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Beyond successful and active ageing: A theory of model ageing

by Virpi Timonen

This controversial book argues that concepts such as 'successful' and 'active' ageing are potentially dangerous paradigms that reflect and exacerbate inequalities in older populations. Essential reading for...

Social work with sex offenders: Making a difference

by Malcolm Cowburn & Steve Myers

This topical book engages with a wide range of issues related to social work practice with people who have sexually offended. Its accessible style and integrated practice based learning exercises will help readers...

Critical Supervision for the Human Services: A Social Model to Promote Learning and Value-Based Practice

by Lou Johnston, Carolyn Noble & Mel Gray

Practitioners in the helping professions today operate in challenging settings where budgets have been cut dramatically, and progression and success are too often defined primarily by key performance indicators...

Understanding Family Support: Policy, Practice and Theory

by John Pinkerton, Pat Dolan & John Canavan

Understanding Family Support provides a definition of family support and a clear perspective on the role that it has in promoting the welfare of children and their families. Family support is a concept that...

Understanding community: Politics, policy and practice

by Peter Somerville

This substantially revised edition of a highly topical text applies a critical approach to themes introduced in the first edition including economic development, heath and housing, and draws upon theory from...

Strengthening child protection: Sharing information in multi-agency settings

by Kellie Thompson

What prompts information sharing and how do we get it right? This accessible book challenges widely held assumptions about information sharing in child welfare that facts about risks to children are clear and...

Social work in a diverse society: Transformative practice with black and minority ethnic individuals and communities

by Charlotte Williams & Mekada J. Graham

Taking a transformative approach, this exciting new textbook bridges the gap between the theory and practice of social work with Black and minority ethnic groups. Practice scenarios and case studies encourage...

New Rules for Global Justice: Structural Redistribution in the Global Economy

by Jan Aart Scholte, Lorenzo Fioramonti & Alfred G. Nhema

The book is action-oriented and empowering, presenting concrete proposals that could reduce the most deplorable global inequalities. It asks: how did we get here?; where do we want to go instead?; and how do...

The short guide to community development

by Alison Gilchrist & Marilyn Taylor

This invaluable guide provides an introduction to community development, its origins and the different forms it takes. This second edition has been updated to reflect developments in policy and practice and...

The well-being of children in the UK

by Jonathan Bradshaw

This is the classic assessment of the state of child well-being in the UK. This fourth edition has been updated to review the latest evidence, including the impact of the economic crisis and austerity measures...

Understanding youth in the global economic crisis

by Alan France

Drawing on eight countries as case studies Professor Alan France tells the story of what impact the 2007 global crisis and the great recession that followed has had on our understandings of youth.

Voices of a Dream: Stories from A Touch of Understanding

by Leslie Dedora, Jill Mason & Bpb Schultz

Do you remember when you were a child in school? Can you picture that one student who was always teased or bullied because he or she seemed “different?” It may have been the way she walked, or the way he...

Deaf in a City of Music

by Poppy O'Guin Steele

What happens to someone who can't hear the music in a City of Music? A city where Deaf means something is broken and needs to be fixed? Where the home of the great Johnny Cash has never heard of Beethoven's...

Detaining the Immigrant Other

Social Work and Social Justice

Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City

by Matthew Desmond

New York Times Bestseller

From Harvard sociologist and MacArthur "Genius" Matthew Desmond, a landmark work of scholarship and reportage that will forever change the way we look at poverty in America


In this...

Broken Three Times

The Dynamic Welfare State

Promoting Child and Parent Wellbeing: How to Use Evidence- and Strengths-Based Strategies in Practice

by Carole Sutton

Taking a strengths-based approach, this book looks at ways practitioners can enhance children's wellbeing by identifying protective factors and positive ways of working with children and their families. Grounded...

New Pathways in Microsimulation

by Gijs Dekkers & Marcia Keegan

Microsimulation as a modelling tool in social sciences has increased in importance over the last few decades. Once restricted to a handful of universities and government departments, as a scientific field it...