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Homeless Heritage

by Rachael Kiddey

Homeless Heritage describes the process of using archaeological methodologies to collaboratively document how contemporary homeless people use and experience the city. Drawing on fieldwork undertaken in Bristol...

The Traffic Systems of Pompeii

by Eric E. Poehler

The Traffic Systems of Pompeii is the first sustained examination of the development of road infrastructure in Pompeii--from the archaic age to the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 CE--and its implications for...

The Teaching of Archery (History of Archery Series)

by Dave Craft & Horace A. Ford

This vintage book contains a complete guide to learning and teaching archery, with information on everything from adjusting a bow string to repairing arrows. Although old, much of the information contained within...

Appendix to The Book of the Crossbow and Ancient Projectile Engines (History of Archery Series)

by Ralph Payne-Gallwey & Horace A. Ford

This vintage book contains a detailed treatise on the crossbow, being a historical account of its development and evolution throughout the centuries. The crossbow was a revolutionary advancement in ballistic...

Megadrought and Collapse

by Harvey Weiss

Megadrought and Collapse is the first book to treat in one volume the current paleoclimatic and archaeological evidence of megadrought events coincident with major prehistoric and historical examples of societal...

Children, Death and Burial: Archaeological Discourses

by Eileen Murphy & Mélie Le Roy

Children, Death and Burials assembles a panorama of studies with a focus on juvenile burials; the 16 papers have a wide geographic and temporal breadth and represent a range of methodological approaches. All...

House of the Waterlily

by Kelli Carmean

Set in the world of the Mayan civilization's Late Classic Period (ca. AD 550–830), House of the Waterlily is an affecting historical novel centering around Lady Winik, a young Maya noble girl. Through a series...

Additional Notes on Arrow Release (History of Archery Series)

by Edward S. Morse & Horace A. Ford

This vintage book contains a detailed guide to archery. It includes a fascinating historical account of archery throughout the ages and contains information on the differences in archery practice in a variety...

Ancient and Modern Methods of Arrow Release (History of Archery Series)

by Edward S. Morse & Horace A. Ford

This vintage book contains a detailed guide to archery. It includes a fascinating history of archery throughout the ages and contains information on the differences in archery practice in a variety of cultures....


by Jan Driessen & Kate Harrell

How does intentionally inflicting damage to material objects mediate the human experience in the prehistoric eastern Mediterranean? For all of the diversity in cultural practice in the civilisations of the Greek...

Geotechnics and Heritage: Historic Towers

by Renato Lancellotta, Alessandro Flora & Carlo Viggiani

Conservation of monuments and historic sites is one of the most challenging problems facing modern civilization. It involves various cultural, humanistic, social, technical, economical and administrative factors,...

The Oxford Handbook of Southwest Archaeology

by Barbara Mills & Severin Fowles

The American Southwest is one of the most important archaeological regions in the world, with many of the best-studied examples of hunter-gatherer and village-based societies. Research has been carried out in...

The Place of Stone

by Douglas Hunter

Claimed by many to be the most frequently documented artifact in American archeology, Dighton Rock is a forty-ton boulder covered in petroglyphs in southern Massachusetts. First noted by New England colonists...

The Future of Natural History Museums

by Eric Dorfman

Natural history museums are changing, both because of their own internal development and in response to changes in context. Historically, the aim of collecting from nature was to develop encyclopedic assemblages...

The 50 Greatest Prehistoric Sites of the World

by Barry Stone

Humanity’s written history stretches back only 5,000 years, a mere blip on the timeline of our existence. If you want to know what it really means to be fully human, to see the whole story, you need to go...

Where the Land Meets the Sea: Fourteen Millennia of Human History at Huaca Prieta, Peru

by Tom D. Dillehay

Huaca Prieta-one the world's best-known, yet least understood, early maritime mound sites-and other Preceramic sites on the north coast of Peru bear witness to the beginnings of civilization in the Americas....

London Under Ground: the archaeology of a city

by Ian Haynes, H. Sheldon & Lesley Hannigan

London's archaeology is as complex and varied as the city is today. These seventeen papers survey twenty-five years of London archaeology in the city and its environs from prehistory to 1800. Contents: Introduction...

Contemporary Archaeology and the City

by Laura McAtackney & Krysta Ryzewski

Contemporary Archaeology and the City foregrounds the archaeological study of post-industrial and other urban transformations through a diverse, international collection of case studies. Over the past decade...

High Definition Archaeology: Threads Through the Past: World Archaeology Volume 29 Issue 2

by John A. Gowlett

The use of modern analyses of high definition data is used to trace relationships or decision paths which could not have been seen with the techniques available 30 years ago. Examples are drawn from a variety...

Museum Educators and Technology Expanding Our Reach and Practice: Journal of Museum Education 36:3 Thematic Issue