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Ancient Monuments of the Mississippi Valley

by Edwin H. Davis, Ephraim G. Squier & David J. Meltzer

Originally published in 1848 as the first major work in the nascent discipline as well as the first publication of the newly established Smithsonian Institution, Ancient Monuments of the Mississippi Valley remains...

The Bark Canoes and Skin Boats of North America

by Edwin Tappan Adney & Howard I. Chappelle

The bark canoes of the North American Indians, particularly those of birchbark, were among the most highly developed manually propelled primitive watercraft. They could be used to carry heavy loads in shallow...

We Are All Weird: The Rise of Tribes and the End of Normal

by Seth Godin

World of Warcrafters, LARPers, Settlers of Catan? Weird.

Beliebers, Swifties, Directioners? Weirder.

Paleos, vegans, carb loaders, ovolactovegetarians? Pretty weird.

Mets fans, Yankees fans, Bears fans? Definitely...

Playboy Swings: How Hugh Hefner and Playboy Changed the Face of Music

by Patty Farmer & Will Friedwald

Playboy-the magazine, the empire, the lifestyle-is one of the world's best-known brands. Since the launch of Playboy magazine in 1953, two elements have been remarkably consistent: the first, obviously, is...

Tantric Visual Culture: A Cognitive Approach

by Sthaneshwar Timalsina

Indian culture relies greatly on visual expression, and this book uses both classical Indian and contemporary Western philosophies and current studies on cognitive sciences, and applies them to contextualize...

Popular Culture as Everyday Life

by Dennis D. Waskul & Phillip Vannini

In Popular Culture and Everyday Life Phillip Vannini and Dennis Waskul have brought together a variety of short essays that illustrate the many ways that popular culture intersects with mundane experiences of...

Sexuality and Memory in Early Modern England: Literature and the Erotics of Recollection

by John S. Garrison & Kyle Pivetti

This volume brings together two vibrant areas of Renaissance studies today: memory and sexuality. The contributors show that not only Shakespeare but also a broad range of his contemporaries were deeply interested...

The Politics of Aid to Burma: A Humanitarian Struggle on the Thai-Burmese Border

by Anne Decobert

For over sixty years, conflict between state forces and armed ethnic groups was ongoing in parts of the borderlands of Burma. Ethnic minority communities were subjected to systematic and widespread abuses by...

Migration and Identity in Central Asia: The Uzbek Experience

by Rano Turaeva

This book is an ethnographic and sociolinguistic study of Uzbek migrants in the capital city of Uzbekistan. The ethnographic details of the book represent post-Soviet urban realities on the ground where various...

Irony, Cynicism and the Chinese State

by Hans Steinmüller & Susanne Brandtstädter

Unprecedented social change in China has intensified the contradictions faced by ordinary people. In everyday life, people find themselves caught between official and popular discourses, encounter radically...

The Radical Right in Late Imperial Russia: Dreams of a True Fatherland?

by George Gilbert

The revolutionary movements in late tsarist Russia inspired a reaction by groups on the right. Although these groups were ostensibly defending the status quo, they were in fact, as this book argues, very radical...

Georgia after Stalin: Nationalism and Soviet power

by Timothy K. Blauvelt & Jeremy Smith

This book explores events in Georgia in the years following Stalin's death in March 1953, especially the demonstrations of March 1956 and their brutal suppression, in order to illuminate the tensions in Georgia...

International Mobility, Global Capitalism, and Changing Structures of Accumulation: Transforming the Japan-India IT Relationship

by Anthony P. D'Costa

International mobility is not a new concept as people have moved throughout history, voluntarily and forcibly, for personal, familial, economic, political, and professional reasons. Yet, the mobility of technical...

Israel's Colonial Project in Palestine: Brutal Pursuit

by Elia Zureik

Colonialism has three foundational concerns - violence, territory, and population control - all of which rest on racialist discourse and practice. Placing the Zionist project in Israel/Palestine within the context...

Animism in Southeast Asia

by Kaj Arhem & Guido Sprenger

Animism refers to ontologies or worldviews which assign agency and personhood to human and non-human beings alike. Recent years have seen a revival of this concept in anthropology, where it is now discussed...

Whither the Child?: Causes and Consequences of Low Fertility

by Eric P. Kaufmann & W. Bradford Wilcox

Birth rates are falling and fertility rates are well below replacement levels. At the same time, the economic crisis has forced governments to scale back public spending, reduce child support, and raise the...

Religious Education and Critical Realism: Knowledge, Reality and Religious Literacy

by Andrew Wright

Religious Education and Critical Realism: Knowledge, Reality and Religious Literacy seeks to bring the enterprise of religious education in schools, colleges and universities into conversation with the philosophy...

Theorizing Social Memories: Concepts and Contexts

by Gerd Sebald & Jatin Wagle

Public debates over the last two decades about social memories, about how as societies we remember, make sense of, and even imagine and invent, our collective pasts suggest that grand narratives have been abandoned...

Politics of Gun Control

by Robert J. Spitzer

The new edition of this classic text covers the latest developments in American gun policy, including shooting incidents plaguing the American landscape - especially Sandy Hook, the Colorado theatre shootings...

"Miracle Worker" and the Transcendentalist: Annie Sullivan, Franklin Sanborn, and the Education of Helen Keller

by David Wagner

Helen Keller and her teacher, Annie Sullivan, remain two of the best-known American women. But few people know how Sullivan came to her role as teacher of the deaf and blind Keller. Contrasting their lives with...