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The Feminine in Fairy Tales: Revised Edition

by Marie-Louise von Franz

In this engaging commentary, the distinguished analyst and author Marie-Louise von Franz shows how the Feminine reveals itself in fairy tales of German, Russian, Scandinavian, and Eskimo origin, including familiar...

Creation Myths: Revised Edition

by Marie-Louise von Franz

Creation myths are the deepest and most important of all myths because they are concerned with both the basic patterns of existence and the ultimate meaning of life. In this book, an eminent Jungian analyst...

The Ring of Truth

by Wendy Doniger

Why are sex and jewelry, particularly rings, so often connected? Why do rings continually appear in stories about marriage and adultery, love and betrayal, loss and recovery, identity and masquerade? What is...

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

by Natalie Frank & Jack Zipes

"The Sorcerer's Apprentice" might conjure up images of Mickey Mouse from the Disney film Fantasia, or of Harry Potter. As this anthology reveals, however, "sorcerer's apprentice" tales—in which a young person...

LIFE Beauty & The Beast: The Story of a Fairy Tale

by The Editors of Life

Celebrating the release of Walt Disney's much-anticipated live-action version of the beloved 1991 animated feature, LIFE delivers the fascinating story behind the fairy tale itself-from its hidden origins as...

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY The Ultimate Guide to Beauty and the Beast

by The Editors of Entertainment Weekly & Bill Condon

With interviews, behind the scenes details, and the history of the original Disney animated movie, Entertainment Weekly presents an in-depth guide to the live-action remake of Beauty and The Beast.

The Mythic Journey: Use Myths, Fairy Tales, and Folklore to Explain Life's Mysteries

by Liz Greene & Juliet Sharman-Burke

Greek gods, Norse heroes, Polynesian tricksters, and Native American warriors—they all have lessons to teach us.

Since the beginning of time, human beings have relied on myths, fairy tales, and fables to explain...

The Old Belief | Children's Norse Folktales

by Baby Professor

The past is in the past but why do children have to learn them? That’s because the past has helped molded the future and it will shape the future too. Old belief systems carry with them reflections from years...

Medusa and Her Curse-Children's Greek & Roman Myths

by Baby Professor

Here’s another myth that has survived the tests of time. It has been passed on from one generation to the next, thereby preserving the lessons it brings. If you would notice, most of the Greek and Roman myths...

Wizards and Witches, Princes and Princesses | Children's European Folktales

by Baby Professor

Folktales are used by elders to teach the young generation about good and bad. Using stories of wizards and witches, princes and princesses, folktales will never fail to capture the attention. Such stories are...

Magical Gods | Children's Norse Folktales

by Baby Professor

Gods are beings that possess great power and magic. They are at the heart of folktales. If you read folktales, you would notice patterns in the stories as if they've been by just one author. The patterns you...

Magic Kingdoms, Mystic Forest | Children's European Folktales

by Baby Professor

If you are familiar with European folktales, you will notice that almost all the settings are in magical forests and/or in faraway kingdoms. The geography and society during the early European times could play...

Minerva and Arachne and the Weaving Contest- Children's Greek & Roman Myths

by Baby Professor

A woman’s envy is very much alive even in the olden times! Case and point, you have the story of Minerva and Arachne. The tale has a disturbing ending so you might want to read this one with your child, just...

Magic Beans and Wicked Spells | Children's European Folktales

by Baby Professor

Discover the fairy tales of Old Europe! This is a collection of the best stories that have been handed down from one generation to the next and even translated to different languages. Folktales showcase the...

Elves, Gods, and Spirits | Children's Norse Folktales

by Baby Professor

Folktales should be preserved because they are considered as part of the national culture and heritage. They are stories of how the Norse people lived. They include the language of the era that they were first...

Spirits, Witches and Trolls | Children's Norse Folktales

by Baby Professor

The purpose of folktales is to keep cultures and traditions alive. They may just be stories of made-up creatures but if you listen closely, you will see history reflected in them. For your little ones, this...

Mythic Gods and Magic Creatures | Children's Norse Folktales

by Baby Professor

Why should you invest in study materials that discuss folktales? The reason is because folktales are historical materials that influence your cultural memory. Whether these stories live or die depend on you....

A Land of Myth and Magic | Children's Norse Folktales

by Baby Professor

Did you know that not all tales have happy endings? Some end sadly because they want you to learn a lessons. Norse folktales are stories from Sweden, Iceland, Norway, Denmark and the Fore Islands. These stories...

Kronus and His Children's Betrayal- Children's Greek & Roman Myths

by Baby Professor

In Greek mythology, Kronus was the son of Gaia and Uranus. He overthrew his father to rule over Olympus but because of a prophecy, he ate all his sons except one. In this book, you will be told the story of...

Merlin, Morgan Le Fay and the Magic of Camelot | Children's Arthurian Folk Tales

by Baby Professor

Arthur’s stories are filled with power, magic and a lot of love and responsibilities. You would love to read these stories to your children because of the lessons they provide. But since these books have been...