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The Trial of Kermit Gosnell

by Cheryl Sullenger

When police raided the Women’s Medical Society, they thought that they were putting an end to a pill mill that was the largest supplier of illicit prescription painkillers in Philadelphia.   But once inside,...

Helping Babies and Children Aged 0-6 to Heal After Family Violence

by Dr. Wendy Bunston & Dr. Julie Stone

After family violence, very young children and babies benefit from child-led therapy, but how do you achieve this? Dr. Wendy Bunston's guide is here to help you to meet the emotional needs of children who are...

Narrative in Social Work Practice

by Ann Burack-Weiss, Lynn Sara Lawrence & Lynne Bamat Mijangos

Narrative in Social Work Practice features first-person accounts from social workers who have successfully integrated narrative theory and approaches into their practice. Contributors describe innovative and...

Ghettos, Tramps, and Welfare Queens

by Stephen Pimpare

Ghettos, Tramps, and Welfare Queens: Down & Out on the Silver Screen explores how American movies have portrayed poor and homeless people from the silent era to today. It provides a novel kind of guide to social...

Care Act 2014

by Michael Mandelstam

The Care Act 2014 represents a major upheaval in adult social care law: the biggest since 1948. This book sets out and explains the provisions of the Care Act 2014 in simple terms, with a particular focus on...

Embracing Touch in Dementia Care

by Luke Tanner & Danuta Lipinska

Meaningful touch is an essential part of truly person-centred dementia care, yet its value is often viewed as secondary to its perceived risks. This book restores trust in the power of touch, demonstrating the...

Biomedical Odysseys

by Priscilla Song

Thousands of people from more than eighty countries have traveled to China since 2001 to undergo fetal cell transplantation. Galvanized by the potential of stem and fetal cells to regenerate damaged neurons...

The Social Worker's Guide to the Care Act 2014

by Pete Feldon

The Care Act 2014 is arguably the most significant piece of legislation for social workers who work with adults, since the NHS and Community Care Act 1990. The intention of this book is to present the information...

Rethinking Modern Prostheses in Anglo-American Commodity Cultures, 1820-1939

by Claire L. Jones

This book explores the development of modern transatlantic prosthetic industries in nineteenth and twentieth centuries and reveals how the co-alignment of medicine, industrial capitalism, and social norms shaped...

Informal Healthcare in Contemporary Russia

by Yulia Krasheninnikova

This volume deals with one of the most understudied aspects of everyday life in Russian society. Its main characters are the providers of goods and services to whom people turn for healthcare instead of official...

Negotiating Pharmaceutical Uncertainty

by Eirik Saethre & Jonathan Stadler

Telling the story of a clinical trial testing an innovative gel designed to prevent women from contracting HIV, Negotiating Pharmaceutical Uncertainty provides new insight into the complex and contradictory...

Critical Thinking for Helping Professionals

by Eileen Gambrill & Leonard Gibbs

Critical thinking values, skills, and knowledge are integral to evidence-based practice in the helping professions. On a daily basis, practitioners must be able and willing to think critically about decisions...

Critiquing Personality Disorder

by Julia Warrener

In order to work effectively with people with personality disorders it is important that Mental Health Social Workers (MHSWs) have a clear understanding of trauma and its impact on the person. It is also important...

Evidence-Based Treatment with Older Adults

by Nancy Kropf & Sherry Cummings

Evidence Based Treatment with Older Adults: Theory, Practice, and Research provides a detailed examination of five research-supported psychosocial interventions for use with older adults: cognitive behavioral...

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy in Schools

by Johhny Kim, Michael Kelly & Cynthia Franklin

Since the publication of the First Edition, there have been several advances on the research on Solution-focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) in schools. This Second Edition contains updates on how to apply SFBT to...

Peace Inside

by Pollyanna Morgan, Sam Settle & Benjamin Zephaniah

This profound and moving book provides an inside-view of life in prison, and people's remarkable ability to make sense of their lives there as they learn to meditate. Drawing on years of intimate correspondence...

Weaving the Cradle

by Rebecca Foster, Monika Celebi, Bridget Macdonald & Bobby Taylor et al.

Groups for parents, babies and toddlers, spanning the 1001 critical days from late pregnancy up to age two, are an effective way of supporting expectant and new parents by helping them to become more attuned,...

Child Sexual Exploitation

by Adele Gladman, Angie Heal & Anne Longfield

The scale of the Rotherham child protection scandal has led professionals responsible for safeguarding children in other regions to recognise the extent of child abuse in their area and consider how to respond...

Practical Supervision for Counsellors Who Work with Young People

by Nick Luxmoore

Counsellors working with young people often find it can quickly feel like messy work. Their supervisors support them with invaluable experience and knowledge. This book recalls those moments when supervision...

Gender, Madness, and Colonial Paranoia in Australian Literature: Australian Psychoses

by Laura Deane

This book rethinks women’s madness through a rigorous analysis of colonial paranoia. Arguing that colonialism produces a distinct cultural expression of women’s madness, this book contends that it is the...