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The Place of Stone

by Douglas Hunter

Claimed by many to be the most frequently documented artifact in American archeology, Dighton Rock is a forty-ton boulder covered in petroglyphs in southern Massachusetts. First noted by New England colonists...

The 50 Greatest Prehistoric Sites of the World

by Barry Stone

Humanity’s written history stretches back only 5,000 years, a mere blip on the timeline of our existence. If you want to know what it really means to be fully human, to see the whole story, you need to go...

Where the Land Meets the Sea: Fourteen Millennia of Human History at Huaca Prieta, Peru

by Tom D. Dillehay

Huaca Prieta-one the world's best-known, yet least understood, early maritime mound sites-and other Preceramic sites on the north coast of Peru bear witness to the beginnings of civilization in the Americas....

Contemporary Archaeology and the City

by Laura McAtackney & Krysta Ryzewski

Contemporary Archaeology and the City foregrounds the archaeological study of post-industrial and other urban transformations through a diverse, international collection of case studies. Over the past decade...

Pietro Bembo on Etna

by Gareth D. Williams

This book is centered on the Venetian humanist Pietro Bembo (1470-1547), on his two-year stay in Sicily in 1492-4 to study the ancient Greek language under one of its most distinguished contemporary teachers,...

Journal of Roman Pottery Studies Volume 9: The Roman Pottery Kilns at Rossington Bridge Excavations 1956-1961

by P. C. Buckland, K. F. Hartley & Valery Rigby

Report on the excavations of eight Roman pottery kilns at Rossington Bridge, Lincolnshire

Volume Nine of Journal of Roman Pottery Studies, published by Oxbow Books for the Study Group for Romano- British Pottery...

The Anglo-Saxon Fenland

by Susan Oosthuizen

Archaeologies and histories of the fens of eastern England, continue to suggest, explicitly or by implication, that the early medieval fenland was dominated by the activities of north-west European colonists...

Molluscs in Archaeology: Methods, Approaches and Applications

by Michael J. Allen

The subject of 'Molluscs in Archaeology' has not been dealt with collectively for several decades. This new volume in Oxbow's Studying Scientific Archaeology series addresses many aspects of molluscs in archaeology....

Historic Gardens and Parks of Derbyshire: Challenging Landscapes, 1570-1920

by Dianne Barre

The open hilly terrain of much of Derbyshire has long been a challenge to gardeners and landscapers, but has produced some spectacular walled and terraced gardens. Wealthy aristocrats created important and unusual...

Winchester: Swithun's 'City of Happiness and Good Fortune': An Archaeological Assessment

by Patrick Ottaway

This critical assessment of the archaeology of the historic city of Winchester and its immediate environs from earliest times to the present day is the first published comprehensive review of the archaeological...

Remote Sensing Technology in Forensic Investigations: Geophysical Techniques to Locate Clandestine Graves and Hidden Evidence

by G. Clark Davenport

Remote Sensing Technology in Forensic Investigations provides a basic understanding of concepts involved in the use of basic geophysical surveying, metal detectors, magnetics, electromagnetics and ground penetrating...

Myths on the Map

by Greta Hawes

Polybius boldly declared that 'now that all places have become accessible by land or sea, it is no longer appropriate to use poets and writers of myth as witnesses of the unknown' (4.40.2). And yet, in reality,...

Caddo Landscapes in the East Texas Forests

by Tim Perttula

In this major, highly illustrated, new study Tim Perttula explores the cultural and social landscape of the Caddo Indian peoples (hayaanuh) for about 1000 years between c. 900 and 1900 AD. There were continual...

Economic Zooarchaeology: Studies in Hunting, Herding and Early Agriculture

by Peter Rowley-Conwy, Dale Sergeantson & Paul Halstead

Economic archaeology is the study of how past peoples exploited animals and plants, using as evidence the remains of those animals and plants. The animal side is usually termed zooarchaeology, the plant side...

Dry Creek: Archaeology and Paleoecology of a Late Pleistocene Alaskan Hunting Camp

by W. Roger Powers, R. Dale Guthrie & John F. Hoffecker

With cultural remains dated unequivocally to 13,000 calendar years ago, Dry Creek assumed major importance upon its excavation and study by W. Roger Powers. The site was the first to conclusively demonstrate...

Dwelling: Heidegger, Archaeology, Mortality

by Philip Tonner

Dwelling: Heidegger, Archaeology, Mortality negotiates the discourses of phenomenology, archaeology and palaeoanthropology in order to extend the 'dwelling perspective', an approach in the social sciences particularly...

An Archaeology of Skill: Metalworking Skill and Material Specialization in Early Bronze Age Central Europe

by Maikel H.G. Kuijpers

Material is the mother of innovation and it is through skill that innovations are brought about.

This core thesis that is developed in this book identifies skill as the linchpin of - and missing link between...

Alberta's Lower Athabasca Basin

by Brian M Ronaghan, Murray Lobb, Luc Bouchet & James A. Burns et al.

Over the past two decades, the oil sands region of northeastern Alberta has been the site of unprecedented levels of development. Alberta's Lower Athabasca Basin tells a fascinating story of how a catastrophic...

The Routledge Companion to Cultural Property

by Jane Anderson & Haidy Geismar

The Routledge Companion to Cultural Property contains new contributions from scholars working at the cutting edge of cultural property studies, bringing together diverse academic and professional perspectives...

Transforming Practice: Selections from the Journal of Museum Education, 1992-1999

by Joanne S Hirsch & Lois H Silverman

Transforming Practice, a comprehensive collection of articles from Museum Education Roundtable's Journal of Museum Education, presents a rich and exemplary selection of writing in one accessible resource. Each...