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Food and Urbanism: The Convivial City and a Sustainable Future

by Susan Parham

Cities are home to over fifty percent of the world's population, a figure which is expected to increase enormously by 2050. Despite the growing demand on urban resources and infrastructure, food is still often...

Cultures and Disasters: Understanding cultural framings in disaster risk reduction

by Fred Krüger, Greg Bankoff & Terry Cannon

Why did the people of the Zambesi Delta affected by severe flooding return early to their homes or even choose to not evacuate? How is the forced resettlement of small-scale farmers living along the foothills...

The Industrial Structure of American Cities (Routledge Library Editions: Economic Geography)

by Gunnar Alexandersson

This book analyzes the distribution of the urban population in an industrialized country. The USA was chosen as the object of the study because it had, at the time of writing, in 1956, the largest population...

Automatic Fiscal Policies to Combat Recessions

by Laurence S. Seidman

Drawing on the most prominent research in the field, this timely book offers bold new fiscal policies that can complement current automatic stabilizers and counter-cyclical monetary policy to help combat recessions....

The Western European Economy (Routledge Library Editions: Economic Geography): A geography of post-war development

by Allan M. Williams

This book, originally published in 1987, presents a broad overview of the spatial organization of the European economy, providing a valuable synthesis of recently published material by geographers and other...

The Geography of Iron and Steel (Routledge Library Editions: Economic Geography)

by Allan M. Williams

This volume provides a survey of the world's iron-ore resources during the 1960s and the distribution of the iron and steel industries. There are specific chapters on the UK , Western Europe, the USSR, the USA...

Economic Geography (Routledge Library Editions: Economic Geography)

by B. W. Hodder & Roger Lee

This book introduces the reader to the many lines of thought in the literature on economic geography and ties these various aspects together within the concept of the economy. The book focusses on the dynamic...

Urbanism, Colonialism, and the World-Economy (Routledge Library Editions: Economic Geography)

by Anthony D King

Recent years have witnessed a surge in public awareness concerning the impact of world economic forces on cities. In this challenging book, the author argues that though the consciousness is new the phenomena...

Global Cities (Routledge Library Editions: Economic Geography)

by Anthony D King

Since the late 1970s the role of key world cities such as Los Angeles, New York and London as centres of global control and co-ordination has come under increasing scrutiny. This book provides an overview and...

Understanding Cultural Geography: Places and traces

by Jon Anderson

Understanding Cultural Geography: Places and Traces offers a comprehensive introduction to perhaps the most exciting and challenging area of human geography. By focusing on the notion of 'place' as a key means...

Place, Identity, and National Imagination in Post-war Taiwan

by Bi-yu Chang

In the struggles for political and cultural hegemony that Taiwan has witnessed since the 1980s, the focal point in contesting narratives and the key battlefield in the political debates are primarily spatial...

Savage Park: A Meditation on Play, Space, and Risk for Americans Who Are Nervous, Distracted, and Afraid to Die

by Amy Fusselman

Part memoir, part manifesto, this exploration of the underside of America's obsession with safety is prompted by the author's visit to a thrillingly alarming adventure playground in Tokyo


The Routledge Companion to Humanitarian Action

by Roger Mac Ginty & Jenny H Peterson

The Companion on Humanitarian Action addresses the political, ethical, legal and practical issues which influence reactions to humanitarian crisis. It does so by exploring the daily dilemmas faced by a range...

Climate Change Adaptation and Social Resilience in the Sundarbans

by Anna O'Donnell & Quentin Wodon

Household vulnerability to weather shocks and changing climatic conditions has become a major concern in developing countries. Yet the empirical evidence remains limited on the impact that changing environmental...

Thinking About the Environment: Readings on Politics, Property and the Physical World: Readings on Politics, Property and the Physical World

by Matthew Alan Cahn & Kevin E O'Brien

Underlying current controversies about environmental regulation are shared concerns, divided interests and different ways of thinking about the earth and our proper relationship to it. This book brings together...

The New American Suburb: Poverty, Race and the Economic Crisis

by Katrin B. Anacker

The majority of Americans live in suburbs and until about a decade or so ago, most suburbs had been assumed to be non-Hispanic White, affluent, and without problems. However, recent data have shown that there...

The Architecture of Home in Cairo: Socio-Spatial Practice of the Hawari's Everyday Life

by Mohamed Gamal Abdelmonem

This book firstly describes the historical development of the domestic spaces (indoor and outdoor), and provides an inclusive analysis of spaces of everyday activities in the hawari of old Cairo. It then broadens...

Geographies of Health and Development

by Isaac Luginaah & Rachel Bezner Kerr

This book begins by exploring some of the circumstances surrounding the distinctive health inequities currently facing many developing countries, including malaria, maternal mortality and HIV/AIDS. This is followed...

Tourism, Recreation and Regional Development: Perspectives from France and Abroad

by Jean-Christophe Dissart, Jeoffrey Dehez & Jean-Bernard Marsat

Bringing together scholars from the fields of planning, economics, sociology, management studies and geography, this book examines cross-cutting issues in tourism and recreation with the aim of developing an...

Women and Climate Change in Bangladesh

by Margaret Alston

Bangladesh is by no means a high emitter of carbon, but it is nevertheless one of the countries most critically affected. There is a significant risk of damage to lives and livelihoods due to climate change...