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Kakuma Refugee Camp

by Bram J. Jansen

Kenya’s Kakuma refugee camp is one of the world’s largest and home to over 100,000 people, drawn from across east and central Africa. Though notionally still a ‘temporary’ camp, it has become a permanent...

Traders in Motion

by Kirsten W. Endres & Ann Marie Leshkowich

With essays covering diverse topics from street vendors in Hanoi to the waste-trading community in the Red River Delta, Traders in Motion covers the fields of anthropology, political science, and development...

Cocaine + Surfing

by Chas Smith & Matt Warshaw

  • Author has 67k Instagram followers
  • Previous book Welcome To Paradise, Now Go To Hell was a finalist for the 2015 PEN Center USA Award for Nonfiction
  • Book giveaways
  • Coverage in Surfer and Surfing magazines
  • Partnerships...

  • Diva Nation

    by Laura Miller & Rebecca Copeland

    Diva Nation explores the constructed nature of female iconicity in Japan. From ancient goddesses and queens to modern singers and writers, this edited volume critically reconsiders the female icon, tracing how...

    Marked Women

    by Rebecca G. Martínez

    Cervical cancer is the third leading cause of death among women in Venezuela, with poor and working-class women bearing the brunt of it. Doctors and public health officials regard promiscuity and poor hygiene—coded...

    Transnational Return Migration of 1.5 Generation Korean New Zealanders

    by Jane Yeonjae Lee

    Why do immigrants return home? Is return migration a failure or a success? How do returnees settle back into their original homeland while retaining their connections to their host society? How do returnees...


    by Mark Payne

    Jacques Derrida’s Specters of Marx has had an enormous influence on recent thought about the fate of human capabilities in late capitalism, especially in Europe. Hontology explores a road not taken in Specters...

    American Roma

    by Melanie R. Covert

    American Roma: A Modern Investigation of Lived Experiences and Media Portrayals explores the representation of American Roma from the nineteenth-century to today by examining portrayals in newsprint, television,...

    Women's Place in the Andes

    by Florence E. Babb

    In Women’s Place in the Andes Florence E. Babb draws on long-term anthropological research to reexamine the complex interworkings of gender, race, and indigeneity in Peru and beyond.  Interweaving five new...

    Breaking the Surface

    by Doug Bailey

    In Breaking the Surface, Doug Bailey offers a radical alternative for understanding Neolithic houses, providing much-needed insight not just into prehistoric practice, but into another way of doing archaeology....

    An Oral History of the Palestinian Nakba

    by Doctor Nahla Abdo & Nur Masalha

    • Ties together Palestinian experiences from 1948 to the present, revealing the Nakba to be part of an ongoing process of cultural erasure, and a crucial aspect of Palestinian identity.

    • An interdisciplinary collection...

    Objects of War

    by Leora Auslander & Tara Zahra

    Historians have become increasingly interested in material culture as both a category of analysis and as a teaching tool. And yet the profession tends to be suspicious of things; words are its stock-in-trade....

    The Battle for Fortune

    by Charlene Makley

    In a deeply ethnographic appraisal, based on years of in situ research, The Battle for Fortune looks at the rising stakes of Tibetans’ encounters with Chinese state-led development projects in the early 2000s....

    The Politics of the Headscarf in the United States

    by Bozena C. Welborne, Aubrey L. Westfall, Özge Çelik Russell & Sarah A. Tobin

    The Politics of the Headscarf in the United States investigates the social and political effects of the practice of Muslim-American women wearing the headscarf (hijab) in a non-Muslim state. The authors find...

    Bourbon Street, B-Drinking, and the Sexual Economy of Tourism

    by Angela R. Demovic

    B-drinking is a strategy whereby dancers, waitresses, and otherwise legally employed women illegally solicit drinks from tourists for pay. Unique to the ethnographic literature on strip clubs, Bourbon Street,...

    In the Field

    by Prof. George Gmelch & Prof. Sharon Bohn Gmelch

    This book offers students an invaluable look into what cultural anthropologists do when they are in the field. With fascinating insights from their life and work, the authors describe diverse forms of fieldwork,...

    Peace Ethology

    by Peter Verbeek & Benjamin A. Peters

    A scholarly collection of timely essays on the behavioral science of peace

    With contributions from experts representing a wide variety of scholarly fields (behavioral and social sciences, philosophy, environmental...

    Reconsidering Race

    by Diego A. von Vacano, Kazuko Suzuki & Henry Louis Gates, Jr

    Race is one of the most elusive phenomena of social life. While we generally know it when we see it, it's not an easy concept to define. Social science literature has argued that race is a Western concept that...

    Ecologies of Participation

    by Zayin Cabot

    In this daring debut, Zayin Cabot challenges the wise homebodies of academia. A profoundly interdisciplinary approach to comparative scholarship, Ecologies of Participation offers a methodology whereby we can...

    Letters to the Contrary

    by Mark Goodale & Samuel Moyn

    Since its adoption in 1948, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) has served as the foundation for the protection of human rights around the world. Historians and human rights scholars have claimed...