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by David Chidester

Religion: Material Dynamics is a lively resource for thinking about religious materiality and the material study of religion. Deconstructing and reconstructing religion as material categories, social formations,...


by Anthony Kwame Harrison

Ethnography familiarizes readers with ethnographic research and writing traditions through detailed discussions of ethnography's history, exploratory design, representational conventions, and standards of evaluation....

Border Capitalism, Disrupted

by Stephen Campbell

Border Capitalism, Disrupted presents an insightful ethnography of migrant labor regulation at the Mae Sot Special Border Economic Zone on the Myanmar border in northwest Thailand. By bringing a new deployment...

School of Europeanness

by Dace Dzenovska

In School of Europeanness, Dace Dzenovska argues that Europe’s political landscape is shaped by a fundamental tension between the need to exclude and the requirement to profess and institutionalize the value...


by Hugh A. Dempsey, Alyssa Koski & Pauline Gladstone Dempsey

An enthralling collection of traditional Blackfoot stories revealing the frailty of mankind and the enduring power of narrative.

Napi, the Old Man of the Blackfoot Nation, appears prominently in mythology, sometimes...

Harvests, Feasts, and Graves

by Ryan Schram

Ryan Schram explores phenomena of intercultural and historical conjuncture as experienced by the Auhewela in Papua New Guinea in Harvests, Feasts, and Graves. In this ethnographic investigation, Schram ponders...

The Varieties of Temporal Experience

by Michael Jackson

What does it mean to live in time, between the unforeseeable and the irreversible? In The Varieties of Temporal Experience, Michael Jackson demonstrates the significance of a phenomenology of time for ethnography,...

The Medicine-Men of the Apache

by Illustrated Edition

Who, and what are the medicine-men (or medicine-women), of the American Indians? What powers do they possess in time of peace or war? How is this power obtained, how renewed, how exercised? What is the character...

Burial Mounds of the Northern Sections of the United States

by Cyrus Thomas

"All the works of the mound-builders of our country are exceedingly interesting to the antiquarian and are valuable as illustrating the habits, customs, and condition of the people by whom they were formed,...

Good Quality

by Ayo Wahlberg

From its crude and uneasy beginnings thirty years ago, Chinese sperm banking has become a routine part of China’s pervasive and restrictive reproductive complex. Today, there are sperm banks in fifteen of...

The Library

by Stuart Kells

A love letter to libraries and to their makers and protectors, a celebration of books as objects, and an account of how the idea of the library continues to possess our imagination

Libraries are much more than...

Engaged Anthropology

by Stuart Kirsch

Does anthropology have more to offer than just its texts? In this timely and remarkable book, Stuart Kirsch shows how anthropology can—and why it should—become more engaged with the problems of the world....

The Food and Drink of Sydney

by Heather Hunwick

Sydney, famed for its setting and natural beauty, has fascinated from the day it was conceived as an end-of-the-world repository for British felons, to its current status as one of the world’s most appealing...

Defiant Indigeneity

by Stephanie Nohelani Teves

"Aloha" is at once the most significant and the most misunderstood word in the Indigenous Hawaiian lexicon. For K&257;naka Maoli people, the concept of "aloha" is a representation and articulation of their identity,...

The Iranian Metaphysicals

by Alireza Doostdar

What do the occult sciences, séances with the souls of the dead, and appeals to saintly powers have to do with rationality? Since the late nineteenth century, modernizing intellectuals, religious leaders, and...

Oxford Handbook of Evolution, Biology, and Society

by Dr. Rosemary Hopcroft

Evolution, biology, and society is a catch-all phrase encompassing any scholarly work that utilizes evolutionary theory and/or biological or behavioral genetic methods in the study of the human social group,...

Beyond Bioethics

by Osagie K. Obasogie & Marcy Darnovsky

In this authoritative volume, two senior scholars bring together the most important and current work on the new biopolitics.  Aimed at students and scholars in the field, this intriguing volume addresses provocative...

Virtuous Waters

by Casey Walsh

At publication date, a free ebook version of this title will be available through Luminos, University of California Press’s Open Access publishing program. Visit to learn more.


Blick Mead: Exploring the 'first place' in the Stonehenge landscape

by Tom Phillips, Tom Lyons & David Jacques

The Stonehenge landscape is one of the most famous prehistoric places in the world, but much about its origins remains a mystery and little attention has been paid to what preceded, and thus may have influenced,...

Spiritual Beings or Economic Tools

by Peter Strother

Often we ask, is the way we live really the way we want to live? But do we stop to question whether our lives reflect who we are deep inside? Many sense, at a subconscious level, that they don't. How can they,...