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The Oxford Handbook of the Archaeology of Childhood

by Sally Crawford, Dawn Hadley & Gillian Shepherd

Real understanding of past societies is not possible without including children, and yet they have been strangely invisible in the archaeological record. Compelling explanation about past societies cannot be...

Breaking the Surface

by Doug Bailey

In Breaking the Surface, Doug Bailey offers a radical alternative for understanding Neolithic houses, providing much-needed insight not just into prehistoric practice, but into another way of doing archaeology....

Archaeology Hotspot France

by Georgina Muskett

The Archaeology Hotspots series offers reader-friendly and engaging narratives of the archaeology in particular countries. Written by archaeological experts with a general reader in mind, each book in the series...

The Ancient Celts, Second Edition

by Barry Cunliffe

Fierce warriors and skilled craftsmen, the Celts were famous throughout the Ancient Mediterranean World. They were the archetypal barbarians from the north and were feared by both Greeks and Romans. For two...

Blackbeard's Sunken Prize

by Mark U. Wilde-Ramsing & Linda F. Carnes-McNaughton

In 1717, the notorious pirate Blackbeard captured a French slaving vessel off the coast of Martinique and made it his flagship, renaming it Queen Anne's Revenge. Over the next six months, the heavily armed ship...

The Oxford Handbook of Prehistoric Oceania

by Terry L. Hunt & Ethan E. Cochrane

Oceania was the last region on earth to be permanently inhabited, with the final settlers reaching Aotearoa/New Zealand approximately AD 1300. This is about the same time that related Polynesian populations...

Building Anglo-Saxon England

by John Blair

A radical rethinking of the Anglo-Saxon world that draws on the latest archaeological discoveries

This beautifully illustrated book draws on the latest archaeological discoveries to present a radical reappraisal...

Submerged History

by Roger C. Smith

This heavily illustrated book has 14 chapters written by archaeologists who study Florida's sunken heritage in unique underwater sites. Learn from them the secrets at the bottom of springs and rivers, discover...

Middle Atlantic Prehistory

by Heather A. Wholey & Carole L. Nash

Regional identities and practices are often debated in American archaeology, but Middle Atlantic prehistorians have largely refrained from such discussions, focusing instead on creating chronologies and studying...

The Donkey in Human History

by Peter Mitchell

Donkeys carried Christ into Jerusalem while in Greek myth they transported Hephaistos up to Mount Olympos and Dionysos into battle against the Giants. They were probably the first animals that people ever rode,...

The Hellenistic Age: A Very Short Introduction

by Peter Thonemann

The three centuries which followed the conquests of Alexander are perhaps the most thrilling of all periods of ancient history. This was an age of cultural globalization: in the third century BC, a single language...

The Transformation of Athens

by Robin Osborne

How remarkable changes in ancient Greek pottery reveal the transformation of classical Greek culture

Why did soldiers stop fighting, athletes stop competing, and lovers stop having graphic sex in classical Greek...

The Real Mound Builders of North America

by A. Martin Byers

The Real Mound Builders of North America takes the standard position that the cultural communities of the Late Woodland period hiatus—when little or no transregional monumental mound building and ceremonialism...

The Oxford Handbook of Later Medieval Archaeology in Britain

by Christopher Gerrard & Alejandra Gutiérrez

The Middle Ages are all around us in Britain. The Tower of London and the castles of Scotland and Wales are mainstays of cultural tourism and an inspiring cross-section of later medieval finds can now be seen...

Cultural Heritage Care and Management

by Cecilia Lizama Salvatore

No other book is available that takes into consideration the diverse components of cultural heritage and suggests how these components can best be:

  • organized and arranged,
  • cataloged and described,
  • exhibited,...

Archaeologies of Rules and Regulation

by Barbara Hausmair, Ben Jervis, Ruth Nugent & Eleanor Williams

How can we study the impact of rules on the lives of past people using archaeological evidence? To answer this question, Archaeologies of Rules and Regulation presents case studies drawn from across Europe...

In Search of the Phoenicians

by Josephine Quinn

Who were the ancient Phoenicians, and did they actually exist?

The Phoenicians traveled the Mediterranean long before the Greeks and Romans, trading, establishing settlements, and refining the art of navigation....

Rome's Holy Mountain

by Jason Moralee

Rome's Capitoline Hill was the smallest of the Seven Hills of Rome. Yet in the long history of the Roman state it was the empire's holy mountain. The hill was the setting of many of Rome's most beloved stories,...

Rediscovering Lost Innocence

by E. Pierre Morenon

In the first half of the nineteenth-century, responsibility for child care primarily rested within families. Needy children were often cared for by community-sponsored efforts that varied widely in quality,...

Power, Patronage, and Memory in Early Islam

by Alain George & Andrew Marsham

When the Umayyads, the first Islamic dynasty, rose to power shortly after the death of the Prophet Muhammad (d. 632), the polity of which they assumed control had only recently expanded out of Arabia into the...