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Agency and Structure (RLE Social Theory): Reorienting Social Theory

by Piotr Sztompka

A striking feature of the human condition is its dual, contradictory, inherently split character; on the one hand, autonomy and freedom; on the other, constraint and dependence on social structure. This volume...

Animals and Society (RLE Social Theory): The Humanity of Animal Rights

by Keith Tester

Animals and Society uses a variety of historical sources and a coherent social theory to tell the story of the invention of animal rights. It moves from incidents like the medieval execution of pigs to a discussion...

Back to the Future (RLE Social Theory): Modernity, Postmodernity and Locality

by Philip Cooke

Is modernity being replaced by an opposite culture of postmodernity, or is postmodernism simply an internal critique of modernist culture? This key question is central to this stimulating book which explores...

Baudrillard (RLE Social Theory): Critical and Fatal Theory

by Mike Gane

Baudrillard is widely recognised as a powerful new force in cultural and social criticism, and is often referred to as the 'High Priest of Postmodernism'. This study presents a detached assessment of his social...

Citizenship and Capitalism (RLE Social Theory): The Debate over Reformism

by Bryan S. Turner

In this study of politics in capitalist society Bryan Turner explores the development of citizenship as a way of demonstrating the effective use of political institutions by the working class and other subordinate...

Approaches to Sociology (RLE Social Theory): An Introduction to Major Trends in British Sociology

by John Rex

These essays, commissioned by John Rex, reflect the state of sociology in Britain today. Leading representatives of the diverse 'schools' provide lucid accounts of their own particular approaches to this complex...

Capitalism, Class Conflict and the New Middle Class (RLE Social Theory)

by Bob Carter

Non-manual workers are fast becoming the largest occupational category in Western capitalist countries. This is the first book to present a detailed socialist analysis of this much discussed change in the class...

Choice, Rationality and Social Theory (RLE Social Theory)

by Barry Hindess

Choice, Rationality and Social Theory is a powerful rebuttal of the remarkably influential theories underlying 'rational choice analysis'. Rational choice analysis maintains that social life is principally to...

Civil Society (RLE Social Theory)

by Keith Tester

This major study discusses some of the meanings and preconditions of freedom, responsibility and social order. The author argues that these are problems of modernity. The imagination of civil society created...

Classes, Strata and Power (RLE Social Theory)

by Wlodzimierz Wesolowski

Professor Wesolowski presents a detailed study of Marx's theory of class structure and compares it with non-Marxist theories of social stratification, in particular the functionalist theory of stratification...

Capital, Labour and the Middle Classes (RLE Social Theory)

by JOHN Urry & Nicholas Abercrombie

Most recent sociological work on the theory of class is based on a distinction between Weberian and Marxist approaches. For the first part of this volume, the authors use this distinction to review the literature...

Conservative Capitalism in Britain and the United States (RLE Social Theory): A Critical Appraisal

by Raymond Plant & Kenneth Hoover

The shock waves of conservative advances have reached into every corner of American and British politics. Parties of the right have prospered, while parties of the left have stumbled, retreated, and are now...

Discovering Sociology (RLE Social Theory): Studies in Sociological Theory and Method

by John Rex

Professor John Rex was one of Britain's most eminent sociologists, and a teacher of a whole generation of sociology students. In this book he presents a stimulating introduction to the major issues of sociological...

Concepts and Society (RLE Social Theory)

by Ian C. Jarvie

The main concern of Dr Jarvie's book is the relation of belief to action. He argues that people act in society because of beliefs, because of 'the way they see things'. There is the world of physical and social...

The Essential Comte (RLE Social Theory): Selected from 'Cours de philosophie positive' by Auguste Comte

by Stanislav Andreski

Auguste Comte proclaimed himself the founder of sociology and, on the whole, this claim is accepted. His most important work is the six-volume Cours de Philosophie Positive of which this present book is a selective...

Matters of Fact (RLE Social Theory): A Sociological Inquiry

by Stanley Raffel

Facts may seem to be independent, but in this study Stanley Raffle looks at them as expressions of commitment. Medical records, he believes, furnish a principal example of the actively oriented character of...

The Person in the Sight of Sociology (RLE Social Theory)

by Colin Fletcher

Sociology is about society, but what about people? The person in the sight of sociology is all too often a matchstick being. In this original and stimulating book the person is characterized by what is inherent...

The Personal and the Political (RLE Social Theory): Social Work and Political Action

by Paul Halmos

Are human misery, poverty and despair a result of personal inadequacy or social injustice? Therefore is the solution to these problems psychotherapy or political action? In one of the most important books on...

Problems of Reflexivity and Dialectics in Sociological Inquiry (RLE Social Theory): Language Theorizing Difference

by Barry Sandywell, David Silverman & Maurice Roche

This is a work of social theory and philosophy which seeks to make the constitution of social theory a 'social' activity. It is essentially a collaborative text, by five authors, committed to a re-awakening...

The Rational and the Social (RLE Social Theory): How to Understand Science in a Social World

by James Robert Brown

To paraphrase Marx, sociologists have only interpreted science; the point is to improve it. The Rational and the Social attempts both. It begins by sketching recent sociological approaches to science, notably...