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Sociology of the Visual Sphere

by Regev Nathansohn & Dennis Zuev

This collection of original articles deals with two intertwined general questions: what is the visual sphere, and what are the means by which we can study it sociologically? These questions serve as the logic...

Democratic Governance and Social Entrepreneurship: Civic Participation and the Future of Democracy

by Denise M. Horn

This book explores the connection between strong democracy and neoliberal development schemes based on the concept of 'social entrepreneurship' in Thailand and Southern India.

With an original approach, this...

Inherited Responsibility and Historical Reconciliation in East Asia

by Jun-Hyeok Kwak & Melissa Nobles

Contemporary East Asian societies are still struggling with complex legacies of colonialism, war and domination. Years of Japanese imperial occupation followed by the Cold War have entrenched competing historical...

Dynamics of Change in the Persian Gulf: Political Economy, War and Revolution

by Anoushiravan Ehteshami

The Persian Gulf has come to represent one of the most strategically significant waterways of the world. In terms of geography, geopolitics, resources, global political economy, and regional influence, the Gulf...

Wrongful Convictions and Miscarriages of Justice: Causes and Remedies in North American and European Criminal Justice Systems

by C. Ronald Huff & Martin Killias

This innovative work builds on Huff and Killias' earlier publication (2008), but is broader and more thoroughly comparative in a number of important ways:  (1) while focusing heavily on wrongful convictions,...

China and Japan in the Russian Imagination, 1685-1922: To the Ends of the Orient

by Susanna Soojung Lim

Throughout the centuries, as Russia strove to build itself into an imperial power equal to those in the West, China and Japan came to occupy a special place in Russians' view of the orient. Never colonised by...

Key Themes in Social Policy

by Patricia Kennedy

Key Themes in Social Policy provides an accessible and authoritative introduction to over 100 key concepts used in social policy, from autonomy to wellbeing.

International Law and Civil Wars: Intervention and Consent

by Eliav Lieblich

This book examines the international law of forcible intervention in civil wars, in particular the role of party-consent in affecting the legality of such intervention.

In modern international law, it is a near...

The Political Economy of the Small Firm

by Charles Dannreuther & Lew Perren

For many, small firms are everyday realities of the economy and visible in every high-street and industrial estate. Their existence and importance is unquestionable. Such beliefs are understandable, but the...

Cinema and Language Loss: Visions of Displacement

by Tijana Mamula

Cinema and Language Loss provides the first sustained exploration of the relationship between linguistic displacement and visuality in the filmic realm, examining in depth both its formal expressions and theoretical...

Civil Society and Participatory Governance: Municipal Councils and Social Housing Programs in Brazil

by Maureen M. Donaghy

Democratic institutions should promote accountability of government officials to the needs of citizens. Civil society plays a role in exposing corruption as well as in communicating the needs of low-income residents...

The Eu and Multilateral Security Governance

by Sonia Lucarelli, Luk Van Langenhove & Jan Wouters

This book studies the role of the EU in peace and security as a regional actor with global aspirations, in the context of challenged and changing multilateralism.

Multilateralism, governance and security are...

Immigrant Adaptation in Multi-Ethnic Societies: Canada, Taiwan, and the United States

by Eric Fong, Lan-Hung Nora Chiang & Nancy Denton

As a result of international immigration, ethnic diversity has increased rapidly in many countries, not only in major cities, but also in smaller cities. This trend is not limited to the traditional immigrant...

Khoesan Languages

by Rainer Vossen

Essential reference for this particular linguistic community, as well as for linguists working on typology and syntax.

Victims of Environmental Harm: Rights, Recognition and Redress Under National and International Law

by Matthew Hall

In recent years, the increasing focus on climate change and environmental degradation has prompted unprecedented attention being paid towards the criminal liability of individuals, organisations and even states...

Handbook on the Study of Multiple Perpetrator Rape: A Multidisciplinary Response to an International Problem.

by Miranda A.H Horvath & Jessica Woodhams

Whilst there is considerable literature on rape from various perspectives, there is very little that focuses on rape committed by multiple perpetrators (also referred to as group or gang rape). For the first...

An Introduction to Global Health Ethics

by Andrew D. Pinto & Ross E. G. Upshur

Global health is beset by ethical dilemmas surrounding issues such as health inequalities, power differentials, cultural competence, informed consent, and ethics of research. Presenting a solid theoretical foundation...

Iran: Politics, History and Literature

by Homa Katouzian

This book offers a view of Iran through politics, history and literature, showing how the three angles combine.

Iran, being a revolutionary society, experienced two great revolutions within the short span of...

Heritage in the Digital Era: Cinematic Tourism and the Activist Cause

by Rodanthi Tzanelli

What happens to traditional conceptions of heritage in the era of fluid media spaces? 'Heritage' usually involves intergenerational transmission of ideas, customs, ancestral lands, and artefacts, and so serves...

The Routledge Companion to Public-Private Partnerships

by Piet de Vries & Etienne B. Yehoue

A public-private partnership (PPP) is a contractual arrangement with appropriate risk sharing between public and private partners for the delivery of public infrastructure or services, which is intended to create...