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Land Dispossession and Everyday Politics in Rural Eastern India

by Kenneth Bo Nielsen

Over the past decade India has witnessed a number of new land wars that have centred crucially on the often forcible transfer of land from small farmers or indigenous groups to private companies. Among these...

Dancing to the State

by Meenaxi Barkataki-Ruscheweyh

Can small indigenous communities survive as distinct cultural entities in northeast India, an area characterized by mind-boggling ethnic, linguistic, and cultural diversity? What are the choices that such minority...

The Fall of Gods

by Ester Gallo

Interrogating the cultural roots of contemporary Malayali middle classes, especially the upper caste Nambudiri community, The Fall of Gods is based on a decade-long ethnography and historico-sociological analyses...

Handbook of Advances in Culture and Psychology, Volume 7

by Michele J. Gelfand, Chi-yue Chiu & Ying-yi Hong

With applications throughout the social sciences, culture and psychology is a rapidly growing field that has experienced a surge in publications over the last decade. From this proliferation of books, chapters,...


by May Mayko Ebihara, Andrew C. Mertha & Judy Ledgerwood

May Mayko Ebihara (1934–2005) was the first American anthropologist to conduct ethnographic research in Cambodia. Svay provides a remarkably detailed picture of individual villagers and of Khmer social structure...

How to Think Like an Anthropologist

by Matthew Engelke

What is anthropology? What can it tell us about the world? Why, in short, does it matter? For well over a century, cultural anthropologists have circled the globe, from Papua New Guinea to suburban England and...

Religion, Media, and Marginality in Modern Africa

by Felicitas Becker, Joel Cabrita & Marie Rodet

In recent years, anthropologists, historians, and others have been drawn to study the profuse and creative usages of digital media by religious movements. At the same time, scholars of Christian Africa have...

The Real Mound Builders of North America

by A. Martin Byers

The Real Mound Builders of North America takes the standard position that the cultural communities of the Late Woodland period hiatus—when little or no transregional monumental mound building and ceremonialism...

Against Humanity

by Sam Dubal

“Gunya is a woman in her late twenties. Soldiers of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) abducted her when she was eleven years old and forcefully conscripted her into the rebel ranks. Gunya spent a little over...

Home of the Brave

by Donna Bryson

A small town struggling, like many communities, with the question of how to remain vital and vibrant in the 21st century, took on another problem altogether: that of the difficult homecoming of Iraq, Afghanistan...

Culture Writing

by Tim Watson

Focusing on the 1950s and early 1960s, Culture Writing argues that this period in Britain, the United States, France, and the Caribbean was characterized by dynamic exchanges between literary writers and anthropologists...

Cultural Heritage Care and Management

by Cecilia Lizama Salvatore

No other book is available that takes into consideration the diverse components of cultural heritage and suggests how these components can best be:

  • organized and arranged,
  • cataloged and described,
  • exhibited,...

No Path Home

by Elizabeth C. Dunn

" No Path Home is an extremely interesting, engaging, and well-written book. Elizabeth Cullen Dunn’s fluid and clear prose paints a very evocative picture of life for internally displaced persons as well as...

Safe Water, Sanitation, and Early Childhood Malnutrition in East Africa

by Brenda N. Sanya, Assata Zerai, Shorma Bianca Bailey & Courtney Cuthbertson et al.

To understand safe water and sanitation in East Africa, it is important to consider the contributions of African feminist analysis. This perspective will unveil inequities in the distribution of resources, demonstrate...

America’s Arab Refugees

by Marcia C. Inhorn

America's Arab Refugees is a timely examination of the world's worst refugee crisis since World War II. Tracing the history of Middle Eastern wars—especially the U.S. military interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan—to...

The Help-Yourself City

by Gordon C.C. Douglas

When local governments neglect public services or community priorities, how do concerned citizens respond? In The Help-Yourself City, Gordon Douglas looks closely at people who take urban planning into their...

Suburban Islam

by Justine Howe

For many American Muslims, the 9/11 attacks and subsequent War on Terror marked a rise in intense scrutiny of their religious lives and political loyalties. In Suburban Islam, Justine Howe explores the rise...

The Civil War Dead and American Modernity

by Ian Finseth

The Civil War Dead and American Modernity offers a fundamental rethinking of the cultural importance of the American Civil War dead. Tracing their representational afterlife across a massive array of historical,...

The Aesthetics of Food

by Kevin W. Sweeney

The Aesthetics of Food sets out the continuing philosophical debate about the aesthetic nature of food. The debate begins with Plato’s claim that only objects of sight and hearing could be beautiful; consequently,...

Apprenticeship Pilgrimage

by Jonathan S. Marion, Lauren Miller Griffith & Helena Wulff

Lauren Miller Griffith and Jonathan S. Marion introduce the concept of apprenticeship pilgrimage to help explain why performers travel to places both near and far in an attempt to increase both their skill and...