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Lights Out: A Cyberattack, A Nation Unprepared, Surviving the Aftermath

by Ted Koppel

In this New York Times bestselling investigation, Ted Koppel reveals that a major cyberattack on America’s power grid is not only possible but likely, that it would be devastating, and that the United States...

The Immortal Nicholas: The Untold Story of the Man and the Legend

by Glenn Beck

A thrilling new holiday novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author Glenn Beck.


Thirteen-time #1 national bestselling author Glenn Beck realized years...

Prisoners of Geography: Ten Maps That Explain Everything About the World

by Tim Marshall

In the bestselling tradition of Why Nations Fail and The Revenge of Geography, an award-winning journalist uses ten maps of crucial regions to explain the geo-political strategies of the world powers.

All leaders...

Science of the Magical: From the Holy Grail to Love Potions to Superpowers

by Matt Kaplan

From the author of The Science of Monsters, this engaging scientific inquiry provides a definitive look into the elements of mystical places and magical objects—from the philosopher’s stone, to love potions...

Reporting Always: Writings from The New Yorker

by Lillian Ross & David Remnick

From the inimitable veteran New Yorker journalist Lillian Ross—a stunning collection of Ross’s iconic New Yorker pieces.

A staff writer for The New Yorker since 1945, Lillian Ross is one of the few journalists...

Reagan: The Inside Story

by Edwin Meese III

Former attorney general Edwin Meese III offers unequaled insight on the career and policies of his friend and former boss, Ronald Reagan. From Reagan's days as governor of California to his two terms in the...

Flight Lessons 2: Advanced Flight: How Eddie Learned the Best Way to Learn

by James Albright, Chris Manno & Chris Parker

The flight lessons include: a 60-to-1 engineer-to-pilot translation, aim versus touchdown points, asymmetric thrust, cabin fires, circling approaches, course reversals (ICAO), crew resource management, descent...

The Bedford Triangle: Undercover Operations from England in the Second World War

by Martin Bowman

The Bedford Triangle portrays the crucial part played by the British Special Operations Executive, the US Army Air Force and the American Office of Strategic Services in operations behind enemy lines in occupied...

Caspian Security Issues

by Marco Valigi (edited by)

The Caucasus and the Caspian areas have been a core interest for the main actors of international politics from the Persian Empire to the 21st century Chinese power. However, the internal and systemic constraints...

Conjuring Property: Speculation and Environmental Futures in the Brazilian Amazon

by Jeremy M Campbell

Since the 1960s, when Brazil first encouraged large-scale Amazonian colonization, violence and confusion have often accompanied national policies concerning land reform, corporate colonization, indigenous land...

A Charlie Brown Religion: Exploring the Spiritual Life and Work of Charles M. Schulz

by Stephen J. Lind

The first spiritual biography of a misunderstood believer, the renowned creator of Peanuts

Tea and Tea Drinking

by Arthur Reade

The question of the influence of tea, as well as that of alcohol and tobacco, has occupied the attention of the author for some time. Apart from its physiological aspect, the subject of tea-drinking is extremely...

Curious Punishments of Bygone Days

by Alice Morse Earle

Alice Morse Earle was a social historian of great note at the turn of the century, and many of her books have lived on as well-researched and well-written texts of everyday life in Colonial America. Curious...

Bygone Punishments

by William Andrews

The history of corporal punishment provides a fascinating window into societal attitudes towards law and order, gender relationships and generational discipline as well. Although a somewhat macabre subject,...

National 4 & 5 Modern Studies: Social issues in the United Kingdom

by Alison Elliott, Frank Cooney & Paul Creaney

Endorsed by SQA

The complete resource, developed by top subject experts for the latest syllabus outlines.

- Ensure understanding with questions for each topic throughout

- Cover the new content areas and specified...

Beyond A Billion Ballots: Democratic Reforms for a Resurgent India

by Vinay Sahasrabuddhe

Beyond a Billion Ballots is an insightful advocacy of a range of political reforms aimed at making India a resurgent republic. In the process, the book reviews various challenges faced by democracy the world...

Laboratorio Expo

by Salvatore Veca

This volume of The Annali is meant to collect among some the most significant outcomes of the research activities having characterised the “adventure of ideas” of Laboratorio Expo during the two-year period...

The Cabaret of Plants: Botany and the Imagination

by Richard Mabey

In Richard Mabey's characteristically lyrical and informative tone, The Cabaret of Plants explores plant species which have challenged our imaginations, awoken that clichéd but real human emotion of wonder,...

The Only Street in Paris: Life on the Rue des Martyrs

by Elaine Sciolino

Part memoir, part travelogue, part love letter to the people who live and work on a magical street in Paris.

Elaine Sciolino, the former Paris Bureau Chief of the New York Times, invites us on a tour of her...

Targeted and Trolled

by Rossalyn Warren

A feminist campaigner is sent death threats online at a rate of over fifty-per-hour. A woman who shares on social media her experience of rape, so that others might feel brave enough to speak out, is bombarded...