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Unequal Foundations

by Steven Hitlin & Sarah K. Harkness

Unequal Foundations offers readers a novel theory and a unique use of cross-cultural data to assert that the level of economic inequality in a society is reflected in the emotional experience of its members....

Is Asia Reconnecting?

by Jonathan E. Hillman

The CSIS Reconnecting Asia Project explores the drivers and implications of Asia’s infrastructure push. In this interdisciplinary volume, leading experts from government, academia, and industry answer six...

Globalization and American Popular Culture

by Lane Crothers

Now in a fully revised and updated edition, this concise and insightful book explores the ways American popular products such as movies, music, television programs, fast food, sports, and even clothing styles...

Research Methods in Anthropology

by H. Russell Bernard

Research Methods in Anthropology is the standard textbook for methods classes in anthropology. Written in Russ Bernard’s unmistakable conversational style, this guide has launched tens of thousands of students...


by Maria Paz Moreno

As the capital city of Spain, Madrid is nowadays considered one of the most interesting “food towns” in the world. This is perhaps due to the wide variety of specialty dishes that its cuisine boasts, ranging...

Regulation Theory and Australian Capitalism

by Brett Heino

The end of the post-World War II ‘long boom’ in the mid-1970s proved the beginning of a process of political-economic change that has fundamentally transformed labour law, both in Australia and across the...

Seeing through the Screen

by Bruce E. Altschuler

Although films affect and reflect the way Americans look at politics, they have received far less attention than television or newspapers. This is changing, particularly on college campuses, where courses on...

Cultural Dimensions of Well-Being

by Clementine K. Fujimura & Simone Nommensen

This book presents a cultural history of human-animal relations in Germany, Japan, Russia and the United States, with a focus on the uses of animals for comfort, healing and in developing a sense of well-being....

Globalization and Media

by Jack Lule

The fully updated third edition of this lively and accessible book argues for the central role of media in understanding globalization. Indeed, Jack Lule convincingly shows that globalization could not have...

Imagining a Great Republic

by Thomas E. Cronin

In the first comprehensive reading of dozens of American literary and social culture classics, Tom Cronin, one of America’s most astute students of the American political tradition, tells the story of the...

Nationalism, Marxism, and Modern Central Europe

by Timothy Snyder

Timothy Snyder opens a new path in the understanding of modern nationalism and twentieth-century socialism by presenting the often overlooked life of Kazimierz Kelles-Krauz, an important Polish thinker at the...

Trade Justice

by James Christensen

The international trading system remains a locus of fierce social conflict. The protesters who besiege gatherings of its managers-most famously on the streets of Seattle at the turn of the millennium-regard...

A Short History of South Africa

by Gail Nattrass

South Africa is popularly perceived as the most influential nation in Africa – a gateway to an entire continent for finance, trade and politics, and a crucial mediator in its neighbours’ affairs. On the...

Deep Inequality: Understanding the New Normal and How to Challenge It

by Earl Wysong & Robert Perrucci

Deep Inequality looks behind statistics to understand not only wealth inequality but also rising disparities in other elements of life—from education to the media. The authors argue that inequality has become...

Deep Inequality

by Earl Wysong & Robert Perrucci

Forbes reports that the richest 1 percent of the world’s population owns nearly half the world’s wealth, and the gap between the richest and poorest of the world only continues to increase. Deep Inequality...

21st-Century Yokel

by Tom Cox

21st-Century Yokel explores the way we can be tied inescapably to landscape, whether we like it or not, often through our family and our past. It's not quite a nature book, not quite a humour book, not quite...

Let's Eat

by Lori Stein & Ronald H. Isaacs

The food that Jewish people eat is part of our connection to our faith, culture, and history. Not only is Jewish food comforting and delicious, it’s also a link to every facet of Judaism. By learning about...

Ending Our Uncivil War: A Path to Political Recovery & Spiritual Renewal

by Jim Brown

Civility is in decline in America. Fear and certitude are paralyzing our country. With Congress in gridlock, more Americans are leaning toward authoritarian political figures and the courts for answers to unaddressed...

White Middle-Class Men in Rio de Janeiro

by Valeria Ribeiro Corossacz

White Middle-Class Men in Rio de Janeiro: The Making of a Dominant Subject investigates what it means to be classified as a white person and a man in a society that is known for its valorization of racial mixing...

The Oxford Handbook of Stigma, Discrimination, and Health

by Brenda Major, John F. Dovidio & Bruce G. Link

Stigma leads to poorer health. Edited by Brenda Major, John F. Dovidio, and Bruce G. Link, The Oxford Handbook of Stigma, Discrimination, and Health provides compelling evidence from various disciplines in support...