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Public Criminology?

by Ian Loader & Richard Sparks

How do criminologists engage with politics and public policy? This book is a sociological account of how criminologists have understood their craft, the positions they have taken on the controversies of their...

Human Resource Management in Construction Projects: Critical Perspectives

by Andrew Dainty & Martin Loosemore

The construction sector is one of the most complex and problematic arenas within which to manage people. As a result, the applicability of much mainstream human resource management (HRM) theory to this industry...

The Chinese State's Retreat from Health: Policy and the Politics of Retrenchment

by Jane Duckett

Over the post-Mao period, the Chinese state has radically cut back its role in funding health services and insuring its citizens against the costs of ill health. Using an analytical framework drawn from studies...

The Quest for Japan's New Constitution: An Analysis of Visions and Constitutional Reform Proposals 1980-2009

by Christian G. Winkler

This book examines the many attempts over the last three decades to revise Japan's constitution. As the book shows, these attempts at revision have been relatively conservative, aiming to embed in the constitution...

G. D. H. Cole: Early Pamphlets & Assessment

by Noel Thompson

This volume of extremely rare pamphlets spans over thirty years of prolific output by G D H Cole. It encompasses the challenges of full employment and the role re-armament in achieving that, nationalizing industries,...

The New Politics of European Civil Society

by Ulrike Liebert & Hans-Jörg Trenz

Over the past two decades, civil society has played a pivotal role in Europe, from the demise of Communist rule to the reunification of Europe, followed by the expansion of the single market to the reconstitution...

Modern Iran (Rle Iran A)

by L P Elwell-Sutton

This volume shows the progress and achievements of Iran up to the 1940s within the setting  of her ancient history and her strategic position in the world today. The author discusses Iran's vital position as...

Cell Phone Culture: Mobile Technology in Everyday Life

by Gerard Goggin

Drawing on a wide range of national, regional, and international examples, this book provides the first comprehensive, accessible, and international introduction to cell phone culture and theory. Cell Phone...

Handbook of Anger Management: Individual, Couple, Family, and Group Approaches

by NoContributor

The Handbook of Anger Management (a Behavioral Science Book Club selection) provides therapists and counselors with a comprehensive review of anger and aggression management techniques, presenting specific guidelines...

To Scale: One Hundred Urban Plans

by NoContributor

This powerful reference features one hundred famous urban plans all drawn to the same scale, each accompanied by a one-page summary of the site discussing its history, design and lessons for future urban design....

A Post-Liberal Peace

by Oliver Richmond

This book examines how the liberal peace experiment of the post-Cold War environment has failed to connect with its target populations, which have instead set about transforming it according to their own local...

Improving Intelligence Analysis: Bridging the gap between scholarship and practice

by Stephen Marrin

This book on intelligence analysis written by intelligence expert Dr. Stephen Marrin argues that scholarship can play a valuable role in improving intelligence analysis. 

Improving intelligence analysis requires...

The Transactions of the Royal Institute of British Architects Town Planning Conference, London, 10-15 October 1910

by William Whyte & Helen Meller

In October 1910 the Royal Institute of British Architects hosted the first ever international conference on Town Planning. The Transactions of this critical event in the development of planning as a profession...

Global Activism

by Ruth Reitan

This comprehensive study traces the transnationalization of activist networks, analyzing their changing compositions and characters and examining the roles played by the World Social Forum in this process.


Organization, Policy, and Practice in the Human Services

by Bernard Neugeboren & Simon Slavin

Organization, Policy, and Practice in the Human Services is perhaps the first such text to bring together in a systematic fashion the concepts of organizational theory, policy, and practice. The ideas presented...

Suffocating Mothers: Fantasies of Maternal Origin in Shakespeare's Plays, Hamlet to the Tempest

by Janet Adelman

First Published in 1992. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Book of Government or Rules for Kings: The Siyar Al Muluk or Siyasat-Nama of Nizam Al-Mulk

by Hubert Darke

A translation of a classic 11th-century Persian text on behaviour and conduct in government, written between 1086 and 1091 by Nizam al-Mulk, who for over 30 years was Chief Minister of two successive rulers...

More Instructions from the Centre: Top Secret Files on KGB Global Operations 1975-1985

by Christopher M. Andrew & Oleg Gordievsky

During the decade that preceded Mr Gorbachev's era of glasnost and perestroika, the KGB headquarters in Moscow was putting out a constant stream of instructions to its Residencies abroad. Unknown to the KGB,...

Modern Education, Textbooks, and the Image of the Nation: Politics and Modernization and Nationalism in Korean Education: 1880-1910

by Yoonmi Lee

By reinterpreting the way that Korean reformers confronted the process of modernization/Westernization between 1880 and 1910, this study challenges the "failure thesis" which maintains that subsequent Japanese...

Enhancing Urban Safety and Security: Global Report on Human Settlements 2007

by Un-Habitat

Enhancing Urban Safety and Security addresses three major threats to the safety and security of cities: crime and violence; insecurity of tenure and forced evictions; and natural and human-made disasters. It...