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Militarizing the Border: When Mexicans Became the Enemy

by Miguel Antonio Levario

As historian Miguel Antonio Levario explains in this timely book, current tensions and controversy over immigration and law enforcement issues centered on the US-Mexico border are only the latest evidence of...

Border Vigils: Keeping Migrants Out of the Rich World

by Jeremy Harding

Ours is an era marked by extraordinary human migrations, with some 200 million people alive today having moved from their country of origin. The political reaction in Europe and the United States has been to...

The Myth of the Muslim Tide: Do Immigrants Threaten the West?

by Doug Saunders

From the author of prize-winning Arrival City, a controversial and long-overdue rejoinder to the excessive fears of an Islamic threat that have spread throughout America and Europe and threaten our basic values....

Mobilities and Health

by Anthony C. Gatrell

Drawing on three main disciplines, geography, sociology, and epidemiology, author Tony Gatrell makes strong connections between these areas of inquiry, drawing on (for example) social theorising, geographical...

The Politics of Proximity: Mobility and Immobility in Practice

by Giuseppina Pellegrino

This book analyses patterns of mobility in relation to new possibilities of organizing space, time, and proximity to others. Different phenomena - from memorial sites to migration, from urban mobility to mobile...

Rationalizing Migration Decisions: Labour Migrants in East and South-East Asia

by AKM Ahsan Ullah

Examining how migrants go about making the decision to migrate and how they rationalize their decision post-migration, this book draws on an innovative blend of statistical analysis and interviews with Bangladeshi...

Geographies of Rhythm: Nature, Place, Mobilities and Bodies

by Tim Edensor

In Rhythmanalysis, Henri Lefebvre put forward his ideas on the relationship between time and space, particularly how rhythms characterize space. Here, leading geographers are brought together to expand and advance...

The Dynamics of Migration, Health and Livelihoods: INDEPTH Network Perspectives

by Mark Collinson & Kubaje Adazu

Using INDEPTH's multi-site network to provide new demographic insights into population variables, this book focuses on migration and how it impacts on health and livelihoods in impoverished communities of the...

Mobility and Place: Enacting Northern European Peripheries

by Jørgen Ole Bærenholdt & Brynhild Granås

Focusing on the Northern European periphery, this book examines how people live in such remote spaces in an emerging global world of connectivity, interdependency, mobility and non-linear dynamics. It demonstrates...

Mobilizing Hospitality: The Ethics of Social Relations in a Mobile World

by Jennie Germann Molz & Sarah Gibson

Drawing on interdisciplinary research, this volume examines the intersection between mobility and hospitality, highlighting the issues that emerge as we encounter strangers in a mobile world. Through diverse...

The Health and Well-Being of Caribbean Immigrants in the United States

by Annette Mahoney

The Health and Well-Being of Caribbean Immigrants in the United States is a timely addition to the knowledge base concerning the integration of this population into the fabric of American society. On the eve...

Beside the Golden Door: U.S. Immigration Reform in a New Era of Globalization

by Pia M. Orrenius & Madeline Zavodny

Beside the Golden Door: U.S. Immigration Reform in a New Era of Globalization proposes a radical overhaul of current immigration policy designed to strengthen economic competitiveness and long-run growth. Pia...

Eternal Colonialism

by Russell Benjamin & Gregory O. Hall

This book examines 'eternal colonialism,' which describes policies designed by the Western world and United States to keep most of the world in a permanently subordinate political, economic, social, and military...

Asian Diaspora and East-West Modernity

by Sheng-mei Ma

Drawing from Anglo-American, Asian American, and Asian literature as well as J-horror and manga, Chinese cinema and Internet, and the Korean Wave, Sheng-mei Ma's Asian Diaspora and East-West Modernity probes...

Theorising Transnational Migration: The Status Paradox of Migration

by Boris Nieswand

Societal transformations have recently stimulated political debates and policies on the integration of migrants and minorities in most Western European countries. While transnational migration studies have documented...

Undocumented Workers' Transitions: Legal Status, Migration, and Work in Europe

by Sonia McKay, Eugenia Markova & Anna Paraskevopoulou

This book explores how immigration laws, while aimed at discouraging undocumented migration, actually sustain it. It documents the circumstances that have caused previously documented migrants to become undocumented...

Transnational Marriage: New Perspectives from Europe and Beyond

by Katharine Charsley

Marriages spanning borders are not a new phenomenon, but occur with increasing frequency and contribute substantially to international mobility and transnational engagement. Perhaps because such migration has...

Africa after Apartheid: South Africa, Race, and Nation in Tanzania

by Richard A. Schroeder

Tracing the expansion of South African business into other areas of Africa in the years after apartheid, Richard A. Schroeder explores why South Africans have not always made themselves welcome guests abroad....

Asylum-Seeking, Migration and Church

by Susanna Snyder

This book outlines ways in which churches are currently supporting asylum seekers, encouraging closer engagement with people seen as 'other' and more thoughtful responses to newcomers. Creatively exploring biblical...

Whiteness and Postcolonialism in the Nordic Region: Exceptionalism, Migrant Others and National Identities

by Kristín|Jensen, Lars Loftsdóttir

Whiteness and Postcolonialism in the Nordic Region examines the influence of imperialism and colonialism on the formation of national identities in the Nordic countries, exploring the manner in which contemporary...