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Magical House Protection

by Brian Hoggard

Belief in magic and particularly the power of witchcraft was a deep and enduring presence in popular culture; people created and concealed many objects to protect themselves from harmful magic.? Detailed are...

Excavations at Ur

by Sir Leonard Woolley

Now in present day Iraq, Ur was a city that rose from the "Mounds of Pitch" half way between Baghdad and the Persian Gulf, ten miles west of the Euphrates. Sir Leonard Woolley documents his experience as leader...

The Avars

by Walter Pohl

The Avars arrived in Europe from the Central Asian steppes in the mid-sixth century CE and dominated much of Central and Eastern Europe for almost 250 years. Fierce warriors and canny power brokers, the Avars...

Archaeology and the Letters of Paul

by Laura Salah Nasrallah

Archaeology and the Letters of Paul illuminates the social, political, economic, and religious lives of those to whom the apostle Paul wrote. Roman Ephesos provides evidence of slave traders and the regulation...

Silver, Butter, Cloth

by Jane Kershaw, Gareth Williams, Søren Sindbæk & James Graham-Campbell

Silver, Butter, Cloth advances current debates about the nature and complexity of Viking economic systems. It explores how silver and other commodities were used in monetary and social economies across the Scandinavian...

The Sumerians

by Charles Leonard Woolley

Professor Woolley, one of the world's foremost archaeologists, shows quite clearly that when Egyptian civilization began the civilization of the Sumerians had already flourished for at least 2000 years. The...

The Man Who ''Invented'' The Aztec Crystal Skulls

by Jane MacLaren Walsh & Brett Topping

Eugène Boban began life in humble circumstances in Paris, traveled to the California Gold Rush, and later became a recognized authority on pre-Columbian cultures.  He also invented an entire category of archaeological...

Monacan Millennium

by Jeffrey L. Hantman

While Jamestown and colonial settlements dominate narratives of Virginia’s earliest days, the land’s oldest history belongs to its native people. Monacan Millennium tells the story of the Monacan Indian...

The Oxford Handbook of the Archaeology and Anthropology of Rock Art

by Bruno David & Ian J. McNiven

Rock art is one of the most visible and geographically widespread of cultural expressions, and it spans much of the period of our species' existence. Rock art also provides rare and often unique insights into...

The Tiny and the Fragmented

by S. Rebecca Martin & Stephanie M. Langin-Hooper

Miniature and fragmentary objects are both eye-catching and yet easily dismissed. Tiny scale entices users with visions of Lilliputian worlds. The ambiguity of fragments intrigues us, offering tactile reminders...

Tombs of the Ancient Poets

by Nora Goldschmidt & Barbara Graziosi

This volume explores the ways in which the tombs of the ancient poets - real or imagined - act as crucial sites for the reception of Greek and Latin poetry. Drawing together a range of examples, the collection...

Relic Hunters

by James E. Snead

Relic Hunters is a study of the complex relationship between the people of 19th century America with the material antiquities of North America's indigenous past. As scholars struggled to explain their existence,...

Unearthing childhood

by Robin Derricourt

This is the first book to survey the 'hidden half' of prehistoric societies as revealed by archaeology, from Australopithecines to advanced Stone Age foragers, from farming villages to the beginnings of civilisation....

Building Mid-Republican Rome

by Seth Bernard

Building Mid-Republican Rome offers a holistic treatment of the development of the Mid-Republican city from 396 to 168 BCE. As Romans established imperial control over Italy and beyond, the city itself radically...

Memory and Nation Building

by Michael L. Galaty

Memory and Nation Building addresses the complex topic of collective memory, first described by sociologist Maurice Halbwachs in the first half of the 20th century. Author Michael Galaty argues that the first...

Incidental Archaeologists

by Bonnie Effros

In Incidental Archaeologists, Bonnie Effros examines the archaeological contributions of nineteenth-century French military officers, who, raised on classical accounts of warfare and often trained as cartographers,...

Cultural Property Law

by Sherry Hutt, Caroline Meredith Blanco & Stan N. Harris

Crossing into many disciplines, cultural property law continues to grow as an established area of practice and study. Now completely updated, Cultural Property Law: A Practitioner's Guide to the Management,...

The Oxford Handbook of Public Heritage Theory and Practice

by Angela M. Labrador & Neil Asher Silberman

The field of cultural heritage is no longer solely dependent on the expertise of art and architectural historians, archaeologists, conservators, curators, and site and museum administrators. It has dramatically...

Tomb Robberies at the End of the New Kingdom

by Valentina Gasperini

At the end of the 19th century W.M.F. Petrie excavated a series of assemblages at the New Kingdom Fayum site of Gurob. These deposits, known in the Egyptological literature as 'Burnt Groups', were composed by...

The World Underfoot

by Hallie M. Franks

In the Greek Classical period, the symposium--the social gathering at which male citizens gathered to drink wine and engage in conversation--was held in a room called the andron. From couches set up around the...