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India, China, and the World

by Tansen Sen

This pathbreaking study provides the first comprehensive examination of India-China interactions in the broader contexts of Asian and world history. By focusing on material exchanges, transmissions of knowledge...

Shakti's New Voice

by Angela Rudert

Shakti’s New Voice is the first comprehensive study of Anandmurti Gurumaa, a widely popular contemporary female guru from north India known for offering spiritual teachings and music on satellite television...

How to Understand Your Gender

by Alex Iantaffi & Meg-John Barker

Have you ever questioned your own gender identity? Do you know somebody who is transgender or who identifies as non-binary? Do you ever feel confused when people talk about gender diversity? This down-to-earth...

Transgender Employees in the Workplace

by Jennie Kermode & Jane Fae

Respect and understanding between colleagues is essential in any healthy, productive, equal-opportunities workplace. But as an employer, are you aware of the specific needs of transgender employees and applicants?...

Ambivalent Embrace

by Rachel Kranson

This new cultural history of Jewish life and identity in the United States after World War II focuses on the process of upward mobility. Rachel Kranson challenges the common notion that most American Jews unambivalently...

Reckoning with Race

by Gene Dattel

Reckoning with Race confronts America’s most intractable problem – race. The book outlines in a provocative, novel manner American racial issues from the beginning of the nineteenth century to the present....

Things I Wish I Knew Before My Mom Died

by Ty Alexander & Tia Williams

#1 Amazon Best Seller Coping With Loss The grieving process: Ty Alexander of Gorgeous in Grey is one of the top bloggers today. She has a tremendous personal connection with her readers. This is never more apparent...


by Lauren McKeon

From pop icons to working mothers, women are abandoning feminism in unprecedented numbers. Even scarier, they are also leading the charge to send it to its grave. Across North America, women head anti-feminist...

Real Life Super Heroes

by Nadia Fezzani

An in-depth look at the men and women who call themselves “real life super heroes.”

Dressed like heroes from comic books and action movies, real life super heroes are out there. They dress up at night, fight...

The Limits of Loyalty

by Jarret Ruminski

Jarret Ruminski examines ordinary lives in Confederate-controlled Mississippi to show how military occupation and the ravages of war tested the meaning of loyalty during America�s greatest rift. The extent...

Tourism and Resilience

by Prof. C. Michael Hall, Girish Prayag & Alberto Amore

This book is the first authored overview of resilience in tourism and its relationship to the broader resilience literature. The volume takes a multi-scaled approach to examine resilience at the individual,...

Philosophies of Qualitative Research

by Svend Brinkmann

In Philosophies of Qualitative Research, Svend Brinkmann explores the different philosophical paradigms and ideas that influence qualitative research today. Adopting a historical perspective, the book shows...

Go Home!

by Rodney Barker

Public and political life can no longer be seen as simply the pursuit of material gain or even as the struggle for enough food and shelter by which to live. The interests people pursue are shaped by the identities...

Politics of the Pantry

by Emily E. Lb. Twarog

The history of women's political involvement has focused heavily on electoral politics, but throughout the twentieth century women engaged in grassroots activism when they found it increasingly challenging to...

Teens and Territory in 'Post-Conflict' Belfast

by Madeleine Leonard

This book provides a thought provoking and comprehensive account of teenagers' perceptions and experiences of the physical and symbolic divisions that exist in 'post conflict' Belfast. By examining the micro-geographies...

Bauman and contemporary sociology

by Ali Rattansi

This is the first single-authored critical engagement with the major works of Zygmunt Bauman. Where previous books on Bauman have been exegetical, here an unwavering light is shone on key themes in the sociologist's...

Making work more equal

by Damian Grimshaw, Colette Fagan, Gail Hebson & Isasbel Tavora

This book presents new theories and international empirical evidence on the state of work and employment around the world. Changes in production systems, economic conditions and regulatory conditions are posing...

A table for one

by Kinneret Lahad

Table for one: A critical reading of singlehood, gender and time is the first book to consider the profound relationship between singlehood and time. Drawing on a wide range of cultural resources - including...

Religious Vitality in Christian Intentional Communities

by Mark Killian

Through ethnographic research, Killian examines vitality in Philadelphia and Berea, two Christian Intentional Communities whose participants live in close proximity with one another to achieve religious values....

Casting Masculinity in Spanish Film

by Mary T. Hartson

The rise of consumerism in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries radically changed the way we perceive ourselves and the world around us. And, as it has throughout history, the social construct of “ideal”...