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21st-Century Yokel

by Tom Cox

21st-Century Yokel explores the way we can be tied inescapably to landscape, whether we like it or not, often through our family and our past. It's not quite a nature book, not quite a humour book, not quite...

Sex Rules!

by Janice Z. Brodman

• Janice will market the book widely using her rich “multiplier network” of people who can contact tens of thousands of others. This network includes media travel gurus like Richard Bangs, award-winning...

The Besom Maker and Other Country Folk Songs

by Heywood Sumner

"The Besom Maker and Other Country Folk Songs" is a collection of traditional English countryside songs first published in 1888. The songs of this collection are such as would have been sung in the fields and...

East Lothian Folk Tales

by Tim Porteus

Storyteller Tim Porteus brings together stories from the rugged coastlines, golden beaches, rolling countryside and dramatic Lammermuir Hills of the ancient county of East Lothian. In this treasure trove of...

The Book of Resting Places

by Thomas Mira y Lopez

In the aftermath of his father's untimely death and his family's indecision over what to do with the remains, Thomas Mira y Lopez became obsessed with the type and variety of places where we lay the dead to...

The Incredible Power of Inspiration

by Jenifer Zetlan

Finding your new lifestyle Healthy habits and finding your new lifestyle: When do we actually stop and notice that our lifestyles are causing us harm? Perhaps the trigger is a diagnosis of diabetes or high blood...

The Gospel According to Blindboy in 15 Short Stories

by Blindboy Boatclub

The Gospel According to Blindboy is a surreal and genre-defying collection of short stories and visual art exploring the myths, complacencies and contradictions at the heart of modern Ireland. Covering themes...

Old Celtic Romances

by P. W. Joyce

First published in 1879, this famous treasury of tales from Celtic mythology has long been regarded as a classic in the field. The book was compiled by a noted folklorist who selected and translated the tales...

Ghosts of Wales

by Mark Rees

In the Victorian age ghost stories made headline news, were used as evidence in the court room, and forced terrified families to flee their homes, while so-called psychic mediums plied their trade on the high...


by Emma Aston

Many of the beings in this book – Cheiron, Pan, Acheloos, the Sirens and others – will be familiar from the narratives of Greek mythology, in which fabulous anatomies abound. However, they have never previously...

Be a Real-Life Mermaid

by Virginia Hankins

A professional mermaid shows readers how to bring passion into their life through mermaid magic Hasn't everyone wished for a seaside escape at one point or another? Life is better under the sea, and hundreds...

Superman in Myth and Folklore

by Daniel Peretti

Superman rose from popular culture--comic books, newspaper strips, radio, television, novels, and movies" but people have so embraced the character that he has now become part of folklore. This transition from...

Patakines and fondation of Ifá

by Rogelio Gómez Nieves

The present volume begins this way, which submerges us in that universe of traditions bearing an invaluable testimonial value, repositories of solid documental support (they have been extracted from books of...

Haunted Places in England

by Elliot O'Donnell

This book contains a collection of real-life ghost stories and supernatural experiences from nineteenth-century England. "Haunted Places in England" will appeal to those with an interest in ghosts and the supernatural,...

Light as Experience and Imagination from Paleolithic to Roman Times

by David S. Herrstrom

This book is an interdisciplinary synthesis and interpretation about the experience of light as revealed in a wide range of art and literature from Paleolithic to Roman times. Humanistic in spirit and in its...

Ghostly Phenomena

by Elliot O'Donnell

"Ghostly Phenomena" is a 1910 work by Elliot O'Donnell. Within it, O'Donnell attempts to explain and prove the existence of ghosts by recounting various cases, accounts, and his own personal experiences relating...

Ghosts of London

by Elliot O'Donnell

This is Elliott O'Donnel's 1932 work, "Ghosts of London". Within it, O'Donnel presents accounts of supernatural experiences and hauntings in London, examining those involved and attempting to provide explanations...

Stranger than Fiction - Being Tales from the Byways of Ghosts and Folk-Lore

by Mary L. Lewes

"Stranger than Fiction - Being Tales from the Byways of Ghosts and Folk-Lore" is a fascinating treatise on folk tales and ghost stories, particularly those originating in Wales, United Kingdom. With interesting...

True Tales of the Weird - A Record of Personal Experiences of the Supernatural

by Sidney Dickinson

"True Tales of the Weird - A Record of Personal Experiences of the Supernatural" contains accounts of personal experiences of 'ghosts' and the supernatural from the early twentieth century. Although the author...

Hard, Hard Religion

by John Hayes

In his captivating study of faith and class, John Hayes examines the ways folk religion in the early twentieth century allowed the South's poor--both white and black--to listen, borrow, and learn from each other...