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Biomedical Odysseys

by Priscilla Song

Thousands of people from more than eighty countries have traveled to China since 2001 to undergo fetal cell transplantation. Galvanized by the potential of stem and fetal cells to regenerate damaged neurons...

Critical Thinking for Helping Professionals

by Eileen Gambrill & Leonard Gibbs

Critical thinking values, skills, and knowledge are integral to evidence-based practice in the helping professions. On a daily basis, practitioners must be able and willing to think critically about decisions...

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy in Schools

by Johhny Kim, Michael Kelly & Cynthia Franklin

Since the publication of the First Edition, there have been several advances on the research on Solution-focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) in schools. This Second Edition contains updates on how to apply SFBT to...

Peace Inside

by Pollyanna Morgan, Sam Settle & Benjamin Zephaniah

This profound and moving book provides an inside-view of life in prison, and people's remarkable ability to make sense of their lives there as they learn to meditate. Drawing on years of intimate correspondence...

Weaving the Cradle

by Rebecca Foster, Monika Celebi, Bridget Macdonald & Bobby Taylor et al.

Groups for parents, babies and toddlers, spanning the 1001 critical days from late pregnancy up to age two, are an effective way of supporting expectant and new parents by helping them to become more attuned,...

Child Sexual Exploitation

by Adele Gladman, Angie Heal & Anne Longfield

The scale of the Rotherham child protection scandal has led professionals responsible for safeguarding children in other regions to recognise the extent of child abuse in their area and consider how to respond...

Practical Supervision for Counsellors Who Work with Young People

by Nick Luxmoore

Counsellors working with young people often find it can quickly feel like messy work. Their supervisors support them with invaluable experience and knowledge. This book recalls those moments when supervision...

Welfare, Work, and Poverty

by Qin Gao

Welfare, Work, and Poverty provides the first systematic and comprehensive evaluation of the impacts and effectiveness of China's primary social assistance program -- Minimum Livelihood Guarantee, or Dibao --...

The Open Door

by Carol L. M. Caton

The Open Door: Homelessness and Severe Mental Illness in the Era of Community Treatment explains how and why homelessness among the mentally ill has persisted over the past 35 years, despite policy and program...

The Financial Diaries

by Jonathan Morduch & Rachel Schneider

Deep within the American Dream lies the belief that hard work and steady saving will ensure a comfortable retirement and a better life for one's children. But in a nation experiencing unprecedented prosperity,...

Social Work Treatment

by Francis J. Turner

First published in 1974, Social Work Treatment remains the most popular and trusted compendium of theories available to social work students and practitioners. It explores the full range of theoretical approaches...

The New Human Rights Movement

by Peter Joseph

Society is broken. We can design our way to a better one.

In our interconnected world, self-interest and social-interest are rapidly becoming indistinguishable. If current negative trajectories remain, including...

Doing Relationship-Based Social Work

by Cheryl McMullin, Mary Mccolgan, Brenda Horgan & Mary Henihan et al.

Relationships and communication are the foundation of good social work practice. This book offers a new model, drawn from research and practical experience, which describes how to carry out effective relationship-based...

Art of Living, Art of Dying

by Carlo Leget & George Fitchett

Without an appropriate spiritual care model, it can be difficult to discuss existential questions about death and dying with people who are confronted with life-threatening or incurable diseases. This book offers...

Babies for Sale?

by Miranda Davies

Transnational surrogacy – the creation of babies across borders – has become big business. Globalization, reproductive technologies, new family formations and rising infertility are combining to produce...

Inequality in the 21st Century: A Reader

by David B. Grusky & Jasmine Hill

Why are so many types of inequality suddenly increasing? Should we be worried that we're moving into a “second gilded age” with unprecedented levels of income inequality? In this new collection, David B....

Purposeful Retirement

by Hyrum W. Smith, Ken Blanchard & Stephen M.R. Covey


Human Behavior and the Social Environment, Micro Level

by Katherine van Wormer

Human Behavior and the Social Environment, Micro Level draws on a resilience model to explore the dynamics of human behavior across the life span. Biological, psychological, and spiritual dimensions are covered....

The Masses are the Ruling Classes

by William Epstein

The Masses are the Ruling Classes proposes the radical, yet seemingly innocuous view that social policy in the United States is determined by mass consent. Contemporary explanations of decision making in the...

A Fraught Embrace

by Ann Swidler & Susan Cotts Watkins

In the wake of the AIDS pandemic, legions of organizations and compassionate individuals descended on Africa from faraway places to offer their help and save lives. A Fraught Embrace shows how the dreams of...