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Japan's Emerging Youth Policy: Getting Young Adults Back to Work

by Tuukka Toivonen

From the 1960s onwards, Japan's rapid economic growth coincided with remarkably smooth transitions from school to work and with internationally low levels of youth unemployment. However, this changed dramatically...

The Politics of Urban Cultural Policy: Global Perspectives

by Carl Grodach & Daniel Silver

The Politics of Urban Cultural Policy brings together a range of international experts to critically analyze the ways that governmental actors and non-governmental entities attempt to influence the production...

Healthy Aging in Sociocultural Context

by Kazumi Hoshino & Andrew E. Scharlach

Healthy Aging in Sociocultural Context examines two emerging trends facing countries throughout the world: population aging and population diversity. It makes a unique contribution to our understanding of these...

The Routledge Handbook of the Welfare State

by Bent Greve

'The welfare state' in all its many forms has had a profound role in many countries around the world since at least the Second World War. The Routledge Handbook of the Welfare State explores the classical issues...

Japan's Security Identity: From a Peace-State to an International-State

by Bhubhindar Singh

Since the end of the Cold War, there has been a significant change in Japanese security policy, as Japan's security identity has shifted from a peace state, to an international state. In this book, Bhubhindar...

Transforming Urban Transport: From Automobility to Sustainable Transport

by Nicholas Low

Transforming Urban Transport confronts head-on the dilemma faced by a world wedded to mobility: the danger of continuing along the fossil-fuelled path and the real paucity of viable technological alternatives...

Routledge Handbook on the European Union and International Institutions: Performance, Policy, Power

by Knud Erik Jørgensen & Katie Verlin Laatikainen

While the EU has championed "effective multilateralism" and experienced a dramatic internal reform process to improve its performance in external relations, broader multilateral processes have also undergone...

The Origins of Energy and Environmental Policy in Europe: The Beginnings of a European Environmental Conscience

by Thomas C. Hoerber

This book examines the development of a European environmental conscience through successive steps of European integration in energy policy.

In the 1960s-70s, the world was slowly beginning to realise that environment...

The Multicultural Dilemma: Migration, Ethnic Politics, and State Intermediation

by Michelle Williams

This work seeks to explore the contemporary challenge of government in multicultural societies, drawing together a wide range of contributors to examine how ethnic difference could better understood and mediated...

Comedy and the Public Sphere: The Rebirth of Theatre as Comedy and the Genealogy of the Modern Public Arena

by Arpad Szakolczai

The book aims at reframing the discussion on the "public sphere," usually understood as the place where the public opinion is formed, through rational discussion. The aim of this book is to give an account of...

Children, Childhood and Cultural Heritage

by Kate Darian-Smith & Carla Pascoe

Children, Childhood and Cultural Heritage explores how the everyday experiences of children, and their imaginative and creative worlds, are collected, interpreted and displayed in museums and on monuments, and...

Israel in the World: Legitimacy and Exceptionalism

by Emanuel Adler

Since independence, Israel has lived with a paradox, needing and seeking legitimacy, understanding, and empathy from the world community while simultaneously also discounting the world. This volume reflects...

Concrete and Dust:  Mapping the Sexual Terrains of Los Angeles

by Jeanine Marie Minge & Amber Lynn Zimmerman

Concrete and Dust focuses on the performative nature of sexualized identity in Hollywood, the people that live in its underbelly and surrounding valleys, the sexual geographies of the place, and the ways in...

Theorizing Visual Studies: Writing Through the Discipline

by James Elkins, Kristi McGuire & Maureen Burns

This forward-thinking collection brings together over sixty essays that invoke images to summon, interpret, and argue with visual studies and its neighboring fields such as art history, media studies, visual...

Terrorism Reader

by David J. Whittaker

The Terrorism Reader is an intriguing introduction to a notorious and disturbing international phenomenon. The book draws together material from a variety of experts and clearly explains their opinions on terrorism,...

Visual Sociology

by Douglas Harper

Visual sociology has been part of the sociological vocabulary since the 1970s, but until now there has not been a comprehensive text that introduces this area. Written by one of the founding fathers in the field,...

The Making of Terrorism in Pakistan: Historical and Social Roots of Extremism

by Eamon Murphy

This book explains the origins and nature of terrorism in Pakistan and examines the social, political and economic factors that have contributed to the rise of political violence there.

Since 9/11, the state...

Reforming the Un Security Council Membership: The Illusion of Representativeness

by Sabine Hassler

This book comprehensively examines the different proposals put forward for reforming the UN Security Council by analysing their objectives and exploring whether the implementation of these proposals would actually...

Negotiating Political Power in Turkey: Breaking Up the Party

by Elise Massicard & Nicole Watts

This edited collection looks at how political parties in Turkey actually work, inside and out. Departing from traditional macro-level analyses, the book offers a new sociological approach to the study of political...

Threats of Force: International Law and Strategy

by Francis Grimal

Despite recent attempts by scholars to examine the absolute prohibition of threats of force under Article 2(4) of the UN Charter, threats remain a largely un-chartered area in international law when compared...