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Fun Games and Physical Activities to Help Heal Children Who Hurt

by Beth Powell

Develop children's brains and bonds with this collection of no-tech, physical games, strategies and activities Ideal for children who have experienced neglect, abuse and trauma, these "real-world" experiences...

Young Onset Dementia

by Jacqueline Parkes, Hilda Hayo, Alison Ward & Wendy Mitchell

Providing key information and insight into the experiences of people living with a diagnosis of young onset dementia, this book will increase the knowledge and skills of health and social care professionals...

Self-Neglect and Hoarding

by Deborah Barnett

Self-neglect and hoarding are found in 1 of 5 social work cases in mental health and older people's services. These cases can be the most alarming and challenging on a social workers' caseload. A skilled, thorough...

Social Exclusion, Compound Trauma and Recovery

by Peter Cockersell, Catriona Reid, Nicola Saunders & Dr Emma Williamson et al.

Responding to the growing number of psychologically-informed services for people experiencing social exclusion and, in particular, homelessness, this book gives professionals the information and understanding...

Relationship-Based Social Work, Second Edition

by Adrian Ward, Danielle Turney, Gillian Ruch & Clare Parkinson et al.

This comprehensive guide to relationship-based practice in social work communicates the theory using illustrative case studies and offers a model for practice. Updated and expanded, it now includes increased...

Fair Shot

by Chris Hughes

Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes argues that the best way to fight income inequality is with a radically simple idea: a guaranteed income for working people, paid for by the one percent.

The first half of Chris...

Dressed Up for a Riot

by Michael Idov

A memoir of revolution, reaction, and Russian men’s fashion

In this crackling memoir, the journalist and novelist Michael Idov recounts the tempestuous years he spent living alongside—and closely observing—the...

Eloquent Rage

by Brittney Cooper

NAMED A BEST/MOST ANTICIPATED BOOK OF 2018 BY: Glamour Chicago Reader • Bustle • Autostraddle

Joy Reid, Cosmopolitan: "A dissertation on black women’s pain and possibility; an autobiography of a black...

The Droner's Manual

by Kevin Jenkins

The progress made in the field of unmanned aircraft within the last decade have made it possible for almost anyone to build their own UAV in their garage. For many, this is an exciting business proposition in...

The Flight Instructor's Manual

by William K. Kershner & William C. Kershner

The Flight Instructor's Manual is an invaluable reference for flight instructor applicants and serves as an indispensable guide for both new and experienced instructors (CFIs). The Sixth Edition is edited by...

No Dancing, No Dancing

by Denis Dragovic

What happens to aid projects after the money is spent? Or the people and communities once the media spotlight has left?

No Dancing, No Dancing follows the return journey of a former aid worker back to the site...

Zouping Revisited

by Jean C. Oi & Steven Goldstein

China has undergone dramatic change in its economic institutions in recent years, but surprisingly little change politically. Somehow, the political institutions seem capable of governing a vastly more complex...

The Watergate

by Joseph Rodota

Since its opening in 1965, the Watergate complex has been one of Washington's chicest addresses, a home to power brokers from both political parties and the epicenter of a scandal that brought down a president....

In the Enemy's House

by Howard Blum

The New York Times bestselling author of Dark Invasion and The Last Goodnight once again illuminates the lives of little-known individuals who played a significant role in America’s history as he chronicles...

When Harry Became Sally

by Ryan T. Anderson

Why publish a book about transgenderism?

The transgender “rights” movement is moving at breakneck speed. Never in human history has such a profound social and cultural change taken place in such a short period....

Buying and Maintaining a Modern Traditional Morgan

by David Wellings

From 1997, traditional four-wheeled Morgans were modernized with superformed aluminium wings, a stainless steel bulkhead, stainless exhausts, and alterations to the body tub that provided longer doors, an increase...

Paranormal Encounters on Britain's Roads

by Peter A. McCue

In this detailed book, Peter McCue reflects on the enormous range of paranormal phenomena to have been reported along Britain’s roads, and examines the theory that certain areas seem to be hot spots for such...

The VW Air-Cooled Engine

by Ken Cservenka

The VW Air-Cooled Engine is a no-nonsense engine manual that any practical-minded person can understand, giving a highly illustrated step-by-step guide to dismantling and rebuilding a Type 1 engine. Most of...


by John Robinson

From Humble beginnings to becoming a millionaire twice in his lifetime, John Robinson weaves the story of his life. Born in the deep south, reared by a mother living the life of a migrant worker, John endures...

Creed & Grievance

by Abdul Raufu Mustapha & David Ehrhardt

In northern Nigeria, high levels of ethnic diversity have coincided with acute polarization between Muslims and Christians, increasingly fuelling violent conflict. The climate of insecurity threatensnorthern...