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The Rise and Fall of Violent Crime in America

by Barry Latzer

A compelling case can be made that violent crime, especially after the 1960s, was one of the most significant domestic issues in the United States. Indeed, few issues had as profound an effect on American life...


by Carolyn Sufrin

Thousands of pregnant women pass through our nation’s jails every year.  What happens to them as they gestate their pregnancies in a space of punishment?  Based on ethnographic fieldwork and clinical work...

The Border Outlaws

by James W. Buel

An authentic history of the desperate adventures of the four Younger Brothers has become a necessity.

Their lives require no romantic or exaggerated shading to make the narrative remarkable. Their deeds are as...

Examining Genocides

by Michael P. Jasinski

Mass killing through genocide haunts humanity as one of the most horrific forms of warfare. Scholars seek to understand what causes such violence, but it is still difficult to predict the onset of genocide....

Abusive Endings

by Walter S. DeKeseredy, Molly Dragiewicz & Martin D. Schwartz

Abusive Endings offers a thorough analysis of the social-science literature on one of the most significant threats to women’s health and well-being today—abuse at the hands of their partners. The authors...

The Oxford Handbook of Offender Decision Making

by Wim Bernasco, Henk Elffers & Jean-Louis van Gelder

Although the issue of offender decision-making pervades almost every discussion of crime and law enforcement, only a few comprehensive texts cover and integrate information about the role of decision-making...

Behave: The Biology of Humans at Our Best and Worst

by Robert M. Sapolsky

Why do we do the things we do?

Over a decade in the making, this game-changing book is Robert Sapolsky's genre-shattering attempt to answer that question as fully as perhaps only he could, looking at it from...

Getting Tough

by Julilly Kohler-Hausmann

In 1970s America, politicians began "getting tough" on drugs, crime, and welfare. These campaigns helped expand the nation's penal system, discredit welfare programs, and cast blame for the era's social upheaval...

Angry White Men: American Masculinity at the End of an Era

by Michael Kimmel

"Kimmel has made a career out of being what you might call a man-translator."-The Atlantic

The white American male voter is alive and well--and angry as hell.

Sociologist Michael Kimmel, one of the leading writers...

Sometimes Amazing Things Happen: Heartbreak and Hope on the Bellevue Hospital Psychiatric Prison Ward

by Elizabeth Ford

From the Executive Director of Mental Health for Correctional Services in New York City, comes a revelatory and deeply compassionate memoir that takes readers inside Bellevue, and brings to life the world—the...

Peace Inside

by Pollyanna Morgan, Sam Settle & Benjamin Zephaniah

This profound and moving book provides an inside-view of life in prison, and people's remarkable ability to make sense of their lives there as they learn to meditate. Drawing on years of intimate correspondence...

Locking Up Our Own

by James Forman, Jr.

In recent years, America’s criminal justice system has become the subject of an increasingly urgent debate. Critics have assailed the rise of mass incarceration, emphasizing its disproportionate impact on...

Law in popular belief

by Anthony Amatrudo & Regina Rauxloh

In recent years there has been a significant growth in interest of the so-called "law in context" extending legal studies beyond black letter law. This book looks at the relationship between statute law and...

Memory Activism

by Yifat Gutman

Set in Israel in the first decade of the twenty-first century and based on long-term fieldwork, this rich ethnographic study offers an innovative analysis of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It explores practices...

Moral Combat

by Patrick M. Markey & Christopher J. Ferguson

In family rooms across America, millions of children and teenagers are playing video games, such as Call of Duty, Halo, and Grand Theft Auto, roaming violent virtual worlds—with virtual guns in their hands....

Reproductive Justice

by Loretta Ross & Rickie Solinger

Reproductive Justice is a first-of-its-kind primer that provides a comprehensive yet succinct description of the field. Written by two legendary scholar-activists, Reproductive Justice introduces students to...

Breaking the Pendulum

by Philip Goodman, Joshua Page & Michelle Phelps

The history of criminal justice in the U.S. is often described as a pendulum, swinging back and forth between strict punishment and lenient rehabilitation. While this view is common wisdom, it is wrong. In Breaking...

Cybercrime and its victims

by Elena Martellozzo & Emma A Jane

The last twenty years have seen an explosion in the development of information technology, to the point that people spend a major portion of waking life in online spaces. While there are enormous benefits associated...

The Meaning of Rehabilitation and its Impact on Parole: There and Back Again in California

by Rita Shah

This book queries the concept of rehabilitation to determine how, on a legislative and policy level, the term is defined as a goal of correctional systems. The book explores what rehabilitation is by investigating...

Reaffirming Juvenile Justice: From Gault to Montgomery

by Alida V. Merlo & Peter J. Benekos

This book will expand students' knowledge and understanding of the evolution of juvenile justice in the last 50 years. Designed to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the landmark case In re Gault, which the...