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The Making of the New Japan: Reclaiming the Political Mainstream

by IPS Chiyoda-ku, Leslie Connors & Yasuhiro Nakasone

Yasuhiro Nakasone's rise to political prominence began under the watchful eye of the American occupation with which he had a direct and confrontational relationship, arguing for the ending of the occupation...

The Philosophical Poetics of Alfarabi Avicenna and Averroes: The Aristotelian Reception

by Salim Kemal

This book examines the studies of Aristotle's Poetics and its related texts in which three Medieval philosophers - Alfarabi, Avicenna and Averroes - proposed a conception of poetic validity (beauty), and a just...

Islam Outside the Arab World

by Ingvar Svanberg & David Westerlund

Today about 85 per cent of the world population of Muslims live in areas outside the Arab world, and due to population growth, missionary endeavours and migration, the number of Muslims in these areas is rising...

East Asia 2000 and Beyond: Shaping Factors/Shaping Actors

by Wolfgang Pape

This wide ranging survey uses the latest methodological apparatus including sophisticated computer modelling techniques to identify the key political, social and economic trends which are likely to shape the...

Text and Trauma: An East-West Primer

by Ian Richard Netton

An essay in literary criticism with a difference, addressing the nature of blasphemy and using selected novels by Salman Rushdie, Najib Mahfuz and Nikos Kazantzakis as case studies.

Women's Bodies Women's Worries

by Tine Gammeltoft

The first fully-fledged ethnography on health-related issues to come out of contemporary Vietnam, Women's Bodies, Women's Worries is a study of women's lives in a rural commune in Vietnam's Red River delta....

Pali Buddhist Texts: An Introductory Reader and Grammar

by Rune E. A. Johansson

Pali is one of the Middle Indian idioms and the classical language of Theravada Buddhism. It is therefore important both to linguists and students of Buddhism. This introductory book centres on a collection...

Gardens of the Righteous

by Muhammad Zafrulla Khan

A collection of Muslim traditions.

Fixing Families: Parents, Power, and the Child Welfare System

by Jennifer A. Reich

In Fixing Families, Jennifer Reich takes us inside Child Protective Services for an in-depth look at the entire organization. Following families from the beginning of a case to its discharge, Reich shows how...

Race Gender and the Politics of Skin Tone

by Margaret L. Hunter

Race, Gender, and the Politics of Skin Tone tackles the hidden yet painful issue of colorism in the African American and Mexican American communities. Beginning with a historical discussion of slavery and colonization...

Toleration and Identity: Foundations in Early Modern Thought

by Ingrid Creppell

Recently, there has been a notable rise in interest in the idea of "toleration", a rise that Ingrid Creppell argues comes more from distressing political developments than positive ones, and almost all of them...

Mainstreaming Midwives: The Politics of Change

by Robbie Davis-Floyd & Christine Barbara Johnson

Providing insights into midwifery, a team of reputable contributors describe the development of nurse- and direct-entry midwifery in the United States, including the creation of two new direct-entry certifications,...

Managing Marital Disputes in Malaysia: Islamic Mediators and Conflict Resolution in the Syariah Courts

by Sven Cederoth Cederroth & Sharifa Zaleha Syed Hassan

A trend found in many Islamic societies in recent years has been the increasing regulation of family life by Islamic law and a corresponding move away from customary law and informal conflict resolution procedures....

Queer by Choice: Lesbians, Gay Men, and the Politics of Identity

by Vera Whisman

Queer by Choice enters the controversial debate of sexual identity by examining choice in gay men and lesbian sexual identity. Drawing on interviews with a sample of 72 people, Whisman analyzes if, and to what...

Autonomy & Disintegration Indonesia

by Damien Kingsbury & Harry Aveling

Fragmentation in Indonesia is by far the most critical issue now facing the state. This book analyses social unrest, autonomy and separatism in the wake of the Indonesian economic crisis, placing them in the...

Global Institutions, Marginalization and Development

by Craig N. Murphy

For more than a century and a half, the most powerful national governments have created institutions of multilateral governance that promise to make a more inclusive world, a world serving women, working people,...

Power of International Theory

by Fred Chernoff

This new study challenges how we think about international relations, presenting an analysis of current trends and insights into new directions.

It shows how the discipline of international relations was...

Kings Countries & Constitutions - Sea Nip

by Kobkua Suwannathat-Pian

Providing a detailed analysis of Thailand's political development since 1932, when Thailand became a constitutional monarchy, until the present,  this book examines the large number of different versions...

Negotiating the Arctic: The Construction of an International Region

by E.C.H Keskitalo

This work draws upon the history of Arctic development and the view of the Arctic in different states to explain how such a discourse has manifested itself in current broader cooperation across eight statistics...

Heavenly Bodies: Film Stars and Society

by Richard Dyer

Richard Dyer's classic study of movie stars and stardom has been updated, with a new introduction by the author discussing the rise of celebrity culture and developments in the study of stars since publication...