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An Archaeology of Prehistoric Bodies and Embodied Identities in the Eastern Mediterranean

by Maria Mina, Sevi Triantaphyllou & Yiannis Papadatos

In the long tradition of the archaeology of the eastern Mediterranean bodies have held a prominent role in the form of figurines, frescos, or skeletal remains, and have even been responsible for sparking captivating...

The Fifth Beginning: What Six Million Years of Human History Can Tell Us about Our Future

by Robert L. Kelly

“I have seen yesterday. I know tomorrow.” This inscription in Tutankhamun’s tomb summarizes The Fifth Beginning. Here, archaeologist Robert L. Kelly explains how the study of our cultural past can predict...

Giants of the Lost World: Dinosaurs and Other Extinct Monsters of South America

by Donald R. Prothero

More than a hundred years ago, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote a novel called The Lost World with the exciting premise that dinosaurs and other prehistoric beasts still ruled in South America. Little did Conan...

Through a Glass Brightly: Studies in Byzantine and Medieval Art and Archaeology Presented to David Buckton

by Chris Entwistle

The twenty-five papers in this volume cover diverse aspects of the material culture of the late Roman, Byzantine and Medieval periods, with particular emphasis on the metalwork and enamel of these times. Individual...

Termites of the Gods: San Cosmology in Southern African Rock Art

by Siyakha Mguni

In Termites of the Gods, Siyakha Mguni narrates his personal journey, over many years, to discover the significance of a hitherto enigmatic theme in San rock paintings known as 'formlings'. Formlings are a painting...

Of Odysseys and Oddities: Scales and Modes of Interaction Between Prehistoric Aegean Societies and their Neighbours

by Barry Molloy

Of Odysses and Oddities is about scales and modes of interaction in prehistory, specifically between societies on both sides of the Aegean and with their nearest neighbours overland to the north and east. The...

Dorothea Bleek: A Life of Scholarship

by Jill Weintroub

Dorothea Bleek (1873-1948) devoted her life to completing the 'bushman researches' that her father and aunt had begun in the closing decades of the nineteenth century. This research was partly a labor of familial...

Crusader Archaeology: The Material Culture of the Latin East

by Adrian Boas

This new edition of Crusader Archaeology updates, with recent excavation results and research, the only detailed study of the material culture of the Crusades in Israel, Cyprus, Syria and Jordan. It examines...

Ancient Southeast Asia

by John Norman Miksic & Goh Geok Yian

Ancient Southeast Asia provides readers with a much needed synthesis of the latest discoveries and research in the archaeology of the region, presenting the evolution of complex societies in Southeast Asia from...

The Romans Who Shaped Britain

by Sam Moorhead & David Stuttard

A biographical history of the Romans who conquered and dominated Britain, based on the latest archaeological evidence and original source material.

Here are the stories of the people who built and ruled Roman...

The Chora of Metaponto 6: A Greek Settlement at Sant'Angelo Vecchio

by Francesca Silvestrelli, Ingrid E. M. Edlund-Berry & Joseph Coleman Carter

The sixth volume in the Institute of Classical Archaeology's series on the rural countryside (chora) of Metaponto is a study of the Greek settlement at Sant'Angelo Vecchio. Located on a slope overlooking the...

An Anglo-Saxon Cemetry at Collingbourne Ducis, Wiltshire

by Kirsten Egging Dinwiddy & Nick Stoodley

Excavations at Collingbourne Ducis revealed almost the full extent of a late 5th-7th century cemetery first recorded in 1974, providing one of the largest samples of burial remains from Anglo-Saxon Wiltshire....

Small Finds and Ancient Social Practices in the Northwest Provinces of the Roman Empire

by Stefanie Hoss & Alissa Whitmaore

Small finds – the stuff of everyday life – offer archaeologists a fascinating glimpse into the material lives of the ancient Romans. These objects hold great promise for unravelling the ins and outs of daily...

Bones and Identity: Zooarchaeological Approaches to Reconstructing Social and Cultural Landscapes in Southwest Asia

by Nimrod Marom, Reuven Yeshuran & Lior Weissbrod

Seventeen papers demonstrate how zooarchaeologists engage with questions of identity through culinary references, livestock husbandry practices and land use. Contributions combine hitherto unpublished zooarchaeological...

Ritual Violence in the Ancient Andes: Reconstructing Sacrifice on the North Coast of Peru

by Haagen D. Klaus & J. Marla Toyne

Traditions of sacrifice exist in almost every human culture and often embody a society's most meaningful religious and symbolic acts. Ritual violence was particularly varied and enduring in the prehistoric South...

Unlocking the Past: How Archaeologists Are Rewriting Human History with Ancient DNA

by Martin Jones

In Unlocking the Past, Martin Jones, a leading expert at the forefront of bioarchaeology—the discipline that gave Michael Crichton the premise for Jurassic Park—explains how this pioneering science is rewriting...

Early Bronze Age Goods Exchange in the Southern Levant: A Marxist Perspective

by Ianir Milevski

The Southern Levant was a thriving centre of religious and cultural exchange during the Bronze Age. 'Early Bronze Age Goods Exchange in the Southern Levant' provides an overview of the sources and distribution...

Archaeology and the Media

by Timothy Clack & Marcus Brittain

The public's fascination with archaeology has meant that archaeologists have had to deal with media more regularly than other scholarly disciplines. How archaeologists communicate their research to the public...

Archaeology of the Southeastern United States: Paleoindian to World War I

by Judith A Bense

A chronological summary of major stages in Southeastern United States' development, this unique textbook overviews the region's archaeology from 20,000 years ago to World War I. Early chapters review the history...

Archaeology and Women: Ancient and Modern Issues

by Sue Hamilton, Ruth D Whitehouse & Katherine I Wright

Archaeology and Women draws together from a variety of angles work currently being done within a contemporary framework on women in archaeology. One section of this collection of original articles addresses...