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Fiscal Impact Analysis: Methodologies for Planners

by L. Carson, II Bise

Fiscal impact analysis (FIA) is a critical tool for communities of all sizes. A well-prepared FIA can help a community understand the pros and cons of a proposed development and enable well-informed decision...

Europe's Orphan: The Future of the Euro and the Politics of Debt

by Martin Sandbu

Originally conceived as part of a unifying vision for Europe, the euro is now viewed as a millstone around the neck of a continent crippled by vast debts, sluggish economies, and growing populist dissent. In...

We Are All Weird: The Rise of Tribes and the End of Normal

by Seth Godin

World of Warcrafters, LARPers, Settlers of Catan? Weird.

Beliebers, Swifties, Directioners? Weirder.

Paleos, vegans, carb loaders, ovolactovegetarians? Pretty weird.

Mets fans, Yankees fans, Bears fans? Definitely...

Population Wars

by Greg Graffin

From the very beginning, life on Earth has been defined by war. Today, those first wars continue to be fought around and literally inside us, influencing our individual behavior and that of civilization as a...

Killing the Messenger: The Right-Wing Plot to Derail Hillary and Hijack Your Government

by David Brock


New York Times bestselling author and founder of Media Matters, David Brock takes readers on his daring and eye-opening odyssey through the maze of political trenches.

David Brock...

The Pentagon's Brain: An Uncensored History of DARPA, America's Top-Secret Military Research Agency

by Annie Jacobsen

The definitive history of DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency, from the author of the New York Times bestseller Area 51

No one has ever written the history of the Defense Department's most secret,...

The Court and the World: American Law and the New Global Realities

by Stephen Breyer

In this original, far-reaching, and timely book, Justice Stephen Breyer examines the work of the Supreme Court of the United States in an increasingly interconnected world, a world in which all sorts of activity,...

Objective Troy: A Terrorist, a President, and the Rise of the Drone

by Scott Shane

    Objective Troy tells the gripping and unsettling story of Anwar al-Awlaki, the once-celebrated American imam who called for moderation after 9/11, a man who ultimately directed his outsized talents to...

A Nation of Nations: A Great American Immigration Story

by Tom Gjelten

The dramatic and compelling story of the transformation of America during the last fifty years, told through a handful of families in one suburban county in Virginia that has been utterly changed by recent immigration....

The short guide to social policy

by John Hudson & Stefan Kuhner

This fully updated edition of an essential introductory text offers a concise guide to the key structures and concepts in social policy and is designed to work in partnership with unique, innovative digital...

Playboy Swings: How Hugh Hefner and Playboy Changed the Face of Music

by Patty Farmer & Will Friedwald

Playboy-the magazine, the empire, the lifestyle-is one of the world's best-known brands. Since the launch of Playboy magazine in 1953, two elements have been remarkably consistent: the first, obviously, is...

And Then I Danced: Traveling the Road to LGBT Equality

by Mark Segal

A dramatic and inspirational memoir from one of the world's top leaders of the movement for gay and lesbian equality.

History of Circumcision

by P. C. Remondino

In ancient Egypt the performance of circumcision was at one time limited to the priesthood, who, in addition to the cleanliness that this operation imparted to that class, added the shaving of the whole body...

Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry

by Pike

Force, unregulated or ill-regulated, is not only wasted in the void, like that of gunpowder burned in the open air, and steam unconfined by science; but, striking in the dark, and its blows meeting only the...

Shipwrecked in Paradise: Cleopatra's Barge in Hawai'i

by Paul F. Johnston

The first oceangoing yacht ever built in America, Cleopatra’s Barge, endured many incarnations over her eight-year life, from Mediterranean pleasure cruiser to a Hawaiian king’s personal yacht.

The famed...

Democracy's Beginning: The Athenian Story

by Thomas N. Mitchell

The first democracy, established in ancient Greece more than 2,500 years ago, has served as the foundation for every democratic system of government instituted down the centuries. In this lively history, author...

Sovereignty for Survival: American Energy Development and Indian Self-Determination

by James Robert Allison

In the years following World War II many multi-national energy firms, bolstered by outdated U.S. federal laws, turned their attention to the abundant resources buried beneath Native American reservations. By...

Heart of the Original

by Steve Aylett

True creativity, the making of a thing which has not been in the world previously, is originality by definition. But while many claim to crave originality, they feel an obscure revulsion when confronted with...

Uniting Mississippi: Democracy and Leadership in the South


by Bernard Quaritch

Palæography is the branch of science which deals with ancient writing (παλαιὰ γραφή). As the Greek word for writing comprises a great deal more than the work of pen and ink, palæographical study...