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The Future Of Islam

by Wilfred Scawen Blunt

To Mohammedans the author owes more than a word of apology. A stranger and a sojourner among them, he has ventured on an exposition of their domestic griefs, and has occasionally touched the ark of their religion...

Earth and World: Philosophy After the Apollo Missions

by Kelly Oliver

Critically engaging the work of Immanuel Kant, Hannah Arendt, Martin Heidegger, and Jacques Derrida together with her own observations on contemporary politics, environmental degradation, and the pursuit of...

The Last Barbarians

by Michel Peissel

More than thirty years ago, Michael Peisel's classic, Mustang: A Lost Tibetan Kingdom, introduced the world to a region more isolated than the deepest Amazon. Against the odds--and in the tradition of the nineteenth-century...

Critical Geographies of Cycling: History, Political Economy and Culture

by Glen, Professor Norcliffe & Margaret, Professor Grieco

Examining cycling from a range of geographical perspectives, this book uses historical and contemporary case studies to look at the history, politics, economy and culture of cycling. Pursuing a post-structural...

A Geography of the Lifeworld (Routledge Revivals): Movement, Rest and Encounter

by David Seamon

Within the modern Western lifestyle increasing conflict is becoming apparent between that patchwork of isolated points such as the home or the office, which are linked by a mechanical system of transportation...

Sacred Mobilities: Journeys of Belief and Belonging

by Alan, Dr Terry, Avril, Dr Maddrell & Tim, Dr Gale

This collection draws on the Mobilities approach to look afresh at notions of the sacred where they intersect with people, objects and other things on the move. Consideration of a wide range of spiritual meanings...

Mobility Patterns and Urban Structure

by Paulo Pinho & Cecilia Silva

Despite extensive efforts to understand the overall effect of urban structure on the current patterns of urban mobility, we are still far from a consensual perspective on this complex matter. To help build agreement...

Israelis and Palestinians in the Shadows of the Wall: Spaces of Separation and Occupation

by Stéphanie Latte Abdallah & Cédric Parizot

Shedding light on the recent mutations of the Israeli separation policy, whose institutional and spatial configurations are increasingly complex, this book argues that this policy has actually reinforced the...

Economic Development in Rural Areas: Functional and Multifunctional Approaches

by Peter Dannenberg & Elmar Kulke

Analysing the ongoing changes and dynamics in rural development from a functional perspective through a series of case studies from the global north and south, this volume deepens our understanding of the importance...

Bodies Across Borders: The Global Circulation of Body Parts, Medical Tourists and Professionals

by Bronwyn Parry, Beth Greenhough & Isabel Dyck

Historically organised at a local or national scale, the fields of medicine and healthcare are being radically transformed by new communication, transport and biotechnologies creating, in the process, a genuinely...

The Afterlives of the Psychiatric Asylum: Recycling Concepts, Sites and Memories

by Graham Moon & Robin Kearns

The last 40 years has seen a significant shift from state commitment to asylum-based mental health care to a mixed economy of care in a variety of locations. In the wake of this deinstitutionalisation, attention...

The Western in the Global South

by MaryEllen Higgins, Rita Keresztesi & Dayna Oscherwitz

The Western in the Global South investigates the Western film genre's impact, migrations, and reconfigurations in the Global South. Contributors explore how cosmopolitan directors have engaged with, appropriated,...

Food and Urbanism: The Convivial City and a Sustainable Future

by Susan Parham

Cities are home to over fifty percent of the world's population, a figure which is expected to increase enormously by 2050. Despite the growing demand on urban resources and infrastructure, food is still often...

Social Networks and Travel Behaviour

by Matthias Kowald & Kay W. Axhausen

In aiming to understand and model peoples’ out-of-home movements, the academic field of transport planning is confronted with two major challenges. Firstly, leisure travel is increasing in importance and is...

Cultures and Disasters: Understanding cultural framings in disaster risk reduction

by Fred Krüger, Greg Bankoff & Terry Cannon

Why did the people of the Zambesi Delta affected by severe flooding return early to their homes or even choose to not evacuate? How is the forced resettlement of small-scale farmers living along the foothills...

Urban Refugees: Challenges in Protection, Services and Policy

by Koichi Koizumi & Gerhard Hoffstaedter

Urban refugees now account for over half the total number of refugees worldwide. Yet to date, far more research has been done on refugees living in camps and settlements set up expressly for them. This book...

The Industrial Structure of American Cities (Routledge Library Editions: Economic Geography)

by Gunnar Alexandersson

This book analyzes the distribution of the urban population in an industrialized country. The USA was chosen as the object of the study because it had, at the time of writing, in 1956, the largest population...

Automatic Fiscal Policies to Combat Recessions

by Laurence S. Seidman

Drawing on the most prominent research in the field, this timely book offers bold new fiscal policies that can complement current automatic stabilizers and counter-cyclical monetary policy to help combat recessions....

The Western European Economy (Routledge Library Editions: Economic Geography): A geography of post-war development

by Allan M. Williams

This book, originally published in 1987, presents a broad overview of the spatial organization of the European economy, providing a valuable synthesis of recently published material by geographers and other...

The Geography of Iron and Steel (Routledge Library Editions: Economic Geography)

by Allan M. Williams

This volume provides a survey of the world's iron-ore resources during the 1960s and the distribution of the iron and steel industries. There are specific chapters on the UK , Western Europe, the USSR, the USA...