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Sociology of Health, Healing, and Illness

by Gregroy L. Weiss & Lynne E. Lonnquist

A comprehensive presentation of the major topics in medical sociology. The Sociology of Health, Healing, and Illness, 8/e by Gregory L. Weiss and Lynne E. Lonnquist provides an in-depth overview of the field...

Madness, distress and the politics of disablement

by Helen Spandler & Jill Anderson

An exploration of the relationship between madness, distress and disability, bringing together leading scholars and activists from Europe, North America, Australia and India.

On the Politics of Ignorance in Nursing and Health Care: Knowing Ignorance

by Amélie Perron & Trudy Rudge

Ignorance is mostly framed as a void, a gap to be filled with appropriate knowledge. In nursing and health care, concerns about ignorance fuel searches for knowledge expected to bring certainty to care provision,...

Women and alcohol: Social perspectives

by Patsy Staddon

This research and practice based book considers the social meaning of women's alcohol use and its treatment, raising concerns about the political role of 'treatment' in making women behave, or to be 'well'....

101 reasons for a Citizen's Income: Arguments for giving everyone some money

by Malcolm Torry

For anyone new to the subject of Citizen's Income, or who wants to introduce friends, colleagues or relatives to the idea, this valuable guide will be essential reading, offering a convincing case for a Citizen's...

Continuing professional development in social work

by Carmel Halton & Fred Powell

This book offers a unique insight into the possibilities of CPD and the issues it presents for newly qualified and experienced social workers in practice. It offers possible directions for the future of post...

A Country Called Prison: Mass Incarceration and the Making of a New Nation

by Mary D. Looman & John D. Carl

The United States is the world leader in incarcerating citizens. 707 people out of every 100,000 are imprisoned. If those currently incarcerated in the US prison system were a country, it would be the 102nd...

Young Enough To Change The World: Stories of kids and teens who turned their dreams into action

by Michael R. Connolly & Brie K. Goolbis

Many young people today yearn to make a positive difference in the worldâ€"and not just when they're grown up. Presented with an opportunity and support, they have the ability to do that. Alexander the Great,...

A Practical Guide to the Mental Capacity Act 2005: Putting the Principles of the Act Into Practice

by Jakki Cowley, Matthew Graham & Alex Ruck Keene

A practical guide for health and social care professionals on the Mental Capacity Act 2005, enabling more informed and effective practice.

Educating Children and Young People in Care: Learning Placements and Caring Schools

by Sonia Jackson, Claire Cameron & Graham Connelly

Bringing together research and practice on the theme of the educational well-being of children in care, this book aims to help professionals to improve these children's potential for educational attainment.

From Dependence to Dignity

by Russell Mask, Brian Fikkert & Rick Warren

The church of Jesus Christ finds itself at a very unique moment in history. The average Christian living in the “economically advanced countries” enjoys a level of prosperity that has been unimaginable for...

When Parents Part: How Mothers and Fathers Can Help Their Children Deal with Separation and Divorce

by Penelope Leach

From the acclaimed, best-selling author of Your Baby & Child and one of the world’s leading experts on child development and parenting, a practical, comprehensively researched guide to doing the best for...

Adolescents in Public Housing: Addressing Psychological and Behavioral Health

by Von E. Nebbitt

Adolescents in Public Housing incorporates data from multiple public-housing sites in large U.S. cities to shine much-needed light on the symptoms and behaviors of African American youth living in non–HOPE...

Aging, Society, and the Life Course, Fifth Edition

by Leslie A., PhD Morgan & Suzanne R., PhD Kunkel

“[This] book’s unfading preoccupation with social context, social processes, and social structures distinguishes itself and greatly contributes to the discourse in gerontology.”

—The Gerontologist


Pro-Voice: How to Keep Listening When the World Wants a Fight

by Aspen Baker

Dialogue, Not Dogma

When Aspen Baker had an abortion at the age of twenty-four, she felt caught between the warring pro-life and pro-choice factions, with no safe space to share her feelings.

In this hopeful...

Hearing Impairment and Hearing Disability: Towards a Paradigm Change in Hearing Services

by Rebecca, Dr Phillips, Anthony, Professor Hogan & Mark, Dr Sherry

The purpose of this book is to challenge people (service providers, people with a hearing disability and those who advocate for them) to reconsider the way western society thinks about hearing disability and...

Critical and Creative Research Methodologies in Social Work

by Lia, Assoc Prof Bryant

Social work research is concerned with complex social issues closely connected to communities of people who are marginalized and oppressed. This volume develops critical and creative research methodologies that...

Peace Under Heaven: A Modern Korean Novel: A Modern Korean Novel

by Man-Sik Chae & Kyung-Ja Chun

Originally published in Seoul in 1938, soon after the outbreak of the Pacific War, "Peace Under Heaven" is a satirical novel centering on the household of a Korean landlord during the Japanese colonial occupation....

The Therapist's Notebook for Families: Solution-Oriented Exercises for Working with Parents, Children, and Adolescents

by Bob Bertolino & Gary Schultheis

Help your clients facilitate positive changes with these innovative therapeutic exercises!The Therapist's Notebook for Families empowers mental health professionals with clear, practical, easy-to-use therapeutic...

Introducing the Social Sciences for Midwifery Practice: Birthing in a Contemporary Society

by Patricia Lindsay & Ian Peate

Introducing the Social Sciences for Midwifery Practice makes clear the links between social, anthropological and psychological concepts, midwifery practice and women's experience of birth. Demonstrating how...