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Purposeful Retirement

by Hyrum W. Smith, Ken Blanchard & Stephen M.R. Covey


Family Engagement with Schools

by Nancy Feyl Chavkin

Using forty years of evidence-based research as its core, Family Engagement with Schools: Strategies for School Social Workers and Educators is the only book written specifically for social workers and social...

Lethal Decisions

by Arthur J. Ammann

This first-person account by one of the pioneers of HIV/AIDS research chronicles the interaction among the pediatric HIV/AIDS community, regulatory bodies, governments, and activists over more than three decades....

Anti-discriminatory Practice in Mental Health Care for Older People

by Pauline Lane, Rachel Tribe, Ajit Shah & Siobhan Spencer et al.

Exploring the key issues around anti-discriminatory practice for professionals working with older people in mental health services, this book explores ways to improve the health and social care of older people...

Creative Ideas for Solution Focused Practice

by Judith Milner & Steve Myers

Exploring creative ways to implement solution focused practice, this book is packed full of ideas to inspire ways of working with clients which focus on their strengths as a means to finding solutions. Outlining...

The Pregnancy [does-not-equal] Childbearing Project

by Jennifer Scuro

What does pregnancy mean when it does not lead to the birth of a child? Through personal experience via graphic novel and with a corresponding philosophical analysis, The Pregnancy ≠ Childbearing Project narrates...

Out of Harm's Way

by Richard Gelles

Despite many well-intentioned efforts to create, revise, reform, and establish an effective child welfare system in the United States, the system continues to fail to ensure the safety and well-being of maltreated...

The Bonds of Debt: Borrowing Against the Common Good

by Richard Dienst

The credit crisis has pushed the whole world so far into the red that the gigantic sums involved defy understanding. On a human level, what does such an enormous degree of debt and insolvency mean? In this timely...

Experiments in Democracy: Human Embryo Research and the Politics of Bioethics

by J. Benjamin Hurlbut

Human embryo research touches upon strongly felt moral convictions, and it raises such deep questions about the promise and perils of scientific progress that debate over its development has become a moral and...

Spirituality and Hospice Social Work

by Ann M Callahan

Many hospice social workers must address spiritual issues with their clients, but do not feel competent to do so effectively. This targeted volume draws upon multidisciplinary theory and research to advance...

A Hope More Powerful Than the Sea

by Melissa Fleming

The stunning story of a young woman, an international crisis, and the triumph of the human spirit.

Adrift in a frigid sea, no land in sight—just debris from the ship's wreckage and floating corpses all around—nineteen-year-old...

To Fool the Rain: Haiti's Poor and their Pathway to a Better Life

by Steven Werlin & Dr. Paul Farmer

To Fool the Rain thoughtfully chronicles Steven Werlin’s journey with Fonkoze, but it is also the story of Fonkoze itself.

Presented in vivid detail are the lived experiences of Mirlene, Micheline, Ti Rizib,...

Unequal Health: How Inequality Contributes to Health or Illness

by Grace Budrys

Unequal Health examines why stark differences in health and well-being persist across demographic groups. The third edition features a new chapter on diet, new discussions of substance abuse and the attention...

Gosnell: The Untold Story of America¿s Most Prolific Serial Killer

by Ann McElhinney & Phelim McAleer

When the Grand Jury indicted abortion doctor Dr. Kermit Gosnell in 2011, it wrote: "This case is about a doctor who killed babies... What we mean is that he regularly and illegally delivered live, viable babies...

Nowhere Else I Want to Be: A Memoir

by Carol D. Marsh

Carol D. Marsh founded, directed, and lived at Miriam's House, a Washington, DC, residence for homeless women living with AIDS. In this powerful memoir, Marsh recalls how she came to confront issues far removed...

Surviving Poverty

by Joan Maya Mazelis

Surviving Poverty carefully examines the experiences of people living below the poverty level, looking in particular at the tension between social isolation and social ties among the poor. Joan Maya Mazelis...

Tell Me the Number before Infinity: The Story of a Girl with a Quirky Mind, an Eccentric Family, and Oh Yes, a Disability

by Becky Taylor & Dena Taylor

"Tell Me the Number before Infinity, The Story of a Girl with a Quirky Mind, an Eccentric Family, and Oh Yes, a Disability" is a memoir in 60 short chapters arranged chronologically by Becky Taylor, who was...

Understanding health and social care

by Jon Glasby

This engaging and accessible text, now in its third edition, provides a comprehensive introduction to health and social care. This new edition has been updated to cover recent developments, including the integrated...

Conflict Resolution for the Helping Professions

by Allan Barsky

When people think of conflict, they often think of fights, wars, arguments, hot tempers, and hurtful consequences. Conflict Resolution for the Helping Professions provides helping professionals with the theory,...

Idealist's Survival Kit, The: 75 Simple Ways to Prevent Burnout

by Alessandra Pigni

75 brief self-care reflections to help aid workers, activists, and volunteers renew purpose and achieve fulfillment. 

Heal from over-exhaustion, prevent burnout, and regain your motivation with these short readings...