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The EU as International Environmental Negotiator

by Tom Delreux

This examination of the EU's participation in international environmental negotiations reveals the internal decision-making process behind multilateral environmental agreements. The book's empirical evidence...

The Politics of AIDS Denialism: South Africa's Failure to Respond

by Pieter Fourie & Melissa Meyer

The controversial views on HIV and AIDS held by successive South African governments have led to allegations that the country is in a state of denial about the AIDS epidemic. This study addresses these claims...

Fostering Community Resilience: Homeland Security and Hurricane Katrina

by Tom Lansford & Jack Covarrubias

Using the Mississippi Gulf Coast as a case study, this book focuses on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and develops the concept of resilience and how it applies to Homeland Security. By examining what went...

The European Union's Africa Policies: Norms, Interests and Impact

by Daniela Sicurelli

Up until now, mainstream studies have interpreted the EU's role in Africa as that of either a self-interested hegemonic actor, or a value-oriented normative power. Using fresh empirical evidence, including interviews...

Cooperation or Conflict?: Problematizing Organizational Overlap in Europe

by David J. Galbreath & Carmen Gebhard

This combination of institutional and policy analysis provides a unique insight into the interactions between the EU, NATO, OSCE, and the Council of Europe. The book identifies areas of cooperation and areas...

Institutional Design and Voting Power in the European Union

by Marek A. Cichocki & Karol Zyczkowski

From leading global experts in the fields of politics and mathematics comes this thoughtful analysis of the nature and distribution of power within the European Union and the practical implications of the current...

The Politics of Post-War Demobilisation and Reintegration in Nigeria

by Olukunle Ojeleye

An in-depth study of the demobilization and reintegration exercises carried out at the end of the Nigerian civil war, assessing their implications for national politics in the West African nation. Though the...

Constructive Anarchy: Building Infrastructures of Resistance

by Jeff Shantz

Constructive Anarchy draws on over a decade of direct study within a variety of anarchist projects to provide the most wide-ranging and detailed analysis of current anarchist endeavours to date. The book offers...

Struggle Against the State: Social Network and Protest Mobilization in India

by Ashok Swain

Drawing on an in-depth examination of the existing literature on social mobilization and extensive fieldwork conducted in India, Ashok Swain questions how displaced people mobilize to protest with the help of...

The Development of British Defence Policy: Blair, Brown and Beyond

by David Brown

This work explores developing trends and underlying assumptions of British Defence Policy, placing policy developments post 11 September in a wider context, and assessing the impact of key personalities and...

Multilateral Security and ESDP Operations

by Fulvio Attinà & Daniela Irrera

This volume presents complementary analyses of the current features, issues and trends of multilateral security and the European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP) peace operations. Founded on the detailed examination...

Non-State Actor Dynamics in International Law: From Law-Takers to Law-Makers

by Math Noortmann & Cedric Ryngaert

This book examines the position of non-state actors in international law as law-makers and law-takers and questions whether these different positions can or should be separated from each other. It is an indispensable...

Europe's 21st Century Challenge: Delivering Liberty

by Didier Bigo & Sergio Carrera

A study of illiberal practices of liberal regimes in the field of security. The work explores the relationship between the internal and external effects of these practices in an increasingly interconnected world...

From Blood Diamonds to the Kimberley Process: How NGOs Cleaned Up the Global Diamond Industry

by Franziska Bieri

Despite its importance in international affairs, the Kimberley Process remains understudied in academia. Franziska Bieri's book provides the first comprehensive account of the Kimberley Process and is the first...

Peace Without Consensus: Power Sharing Politics in Northern Ireland

by Mary-Alice C. Clancy

Peace Without Consensus explores the contribution of the US, British and Irish governments to the electoral triumph of Sinn Féin and the Democratic Unionist Party in 2003. Profiled in the Guardian, the Observer,...

Federalism, Feminism and Multilevel Governance

by Melissa Haussman & Marian Sawer

Until recently, few gender scholars took notice of the impact of state architecture on women's representation, political opportunities, and policy achievements. Likewise scholars of federalism, devolution and...

Peace Regime Building on the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asian Security Cooperation

by Tae-Hwan Kwak & Seung-Ho Joo

Presents a two-track (inter-Korean and international) approach to Korean peninsula peace-regime building.

Guarding the Guardians: Civil-Military Relations and Democratic Governance in Africa

by Mathurin C. Houngnikpo

This book reviews the intrusion of the armed forces in African politics by examining contemporary armies and their impact on society. It revisits the various explanations of military takeovers in Africa and...

Crafting an African Security Architecture: Addressing Regional Peace and Conflict in the 21st Century

by Hany Besada

This book responds to new regional conflicts over health, water, land and food security in the world's poorest, most socially fragmented continent. The work assesses African regional security arrangements and...

Current Issues in Economic Integration: Can Asia Inspire the 'West'?

by Bernadette Andreosso-O'Callaghan & M. Bruna Zolin

This book addresses questions raised within the field of integration by the current economic crisis. Amongst the issues considered are the viability of decoupling between multinational firms and the banking...