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Kakuma Refugee Camp

by Bram J. Jansen

Kenya’s Kakuma refugee camp is one of the world’s largest and home to over 100,000 people, drawn from across east and central Africa. Though notionally still a ‘temporary’ camp, it has become a permanent...

Medical Transnationalism

by Sou Hyun Jang

Medical Transnationalism examines Korean immigrants’ distinctive healthcare behaviors, contributing factors to their medical tourism, and their experiences and evaluations of medical tourism. Analyzing survey...

Transnational Return Migration of 1.5 Generation Korean New Zealanders

by Jane Yeonjae Lee

Why do immigrants return home? Is return migration a failure or a success? How do returnees settle back into their original homeland while retaining their connections to their host society? How do returnees...

Undocumented Migrants and Healthcare

by Marianne Jossen

What do undocumented migrants experience when they try to access healthcare? How do they navigate the (often contradictory) challenges presented by bureaucratic systems, financial pressures, attitudes to migrants,...

A Place to Call Home

by Ernesto Castaneda

As immigrants settle in new places, they are faced with endless uncertainties that prevent them from feeling that they belong. From language barriers, to differing social norms, to legal boundaries separating...

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration

by John Zmirak & Al Perrotta

The crime statistics. The jobs. The inflated welfare state. The terror threats. The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration shines cold light on America's out-of-control immigration problem with real-life...


by Bessora, Barroux & Sarah Ardizzone

"A searing tale of our time." —Michael Morpurgo, author of War Horse

"Groundbreaking. . . . Stunning text." —Guardian

"Takes us to the human soul of the migrant crisis." —Daily Record

Alpha's wife and son...

Migrant Architects of the NHS

by Julian Simpson

Migrant architects of the NHS draws on forty-five oral history interviews and extensive archival research to offer a radical reappraisal of how the National Health Service was made. It tells the story of migrant...

Fortress Britain?

by Ben Ryan

Immigration is a key concern in British society; however, the ethical implications of the issue are often overlooked. Produced by Theos, a leading Christian think tank, this collection of short essays explores...

Educating Refugee-background Students

by Shawna Shapiro, Raichle Farrelly & Mary Jane Curry

This collection of empirical work offers an in-depth exploration of key issues in the education of adolescents and adults with refugee backgrounds residing in North America, Australia and Europe. These studies...

Bordered Lives

by Hsiao-Hung Pai

•  From the Orwell Prize-shortlisted author of Chinese Whispers: The True Story Behind Britain's Hidden Army of Labour and Scattered Sand: The Story of China's Rural Migrants which won the Bread and Roses...

Mobile Communication and Low-Skilled Migrants’ Acculturation to Cosmopolitan Singapore

by Rajiv George Aricat & Rich Ling

Mobile Communication and Low-Skilled Migrants’ Acculturation to Cosmopolitan Singapore examines the role of mobile communication in the acculturation of South Asian labor migrants to Singapore, adopting a...

Immigration Policy in the Age of Punishment

by Philip Kretsedemas & David C. Brotherton

The events of 2016 catapulted immigration policy to the forefront of public debate, and Donald Trump’s administration has signaled a harsh turn in enforcement. Yet the deportation, detention, and border-control...

New To The Parish

by Sorcha Pollak

An inspiring chronological timeline of personal stories of migration, New to the Parish takes us on a journey across the globe – from Cameroon to Myanmar, Poland to New York, Nigeria to Venezuela, Iraq to...

An Immigrant Nation Seeks Cohesion

by James Jupp

‘An Immigrant Nation Seeks Cohesion’ is based on current events and developments in Australia and seeks to illuminate them using historical and contemporary issues. It is not a formal or chronological ‘history...

Reimagining North African immigration

by Patrick Saveau & Veronique Machelidon

This volume takes the pulse of French post-coloniality by studying representations of trans-Mediterranean immigration to France in recent literature, television and film. The writers and filmmakers examined...

Shifting Boundaries

by Alexis M. Silver

As politicians debate how to address the estimated eleven million unauthorized immigrants residing in the United States, undocumented youth anxiously await the next policy shift that will determine their futures....


by Jeff Ferrell

“This book was written late in the North American night, with the rumbling thuds and booming train horns of the nearby rail yard echoing through my windows, reminding me of the train hoppers and gutter punks...

Poor Participation

by Thomas A. Bryer & Sofia Prysmakova-Rivera

This book argues that active citizenship and poverty are inextricably linked. A common sentiment in discussions of poverty and social policy is that decisions made about those living in poverty or near-poverty...

High-Skilled Migration

by Mathias Czaika

Political and scientific debates on migration policies have mostly focused on governments' efforts to control or reduce low-skilled, asylum, and irregular migration or to encourage the return migration of these...