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How to do Good: Essays on Building a Better World

by Philanthropy Age

A collection of extraordinary personal stories from thought leaders, celebrities, statesmen and women, Nobel prize winners, social entrepreneurs, philanthropists and others driving and inspiring positive change...

Home: A Very Short Introduction

The Cabinet Office, 1916–2018

by Anthony Seldon & Jonathan Meakin

Since its creation in the depths of the Great War in December 1916, the Cabinet Office has retained a uniquely central place in the ever-changing political landscape of the last century.

While the revolving door...

Islam and social work: Culturally sensitive practice in a diverse world

by Sara Ashencaen Crabtree & Fatima Husain

This unique textbook enables social work practitioners to gain a deeper understanding of how Islamic principles inform and influence the lives of Muslim populations.

Micro-enterprise and personalisation: What size is good care?

by Catherine Needham & Kerry Allen

What size is 'just right' for a care provider? This book explores size as an independent variable in care services, comparing outcomes and value for money across micro, small, medium and large organisations....

Tongue Shakers: Interviews and Narratives on Speaking Mother Tongue in a Multicultural Society

by Margie Shaheed

Tongue Shakers provides an inside look into the state of speaking mother tongue in America’s multicultural society. Through a series of interviews and first person narratives, the book uncovers the personal...

Europe's Growth Challenge

The Rise of Athens: The Story of the World's Greatest Civilization

by Anthony Everitt

A magisterial account of how a tiny city-state in ancient Greece became history’s most influential civilization, from the bestselling author of acclaimed biographies of Cicero, Augustus, and Hadrian



Meth Wars: Police, Media, Power

by Travis Linnemann

From the hit television series Breaking Bad, to daily news reports, anti-drug advertising campaigns and  highly publicized world-wide hunts for “narcoterrorists” such as Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, the...

Midwives and Mothers: The Medicalization of Childbirth on a Guatemalan Plantation

by Sheila Cosminsky

The World Health Organization is currently promoting a policy of replacing traditional or lay midwives in countries around the world. As part of an effort to record the knowledge of local midwives before it...

Transformed:  Reinventing Pittsburgh's Industrial Sites for a New Century, 1975-1995

by George Evan Stoddard, Maggie Diehl & Taylor Tobias

Transformed tells how civic leaders in Pittsburgh—once the world’s steel capital—brought new uses to five derelict industrial brownfield sites. Polluted and largely abandoned Herr’s Island became Washington’s...

Futile Pleasures

Cowards.  Or, Blood Is Thicker than Water.: SHORT STORY 14.  Nonfiction series #1 - # 60.

by Alla P. Gakuba

Some people do sensational acts to attract mass, or world attention to themselves. Why some  cowards even defected to their country’s enemy? This story is described and examined this kind of people, 2 defectors...

Africa. An Interrupted Dream. Or, Wonderful Life Discoveries in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, and Tanzania.: SHORT STORY #8.  Nonfiction series #1-# 60.

by Alla P. Gakuba

Life is unpredictable. How someone life is developed no one knows, or could predict. All depends on circumstances, fate, and environment.  They shape the person’s destiny. The author, a structural engineer,...

The Politics of Immigration

Theory of User Engineering

by Masaaki Kurosu

This book outlines the new concept of user engineering and covers the diversity of users, along with the business process that includes the design and the user's experience processes. Although the concept of...

Cross-Examining History: A Lawyer Gets Answers from the Experts About Our Presidents

by Talmage Boston

The president of the Unites States is the world's most powerful person. Despite the remarkable talents of those who have served as our country's chief executive, totally successful governance has never been...

The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy and Race


Norms in the Wild