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A Companion to Global Gender History

by Teresa A. Meade & Merry E. Wiesner-Hanks

Provides a completely updated survey of the major issues in gender history from geographical, chronological, and topical perspectives  

This new edition examines the history of women over thousands of years,...

Ideas to Postpone the End of the World

by Ailton Krenak & Anthony Doyle

“Ailton Krenak’s ideas inspire, washing over you with every truth-telling sentence. Read this book.” — Tanya Talaga, bestselling author of Seven Fallen Feathers

Indigenous peoples...

A Long Journey

by Andrea Procter

Left out of the national apology and reconciliation process begun in 2008, survivors of residential schools in Labrador and Newfoundland received a formal apology from the Canadian government in 2017. This recognition...

Words of the Inuit

Call Your "Mutha'"

by Jane Caputi

The ecocide and domination of nature that is the Anthropocene does not represent the actions of all humans, but that of Man, the Western and masculine identified corporate, military, intellectual, and political...


by Heidi J. Larson

Vaccine reluctance and refusal are no longer limited to the margins of society. Debates around vaccines' necessity -- along with quesitons around their side effects -- have gone mainstream, blending with geopolitical...

The Chrysanthemum and the Sword: Patterns of Japanese Culture

by Ruth Benedict

This book is a profound and comprehensive presentation of Japanese daily manners and customs, a study and history of human thought discussing Japan's conduct of World War ll. Author Ruth Benedict revealed the...

Pathways of change

by Anton Ploeg

pThis monograph is a comparative study of eight ways of life of highlanders in West Papua. It consists of ten sections: an introduction, a conclusion and eight ethnographic chapters, each dealing with a separate...

The Medicinal Plants of the Philippines

by T. H. Pardo de Tavera

Commissioned by His Majesty’s Government to study the medicinal plants of my native country, I returned there and spent two years in collecting data regarding the use that the Filipinos make of their plants...


by Hartmut Lutz, Florentine Strzelczyk & Renae Watchman

Indianthusiasm refers to the European fascination with, and fantasies about, Indigenous peoples of North America, and has its roots in nineteenth-century German colonial imagination. Often manifested in romanticized...

Cultural Evolution in the Digital Age

by Alberto Acerbi

From emails to social media, from instant messaging to political memes, the way we produce and transmit culture is radically changing. Understanding the consequences of the massive diffusion of digital media...

Lifestyle in Siberia and the Russian North

by Joachim Otto Habeck

Lifestyle in Siberia and the Russian North breaks new ground by exploring the concept of lifestyle from a distinctly anthropological perspective. Showcasing the collective work of ten experienced scholars in...


by Joanna Pocock

In the style of Barry Lopez, Annie Dillard, and Eula Biss, Surrender explores the changing landscape of the American West and the radical environmental movements that have taken root in response to the increasingly...

Speech and Song : Study of their Origin and Development

by Morell Mackenzie

p“In dealing with the two great forms of local utterance, it will be most convenient to take them in their historical, or at any rate their logical, order. Whatever "native wood-notes wild" our hypothetical...

Jump Up!

by Ray Allen

Jump Up! Caribbean Carnival Music in New York City is the first comprehensive history of Trinidadian calypso and steelband music in the diaspora. Carnival, transplanted from Trinidad to Harlem in the 1930s and...

Islands in a Cosmopolitan Sea

by Iain Walker

Many people today have never heard of the Comoros, but these islands were once part of a prosperous regional trading economy that stretched halfway around the world. A key node in the trading networks of the...

Radical Ritual

by Neil Shister

This captivating history of the Burning Man festival and its promise for America's future proposes that what Florence was to the Renaissance, Black Rock City is to an unfolding cultural epoch that remains to...

Rethinking Diabetes

by Emily Mendenhall & Mark Nichter

In Rethinking Diabetes, Emily Mendenhall investigates how global and local factors transform how diabetes is perceived, experienced, and embodied from place to place. Mendenhall argues that the link between...


by Patrick Olivelle

For scholars of ancient Indian religions, the wandering mendicants who left home and family for a celibate life and the search for liberation represent an enigma. The Vedic religion, centered on the married...

Nurturing Our Humanity

by Riane Eisler & Douglas P. Fry

Nurturing Our Humanity offers a new perspective on our personal and social options in today's world, showing how we can build societies that support our great human capacities for consciousness, caring, and...