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The Mysterium: Unexplained and extraordinary stories for a post-Nessie generation

by Jo Keeling & David Bramwell

In THE MYSTERIUM David Bramwell and Jo Keeling (authors of THE ODDITORIUM), present a user guide to the strange and unexplained corners of modern life. THE MYSTERIUM catalogues a host of bizarre, funny and intriguing...

Original Magic: The Rituals and Initiations of the Persian Magi

by Stephen E. Flowers

A complete guide to the theory, practice, and history of Mazdan magic, the first organized system of magic

• Provides a complete curriculum of magical study and initiation centered on exercises keyed to the...

Ghosts of Wales

by Mark Rees

In the Victorian age ghost stories made headline news, were used as evidence in the court room, and forced terrified families to flee their homes, while so-called psychic mediums plied their trade on the high...

Be a Real-Life Mermaid: Unleash Your Inner Siren with a Colorful Swimmable Tail, Seashell Jewelry and Decor, Glamorous Hair and Makeup, Fintastic Pers

by Virginia Hankins

For anyone who has ever wished to trade their legs for fins, this colorful guide provides fun, step-by-step instructions for discovering their inner mermaid with DIY accessories and decor, mermaid philosophy,...

Be a Real-Life Mermaid

by Virginia Hankins

A professional mermaid shows readers how to bring passion into their life through mermaid magic Hasn't everyone wished for a seaside escape at one point or another? Life is better under the sea, and hundreds...

Patakines and fondation of Ifá

by Rogelio Gómez Nieves

The present volume begins this way, which submerges us in that universe of traditions bearing an invaluable testimonial value, repositories of solid documental support (they have been extracted from books of...

Haunted Places in England

by Elliot O'Donnell

This book contains a collection of real-life ghost stories and supernatural experiences from nineteenth-century England. "Haunted Places in England" will appeal to those with an interest in ghosts and the supernatural,...

Light as Experience and Imagination from Paleolithic to Roman Times

by David S. Herrstrom

This book is an interdisciplinary synthesis and interpretation about the experience of light as revealed in a wide range of art and literature from Paleolithic to Roman times. Humanistic in spirit and in its...

Ghostly Phenomena

by Elliot O'Donnell

"Ghostly Phenomena" is a 1910 work by Elliot O'Donnell. Within it, O'Donnell attempts to explain and prove the existence of ghosts by recounting various cases, accounts, and his own personal experiences relating...

Ghosts of London

by Elliot O'Donnell

This is Elliott O'Donnel's 1932 work, "Ghosts of London". Within it, O'Donnel presents accounts of supernatural experiences and hauntings in London, examining those involved and attempting to provide explanations...

Stranger than Fiction - Being Tales from the Byways of Ghosts and Folk-Lore

by Mary L. Lewes

"Stranger than Fiction - Being Tales from the Byways of Ghosts and Folk-Lore" is a fascinating treatise on folk tales and ghost stories, particularly those originating in Wales, United Kingdom. With interesting...

True Tales of the Weird - A Record of Personal Experiences of the Supernatural

by Sidney Dickinson

"True Tales of the Weird - A Record of Personal Experiences of the Supernatural" contains accounts of personal experiences of 'ghosts' and the supernatural from the early twentieth century. Although the author...

Hard, Hard Religion

by John Hayes

In his captivating study of faith and class, John Hayes examines the ways folk religion in the early twentieth century allowed the South's poor--both white and black--to listen, borrow, and learn from each other...

The Complete Book of Indian Crafts and Lore

by W. Ben Hunt

This vintage book contains a detailed guide to Native American lore, history, and tradition. From how to pronounce Native American names to their dance rituals and famous figures, this guide contains a wealth...

Beyond the Crossroads

by Adam Gussow

The devil is the most charismatic and important figure in the blues tradition. He's not just the music's namesake ("the devil's music"), but a shadowy presence who haunts an imagined Mississippi crossroads where,...

Supernatural Gods

by Jim Willis

There is wide fascination with psychic phenomena, life energies, the possibility of alien life, close encounters, and UFOs. Supernatural Gods looks to shed light on the history, science and facts of healing...

Demons, the Devil, and Fallen Angels

by Marie D. Jones & Larry Flaxman

Interest in the dark side is universal. Throughout the ages and spanning the world, tales and terrors of the devil, demons, and other dark forces have fascinated people. Demons, the Devil and Fallen Angels is...

Real Nightmares (Book 12)

by Brad Steiger

Unnatural squeals. Hair-raising yelps. Wretched cries. What sinister beings lurk in the woods, swamps, cities, and closets near us? Dark stories of rabid creatures await you in this latest Real Nightmares compilation....

Real Nightmares (Book 10)

by Brad Steiger

*Unbelievable, but true: abductions, ghosts, attacks in the dark and the woods, and more

*Brad Steiger's favorite and scariest stories of mysterious visitors from aliens to ghosts to the unknown in between......

Real Nightmares (Book 9)

by Brad Steiger

Abductions, invasions, and encounters. Entities, aliens, and ancients. Who is among us? What happened in the past and what should we expect for the future? Explore the strange world of the unknown with paranormal...