agenda of the EU in recent years with the adoption and implementation...

Understanding Civil Wars: Continuity and change in intrastate conflict

by Edward Newman

This volume explores the nature of civil war in the modern world and in historical perspective.

Civil wars represent the principal form of armed conflict since the end of the Second World War, and certainly...

Turkish-Greek Relations: Rapprochement, Civil Society and the Politics of Friendship: Rapprochement, Civil Society and the Politics of Friendship

by Leonidas Karakatsanis

Turkish-Greek relations are marked by a long trajectory of enmity and tension. This book sets out to explore the 'other side' of that history, focusing on initiatives that have promoted contact between the two...

A New Development Model and China's Future

by Deng Yingtao

The need for China to find a new, environmentally sustainable development path is accepted widely among Chinese scholars and policy makers. This book makes available for the first time to an English-speaking...

Internationalising Japan: Discourse and Practice: Discourse and Practice

by Jeremy Breaden, Stacey Steele & Carolyn S. Stevens

In the twenty-first century, the concept of internationalisation remains a crucial tool for understanding the dynamics of globalising processes. It draws attention to the dimensions of conscious action in inter-...

Preparing for the Next Asia-Pacific War: Defence Planning in the Twenty-First Century: Preparing for the Next Asia-Pacific War

by Stephan Fruhling

How can countries decide what kind of military forces they need, if threats are uncertain and history is full of strategic surprises? This is a question that is more pertinent than ever, as countries across...

Political Communication Online: Structures, Functions, and Challenges: Structures, Functions, and Challenges

by Ognyan Seizov

The impact of the Internet on political communication has been significant and multifaceted: it expanded the reach of political messages; opened the floodgates of decontextualization and intercultural misunderstanding;...

Perishable Material Culture in Prehistory: Investigating the Missing Majority

by Linda M. Hurcombe

Perishable Material Culture in Prehistory provides new approaches and integrates a broad range of data to address a neglected topic, organic material in the prehistoric record. Providing news ideas and connections...

Positivism, Presuppositions

by Jeffrey C. Alexander

This volume begins by challenging the bases of the recent scientization of sociology. Then it challenges some of the ambitious claims of recent theoretical debate. The author not only reinterprets the most important...

The Antinomies of Classical Thought: Marx & Durkheim

by Jeffrey C. Alexander

This volume challenges prevailing understanding of the two great founders of sociological thought. In a detailed and systematic way the author demonstrates how Marx and Durkheim gradually developed the fundamental...

The Classical Attempt at Theoretical Synthesis: Max Weber: Max Weber

by Jeffrey C. Alexander

The limits of one-dimensional theory are strikingly revealed in the schools that the founders of the major sociological traditions established. In this volume Max Weber is presented as the theorist who laid...

Russia-Iran Relations, 1991-2003

by Eric D. Moore

This book presents a comprehensive, systematic analysis of Russia- Iran relations in the period following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. It discusses the key areas - such as trade, arms sales, nuclear...

Gramsci and Italy's Passive Revolution: And Italy's Passive Revolution

by John A. Davis

Antonio Gramsci used the term 'passive revolution' to describe the limitations and weaknesses of the 19th century bourgeois state in Italy which permitted economic development whilst thwarting social and political...

Praxis and Method: A Sociological Dialogue with Lukacs, Gramsci and the Early Frankfurt School

by Richard Kilminster

This sociological critique of the 'philosophy of praxis' looks at the importance of the concept in the social theory of leading influential Western Marxists such as Lukács, Gramsci, Korsch, Horkheimer, Marcuse...

Gramsci and Marxist Theory

by Chantal Mouffe

This book familiarizes the English-speaking reader with the debate on the originality of Gramsci's thought and its importance for the development of Marxist theory. The contributors present the principal viewpoints...

The Sociology of Political Praxis: An Introduction to Gramsci's Theory

by Leonardo Salamini

This volume analyses the philosophical nature of Gramsci's Marxism and its Hegelian source, the radical critique of the economistic tradition and the original analyses of the role of superstructures, ideology,...

Class, Gender and the American Family Farm in the 20th Century

by Elizabeth A. Ramey

Integrating a focus on gender with Marx's surplus-based notion of class, this book offers a one-of-a-kind analysis of family farms in the United States. The analysis shows how gender and class struggles developed...

Anti-Veiling Campaigns in the Muslim World: Gender, Modernism and the Politics of Dress: Gender, Modernism and the Politics of Dress

by Stephanie Cronin

In recent years bitter controversies have erupted across Europe and the Middle East about women's veiling, and especially their wearing of the face-veil or niqab. Yet the deeper issues contained within these...

The Changing Policy-Making Process in Greater China: Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong: Case Research from Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong

by Bennis Wai Yip So & Yuang-kuang Kao

This book explores how the policy-making process is changing in the very volatile conditions of present day mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. It considers the overall background conditions - the need to...

Commodified Bodies: Organ Transplants and the Organ Trade: Organ Transplantation and the Organ Trade

by Oliver Decker

Commodified Bodies examines the social practice of organ transplantation and trafficking and scrutinises the increasingly neoliberal tendencies in the medical system. It analyses phenomena such as the denomination...