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A Long Dream of Home

by Siddhartha Gigoo & Varad Sharma

Twenty-five years ago, in the winter of 1990, about four hundred thousand Pandits of Kashmir were forced to leave Kashmir, their homeland, to save their lives when militancy erupted there. Even today, they continue...

We Wanted Workers: Unraveling the Immigration Narrative

by George J. Borjas

From “America’s leading immigration economist” (The Wall Street Journal), a refreshingly level-headed exploration of the effects of immigration.

We are a nation of immigrants, and we have always been concerned...

The Book of Isaias

by Daniel Connolly

A Fall 2016 Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance Okra Pick

In a green town in the middle of America, a bright 18-year-old Hispanic student named Isaias Ramos sets out on the journey to college.

Isaias, who...

Migration and Rural Development in Lesotho

by Anna Rocchi & Pietro Del Sette

In the last decades of the 20th century, about half of the adult male population of Lesotho migrated on a temporary basis to South Africa to work predominantly in gold mines as well as in other sectors. As such,...

From Alba to Aotearoa: Profiling New Zealand's Scots Migrants 1840-1920

by Rebecca Lenihan

Scots made up nearly 20 percent of the immigrant population of New Zealand to 1920, yet until the past few years the exact origins of New Zealand's Scots migrants have remained blurred. From Alba to Aotearoa...

The Famine Ships

by Edward Laxton

Between 1846 and 1851 more than a million Irish people, the famine claimed a million lives. The Famine Ships tells the sory of the courage and determination of those who crossed the Atlantic in leaky, overcrowded...

Scottish Migration Since 1750: Reasons and Results

by James C. Docherty

This work explains Scotland’s population and migration history using new methods and unpublished sources. It surveys migration to England, Canada, United States, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand to...

Theory of the Border

New Policies for the Part-time and Contingent Workforce

by Virginia L. DuRivage

While much attention has been focused on the rise of the modern Chinese nation, little or none has been directed at the emergence of "citizenry". This book examines thinkers from the period 1890-1920 in modern...

Russian Traditional Culture: Religion, Gender and Customary Law: Religion, Gender and Customary Law

by Marjorie Mandelstam Balzer & Ronald Radzai

The resurgence of national and historical awareness among the people of what was once the USSR has been nowhere stronger than among the Russians themselves. Some of the larger projects of rediscovery amount...

The 1992 Project and the Future of Integration in Europe

by Dale L. Smith & James Lee Ray

The term "1992 Project" refers to the portion of the 1987 Single European Act that commits the European Community to the completion of a single integrated market by 1992. The project has brought about a dramatic...

Immigrant and Refugee Children and Families: Culturally Responsive Practice

by Alan Dettlaff & Rowena Fong

Designed for students of social work, public policy, ethnic studies, community development, and migration studies, this textbook provides the best knowledge for culturally responsive practice with immigrant...

The Politics of Dependency: US Reliance on Mexican Oil and Farm Labor

by Martha Menchaca

The United States and Mexico trade many commodities, the most important of which are indispensable sources of energy-crude oil and agricultural labor. Mexican oil and workers provide cheap and reliable energy...

Transnational Geographers in the United States: Navigating Autobiogeographies in a Global Age

by Alan P. Marcus, Stavros T. Constantinou & Heike Alberts

This volume of essays highlights the autobiogeographies of eight selected geographers who are university faculty members and work and reside in the United States. Drawing from various geographical narratives,...

Unfree Labour?: Struggles of Migrant and Immigrant Workers in Canada

by Aziz Choudry & Adrian Smith

Over the past decade, Canada has experienced considerable growth in labour migration. Moreover, temporary labour migration has replaced permanent immigration as the primary means by which people enter Canada....

Not Quite Australian: How Temporary Migration Is Changing the Nation

by Peter Mares

Permanent migration has long been vital to the story of Australia. From the arrival of early settlers to waves of post-war immigration, the symbolic moment of disembarking onto Australian soil is an image deeply...

Summary of  Adios, America: by Ann Coulter | Includes Analysis

by Instaread Summaries

Summary of  Adios, America by Ann Coulter | Includes Analysis



Adios, America by Ann Coulter is a book centered around immigration in the United States, including the impact immigration has had...

European Immigration: A Sourcebook

by Anna Triandafyllidou & Ruby Gropas

Fully updated and containing chapters on the new EU member states and the attempt to form a common EU migration policy, this new edition of European Immigration: A Sourcebook provides a comprehensive overview...

Subjects of Empires/Citizens of States

Ex-Centric Migrations: Europe and the Maghreb in Mediterranean Cinema, Literature, and Music

by Hakim Abderrezak

Ex-Centric Migrations examines cinematic, literary, and musical representations of migrants and migratory trends in the western Mediterranean. Focusing primarily on clandestine sea-crossings, Hakim Abderrezak...