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Dead Reckoning

by Carys Cragg

A powerful and emotional memoir about a woman whose father was brutally murdered at home by an intruder. Twenty years later, she decides to contact his murderer in prison, and learns startling new information...

I Couldn't Even Imagine That They Would Kill Us

by John Gibler & Ariel Dorfman

Harrowing personal narratives describing how Mexican authorities disappeared, killed, and injured scores of students and others in a still-unsolved crime.

"In Mexico, John Gibler's book has been recognized as...

Punishing Disease

by Trevor Hoppe

From the very beginning of the epidemic, AIDS was linked to punishment. Calls to punish people living with HIV – mostly stigmatized minorities – began before doctors could even name the disease. Punitive...

Dead-end lives: Drugs and violence in the city shadows

by Daniel Briggs & Rubén| Monge Gamero

Using vivid testimonies and images, Briggs and Monge document the stories and situations of the people who live in Valdemingómez , placing them in a political, economic and social context.

Inside Private Prisons: An American Dilemma in the Age of Mass Incarceration

by Lauren-Brooke Eisen

When the tough-on-crime politics of the 1980s overcrowded state prisons, private companies saw potential profit in building and operating correctional facilities. Today more than a hundred thousand of the 1.5...


by Miriam Boeri

Hurt: Chronicles of the Drug War Generation weaves engaging first-person accounts of baby boomer drug users, including the author Miriam Boeri’s own knowledge as the sister of a heroin addict. The compelling...

Fascism Today

by Shane Burley

We can no longer ignore the fact that fascism is on the rise in the United States. What was once a fringe movement has been gaining cultural acceptance and political power for years. Rebranding itself as "alt-right"...

Beyond Incarceration

by Paula Mallea & Catherine Latimer

  • A skilled defense lawyer argues that Canada is long overdue for a new approach to crime, leaving behind the current system of incarceration
  • Argues that respect, compassion, programs tailored to offenders’...

Deadly Justice

by Frank Baumgartner, Marty Davidson, Kaneesha Johnson & Arvind Krishnamurthy et al.

In 1976, the US Supreme Court ruled in Gregg v. Georgia that the death penalty was constitutional if it complied with certain specific provisions designed to ensure that it was reserved for the 'worst of the...

Fixing the U.S. Criminal Justice System

by Paul Brakke


          The sad truth is that the U.S. Criminal Justice System doesn’t work for many different reasons -- from our overflowing prisons to the destructive war on drugs and disproportionate effect...

A New South Rebellion

by Karin A. Shapiro

In 1891, thousands of Tennessee miners rose up against the use of convict labor by the state's coal companies, eventually engulfing five mountain communities in a rebellion against government authority. Propelled...

Religion and Intimate Partner Violence

by Nancy Nason-Clark, Barbara Fisher-Townsend, Catherine Holtmann & Stephen McMullin

Intimate partner violence is a complex, ugly, fear-inducing reality for large numbers of women around the world. When violence exists in a relationship, safety is compromised, shame abounds, and peace evaporates....

Réalités et représentations de la violence en postcolonies

by Victorien Lavou Zoungbo & Jean-Godefroy Bidima

On s'habitue - presque - à tout, même à la violence ! On s'exaspère de tout, parfois des livres sur la violence ! On se proclame expert en tout, surtout quand il s'agit de dénon­cer la violence ! On se...

A Patrol Officer's Field Manual

by Gerald G Doane

A detailed description of uniformed patrol officer work in the field. Chapers on Ethics, Mission, Fitness and Managing; Patrol Planning and Organizing; Command, Control and Communications; Cover and Containment...

Intimate Partner Violence in New Orleans

by Ashley Baggett

Ashley Baggett uncovers the voices of abused women who utilized the legal system in New Orleans to address their grievances from the antebellum era to the end of the nineteenth century. Poring over 26,000 records,...

Urban Rage: The Revolt of the Excluded

by Mustafa Dikec

A timely and incisive examination of contemporary urban unrest that explains why riots will continue until citizens are equally treated and politically included

Sentencing Multiple Crimes

by Jesper Ryberg, Julian V. Roberts & Jan W. de Keijser

Most people assume that criminal offenders have only been convicted of a single crime. However, in reality almost half of offenders stand to be sentenced for more than one crime. The high proportion of multiple...

Blind Injustice

by Mark Godsey

How could a regular person with above-average intelligence willingly confess to murder when we now know from DNA testing that someone else was the murderer? How could ten witnesses say they were positive that...

Freeing David McCallum: The Last Miracle of Rubin "Hurricane" Carter

by Ken Klonsky

For ten years before Rubin "Hurricane" Carter's death, he and his friend and coauthor Ken Klonsky had been working to help free another wrongfully convicted man, David McCallum. McCallum was eventually exonerated...

Justice Failed: How "Legal Ethics" Kept Me in Prison for 26 Years

by Alton Logan & Berl Falbaum

Having no choice but to protect their own client-the true murderer-lawyers who could prove Alton Logan's innocence kept silent for over two decades.