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Genetics in the Madhouse

by Theodore M. Porter

The untold story of how hereditary data in mental hospitals gave rise to the science of human heredity

In the early 1800s, a century before there was any concept of the gene, physicians in insane asylums began...

Homeless Youth and the Search for Stability

by Jeff Karabanow, Sean Kidd, Tyler Frederick & Jean Hughes

Youth are one of the fastest growing segments of the homeless population. Although there has been much research on how youth become homeless and survive on the streets, we know very little about their pathways...

Poverty and Power

by Edward Royce

Poverty and Power examines structural inequality in American society with a focus on the issue of poverty. The third edition features new material throughout, including discussions of the 2016 election and current...

Working with Troubled Children and Teenagers

by Jonny Matthew

Working with Troubled Children and Teenagers is an easy to understand guide packed with wisdom for anyone working with or caring for troubled children and teens. Author Jonny Matthew has decades of experience...

A Woman, In Bed

by Anne Finger

Paris, 20th century, WWI to WWII and beyond. Simone abandons her body to lust, leaves her husband for Jacques, sleeps with strangers. But she is never satisfied. It is only when she is diagnosed with Parkinson's...

Our Frontier Is the World

by Mischa Honeck

Mischa Honeck’s Our Frontier Is the World is a provocative account of how the Boy Scouts echoed and enabled American global expansion in the twentieth century.

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) has long been...

Home- and Community-Based Services for Older Adults

by Keith Anderson, Holly Dabelko-Schoeny & Noelle L. Fields

As older adults and their families opt out of nursing homes, a range of home and community-based services (HCBS) have risen up to provide care. HCBS span platforms and approaches, from home health care to assisted...

Reasons to be Graeae: A Work In Progress

by Jenny Sealey

Graeae is a force for change in world-class theatre, placing D/deaf and disabled actors centre stage and challenging preconceptions.

A Work in Progress contains the full script of Reasons to be Cheerful, a brief...

Essential Interviewing Skills for the Helping Professions

by Nicole Nicotera

Essential Interviewing Skills for the Helping Professions reaches beyond most other essential skills for clinical interviewing books with its emphasis on social justice, attention to the role of microaggressions...

Strategies for Work with Involuntary Clients

by Ronald H. Rooney & Rebecca G. Mirick

Often in their careers, social workers will encounter clients who are either legally required to attend treatment services or are otherwise coerced or pressured into those services. Practitioners in settings...

Pennies from Heaven

by Elisabeth Webb-Hooper

This is an inspirational story, told from the heart, by a daughter whose father suffered from dementia for the last three years of his life. Written with openness and honesty, it will be of comfort and interest...

Conversation Starters for Direct Work with Children and Young People

by Audrey Tait & Becky Dunn

Some children face traumatic or difficult events in their lives, and it's essential that they are helped to understand such events and given permission to talk. To do this, helping adults need to be equipped...

Interviewing for the Helping Professions

by Fred McKenzie & Nicole Nicotera

A successful professional interview depends on the development of a generally positive human interaction. Without a positive base, the interview can be fraught with difficulties and roadblocks. This is true...

Essential Retirement Planning for Solo Agers

by Sara Geber & Harry "Rick" Moody

Over fifty, retiring and childless by choice?

Are you among the fifteen million Americans over fifty and childless by choice? Solo aging gracefully and a happy retirement can be yours!

Baby Boomers retiring: American...

Reproductive Rights in New York and New Jersey

by Jonathan F. Parent

New York and New Jersey maintain almost identical laws dealing with abortion, but the process for developing those laws differed in each state. Courts were heavily involved in New Jersey, whereas most policy...

Emergence of infectious diseases

by Serge Morand & Muriel Figuié

From SARS to avian influenza, Ebola virus and MERS-CoV, infectious diseases have received increasing attention in recent decades from scientists, risk managers, the media and the general public. What explains...

Social Work Practice with Survivors of Sex Trafficking and Commercial Sexual Exploitation

by Andrea J. Nichols, Tonya Edmond & Erin C. Heil

As awareness and identification of sex trafficking and exploitation have grown, so has the need for improved social work responses. In this volume, expert practitioners, survivors, and researchers model the...

Social Work and Social Welfare

by Katherine van Wormer & Rosemary J. Link

Unique in its use of a human rights framework, Social Work and Social Welfare goes beyond U.S. borders to examine U.S. government policies -- including child welfare, social services, health care, and criminal...

Human Rights in Global Health

by Lawrence O. Gostin, Benjamin Mason Meier & Mary Robinson

Institutions matter for the advancement of human rights in global health. Given the dramatic development of human rights under international law and the parallel proliferation of global institutions for public...

Child Protection in the Early Years

by Eunice Lumsden & Dr Celia Doyle

This accessible guide shows early years professionals how to create safe, supportive environments for young children who have encountered adverse childhood experiences. Explaining the impact of trauma on young...