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Walking Raddy

by Kim Vaz-Deville & Karen Trahan Leathem

Contributions by Jennifer Atkins, Vashni Balleste, Mora J. Beauchamp-Byrd, Ron Bechet, Melanie Bratcher, Jerry Brock, Ann Bruce, Violet Harrington Bryan, Rachel Carrico, Sarah Anita Clunis, Phillip Colwart,...

Feathered Serpent, Dark Heart of Sky

by David Bowles

Spanish Conquistadors and the Imperial Catholic Church—through murder and fire?tried to erase from history the creation stories of the Aztecs and other Mexican peoples. But bits and pieces survived. Through...

Pagan Portals - Rhiannon

by Jhenah Telyndru

To truly know Rhiannon, we must excavate the layers of her myth, decode the meaning of her symbols, and seek to restore the significance of her very name. Although she has a mythology around her, and has many...

Kingdom, Civitas, and County

by Stephen Rippon

This book explores the development of territorial identity in the late prehistoric, Roman, and early medieval periods. Over the course of the Iron Age, a series of marked regional variations in material culture...

Follow the Old Road

by Jo Kerrigan & Richard Mills

By turning off the main highway and discovering old routes, some of which have been travelled for thousands of years, you will see Ireland in an entirely different way. Follow the Old Road will take you on a...

Rituals for Magic and Meaning

by Cerridwen Greenleaf & Arin Murphy-Hiscock

Sacred living for each season

Celebrate life: What is sacred living? It is aligning our living with the rhythms of the Earth and recognizing that those rhythms are deeply meaningful. It is living in the knowledge...

Haunted Families and Temporal Normativity in Hispanic Horror Films

by Charles St-Georges

This book examines the interactions between ghosts and families in three recent horror films from the Spanish-speaking world that, rather than explicitly referencing recent political violence, speak to the societal...


by Hugh A. Dempsey, Alyssa Koski & Pauline Gladstone Dempsey

An enthralling collection of traditional Blackfoot stories revealing the frailty of mankind and the enduring power of narrative.

Napi, the Old Man of the Blackfoot Nation, appears prominently in mythology, sometimes...

Blue Ridge Music Trails of North Carolina

by Fred C. Fussell & Steve Kruger

The Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina are the heart of a region where traditional music and dance are performed and celebrated as nowhere else in America. This guide puts readers on the trail to discover...

The Culture of Mean

by Emily D. Ryalls

The Culture of Mean is the first book-length feminist critical exploration of representations of youth bullying in media. Bringing into conversation scholarship on feminism, media, new communication technologies,...

A Black Woman's Journey from Cotton Picking to College Professor

by Menah Pratt-Clarke

A Black Woman's Journey from Cotton Picking to College Professor: Lessons about Race, Class, and Gender in America traces the journey and transformation of Mildred Sirls, a young Black girl in rural east Texas...

The Reimagining Ireland Reader

by Eamon Maher

To mark the fact that the Reimagining Ireland series will soon have one hundred volumes in print, this book brings together a selection of essays from the first fifty volumes, carefully chosen to give a flavour...

Relating to Ancient Culture

by Gary W Wietgrefe

Explore the Cultural Schism between Ancient and Modern Times:

What is the state of culture in the world today? In general, is culture changing?

At age twenty, is Johnny, Juan, or Johan as financially and socially...

Women Who Fly

by Serinity Young

From the beautiful apsaras of Hindu myth to the swan maidens of European fairy tales, tales of flying women--some carried by wings, others by rainbows, floating scarves, or flying horses--reveal both fascination...

My People The Sioux

by Luther Standing Bear

When it was first published in 1928, Luther Standing Bear's autobiographical account of his tribe and tribesmen was hailed by Van Wyck Brooks as “one of the most engaging and veracious we have ever had.”...


by Benjamin Radford

Ghosts have fascinated and haunted us for millennia. They appear in our campfire tales, films, books, and television shows as well as in our dreams and nightmares. Despite widespread belief in spirits—and...

Unveiling the Muse

by Howard Philips Smith & Henri Schindler

Traditional Carnival has been well documented with a vast array of books published on the subject. However, few of them, if any, mention gay Carnival krewes or the role of gay Carnival within the larger context...

Strategies for Success among African-Americans and Afro-Caribbeans

by Chrystal Y. Grey & Thomas Janoski

How can African Americans and Afro-Caribbeans from the former British colonies be so different in their approaches toward social mobility? Chrystal Y. Grey and Thomas Janoski state that this is because native...

Analyzing Christmas in Film

by Lauren Rosewarne

Film plays a vital role in the celebration of Christmas. For decades, it has taught audiences about what the celebration of the season looks like – from the decorations to the costumes and to the expected...

Dialectics of the Goddess in Japanese Audiovisual Culture

by Lorenzo J. Torres Hortelano, Laura Montero, Dolores P. Martinez & José Montaño et al.

Through provocative essays by specialists in different aspects of Japanese culture, this book provides an historical and analytical survey of the presence of Goddesses in Japanese audiovisual culture from its...