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Storming the Wall

by Todd Miller

According to U.S. military planners, climate change now poses the #1 national security threat to the United States, even before terrorism. The Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre reports that a person is...

Mobility between Africa, Asia and Latin America

by Ute Röschenthaler & Alessandro Jedlowski

  • A comprehensive and far-reaching study of South-South mobility, one of the key emerging areas of research within the social sciences.
  • Incorporates a diverse array of original case studies and rich empirical detail...

The Self-Sufficient Global Citizen

by Atta Arghandiwal

A guidebook for responsible refugees and migrants to be self-sufficient global citizens starting fresh in the western world.

self-sufficiency in one easy-to-use guidebook

This comprehensive book is a lifetime...

City of Strangers

by Andrew M. Gardner

In City of Strangers, Andrew M. Gardner explores the everyday experiences of workers from India who have migrated to the Kingdom of Bahrain. Like all the petroleum-rich states of the Persian Gulf, Bahrain hosts...

The Crisis of Multiculturalism in Europe

by Rita Chin

In 2010, the leaders of Germany, Britain, and France each declared that multiculturalism had failed in their countries. Over the past decade, a growing consensus in Europe has voiced similar decrees. But what...

Crossing African Borders

by Jordi Tomàs & Cristina Udelsmann Rodrigues

This publication is one of the results of a conference organised in Lisbon in 2011 on the theme of African borders and their relationships with migration and mobility. The selected papers are a sample of the...

The Refugee Challenge in Post-Cold War America

by María Cristina García

For over forty years, Cold War concerns about the threat of communism shaped the contours of refugee and asylum policy in the United States, and the majority of those admitted as refugees came from communist...

Becoming Diasporically Moroccan

by Lauren Wagner

Questions persist about post-migrant generations and their sense of belonging in one homeland or another. As descendants of migrants, ‘second’ and further generations often struggle to establish an unproblematic...

Europe on the move

by Peter Gatrell & Lyubov Zhvanko

Mass population displacement affected millions of Europe's civilians across the different theatres of war in 1914-18. At the end of the war, a senior Red Cross official wrote 'there were refugees everywhere....

Underground America: Narratives of Undocumented Lives

by Peter Orner & Luis Urrea

Millions of immigrants risk deportation and imprisonment by living in the US without legal status. They are living underground, with little protection from exploitation at the hands of human smugglers, employers,...

The Other Side of Assimilation

by Tomas Jimenez

The immigration patterns of the last three decades have profoundly changed nearly every aspect of life in the United States. What do those changes mean for the most established Americans—those whose families...

Rebuilt from Broken Glass: A German Jewish Life Remade in America

by Fred Behrend & Larry Hanover

Symbolized by a three-hundred-year-old Seder plate, the religious life of Fred Behrend's family had centered largely around Passover and the tale of the Jewish people's exodus from tyranny. When the Nazis came...

Beautiful Balts: From Displaced Persons to New Australians

by Jayne Persian

170,000 Displaced Persons arrived in Australia between 1947 and 1952 - the first non-Anglo-Celtic mass migrants. Australia's first immigration minister, Arthur Calwell, scoured post-war Europe for refugees,...

Arab Migrant Communities in the GCC

by Zahra Babar

Long a recipient of migrants from its surrounding areas, the Arabian Peninsula today comprises a mosaic of communities of diverse ethnic, cultural, linguistic and religious origins. For decades, while the Gulf...

China's Great Migration: How the Poor Built a Prosperous Nation

by Bradley Gardner

China's rise over the past several decades has lifted more than half of its population out of poverty and reshaped the global economy. What has caused this dramatic transformation? In China's Great Migration:...

Latinos in New York: Communities in Transition, Second Edition

by Sherrie Baver, Angelo Falcón & Gabriel Haslip-Viera

Latinos in New York: Communities in Transition, second edition, is the most comprehensive reader available on the experience of New York City's diverse Latino population. . . . The book brings together leading...

Titans are in Town

by Tomislav Sunic & Kevin B. MacDonald

Titans are in Town consists of a novella and cultural essays by Dr. Tomislav Sunic. In the novella and his essays, Sunic discusses the state of Europeans in their postmodern wasteland. Confronted by endless...

Latino Stars in Major League Baseball

by Jonathan Weeks

Some of the best players in Major League Baseball were born outside the United States, with Latino players representing one of the fastest growing ethnicities in the league. Current and former stars such as...

Twenty Years at Hull House

by Jane Addams

Hull-House is a settlement house in the United States that was co-founded in 1889 by Jane Addams and Ellen Gates Starr. Located in the Near West Side of Chicago, Illinois, Hull-House opened its doors to the...

Getting the Teachers We Need

by Sharon Feiman-Nemser & Miriam Ben-Peretz

Teacher education faces challenges that are immediate and demanding. Adapting teacher education to the changing needs of educational systems is an imperative. This book offers engaging, thoughtful, and sometimes...