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Fun Games and Physical Activities to Help Heal Children Who Hurt

by Beth Powell

Develop children's brains and bonds with this collection of no-tech, physical games, strategies and activities Ideal for children who have experienced neglect, abuse and trauma, these "real-world" experiences...

Young Onset Dementia

by Jacqueline Parkes, Hilda Hayo, Alison Ward & Wendy Mitchell

Providing key information and insight into the experiences of people living with a diagnosis of young onset dementia, this book will increase the knowledge and skills of health and social care professionals...

Self-Neglect and Hoarding

by Deborah Barnett

Self-neglect and hoarding are found in 1 of 5 social work cases in mental health and older people's services. These cases can be the most alarming and challenging on a social workers' caseload. A skilled, thorough...

Social Exclusion, Compound Trauma and Recovery

by Peter Cockersell, Catriona Reid, Nicola Saunders & Dr Emma Williamson et al.

Responding to the growing number of psychologically-informed services for people experiencing social exclusion and, in particular, homelessness, this book gives professionals the information and understanding...

Relationship-Based Social Work, Second Edition

by Adrian Ward, Danielle Turney, Gillian Ruch & Clare Parkinson et al.

This comprehensive guide to relationship-based practice in social work communicates the theory using illustrative case studies and offers a model for practice. Updated and expanded, it now includes increased...

Poor Participation

by Sofia Prysmakova-Rivera & Thomas A. Bryer

This book argues that active citizenship and poverty are inextricably linked. A common sentiment in discussions of poverty and social policy is that decisions made about those living in poverty or near-poverty...

Negotiating Opportunities

by Jessica McCrory Calarco

In Negotiating Opportunities, Jessica McCrory Calarco argues that the middle class has a negotiated advantage in school. Drawing on five years of ethnographic fieldwork, Calarco traces that negotiated advantage...

The Handbook of Policy Practice

by Ira C. Colby

All social work practice, from intervention to how payments or reimbursements are made, is regulated by social policies. Professionals, however, cannot arbitrarily select which policy to follow in any circumstance;...

Social Work Practice and Social Welfare Policy in the United States

by Philip R. Popple

The first new social work history to be written in over twenty years, Social Work Practice and Social Welfare Policy in the United States presents a history of the field from the perspective of elites, as well...

Neighborhood Change and Neighborhood Action

by R. Allen Hays, José Meléndez, Daniel Brisson & Claire Cahen et al.

This book is an examination of neighborhood mobilization and engagement from the perspective of several disciplines: psychology, social work, political science, planning, and education. The essays included in...

Connecting Childhood and Old Age in Popular Media

by Vanessa Joosen

Contributions by Gökçe Elif Baykal, Lincoln Geraghty, Verónica Gottau, Vanessa Joosen, Sung-Ae Lee, Cecilia Lindgren, Mayako Murai, Emily Murphy, Mariano Narodowski, Johanna Sjöberg, Anna Sparrman, Ingrid...

Eugenics and other Evils

by Gilbert Keith Chesterton

Before he has turned over half-a-dozen pages of Mr. Chesterton's book, the reader will feel as if he had been out in a high wind. Not, of course, the cold, steady-blowing north-easter that turns your clothes...

Giving Children a Voice

by Sam Frankel

How do you ensure that children's voices and ideas are heard and valued in relation to the settings that form part of their everyday lives? Presenting an easy to adopt step-by-step framework, this book argues...

Protecting Children and Adults from Abuse After Savile

by Marcus Erooga, Hilary Shaw, Karen Baker & Joan Tabachnick et al.

The high profile reporting of child sexual abuse carried out by Jimmy Savile over decades has made a huge impact, raising public awareness and concern, and yet we continue to uncover new cases of institutional...

Violence, Restorative Justice and Forgiveness

by Marilyn Armour & Mark S. Umbreit

A groundbreaking book founded on extensive original research, designed to determine how restorative dialogue works, and the role of forgiveness within it. The research involved interviews with 20 victims who...

Social by Nature

by Catherine Bliss

Sociogenomics has rapidly become one of the trendiest sciences of the new millennium. Practitioners view human nature and life outcomes as the result of genetic and social factors. In Social by Nature, Catherine...

Rural Child Welfare Practice

by Joanne Riebschleger & Barbara J. Pierce

Rural Child Welfare Practice provides students and practitioners with case studies about rural people as a diverse group. Drawn from real stories of rural child welfare practice, this text displays lessons learned...

Fall or Fly

by Wendy Welch

Chaos. Frustration. Compassion. Desperation. Hope. These are the five words that author Wendy Welch says best summarize the state of foster care in the coalfields of Appalachia. Her assessment is based on interviews...

Participant Recruitment and Retention in Intervention and Evaluation Research

by Audrey L. Begun PhD, Lisa K. Berger PhD & Laura L. Otto-Salaj PhD

This practical "how to" guide integrates a comprehensive, interdisciplinary review of literature, alongside a wealth of the authors' combined research experience, into a framework for behavioral health and other...

Scarlet A

by Katie Watson

Although Roe v. Wade identified abortion as a constitutional right 45 years ago, it still bears stigma--a proverbial scarlet A. Millions of Americans have participated in or benefited from an abortion, but few...