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Poverty and Power

by Edward Royce

Poverty and Power examines structural inequality in American society with a focus on the issue of poverty. The third edition features new material throughout, including discussions of the 2016 election and current...

Deep Roots

by Avidit Acharya, Matthew Blackwell & Maya Sen

The lasting effects of slavery on contemporary political attitudes in the American South

Despite dramatic social transformations in the United States during the last 150 years, the South has remained staunchly...

The Shroud Maker

by Ahmed Masoud

Hajja Souad, an 80-year old Palestinian woman living on the besieged Gaza Strip, knows about business. She has survived decades of wars and oppression through making shrouds for the dead.

A compelling black comedy...

The Exceptional Negro

by Traci D O'Neal

Lawyer. Mother. Elected Official. Target. Traci O’Neal was thrust into the national spotlight in 2017 when local threats grew into a national racist outcry after a former GOP Presidential candidate singled...

A Fair Hearing

by George T. Shaw

Personal perspectives from activists and intellectuals on the front lines of a brutal culture war. Featuring essays by Jared Taylor, Richard Spencer, Kevin MacDonald and many others.

“Alt-righters are determined...

Cups Up

by George T. Malvaney

George T. Malvaney's life epitomizes the old maxim that "You cannot make this stuff up." Combine a young Klansman from Mississippi, an armed coup attempt in the Caribbean, a stay in prison, and a life-changing...

A Space for Race

by Kathy Hogarth & Wendy L. Fletcher

A Space for Race engages in a critical examination of some of the major discourses related to original/settler/immigrant and, particularly, racialized belonging. In the course of this examination, the book explores...

Minority Leader

by Stacey Abrams

A personal and empowering blueprintfrom one of America’s rising Democratic starsfor outsiders who seek to become the ones in charge

Leadership is hard. Convincing others—and often yourself—that you...

Taken for Granted

by Eviatar Zerubavel

Why is the term "openly gay" so widely used but "openly straight" is not? What are the unspoken assumptions behind terms like "male nurse," "working mom," and "white trash"? Offering a revealing and provocative...

Forty Acres and a Goat

by Will D. Campbell

In Forty Acres and a Goat, Will D. Campbell picks up where the award-winning Brother to a Dragonfly leaves off, accounting his adventures during the tumultuous civil rights era. As he navigates through the explosive...


by Urielle Klein-Mekongo

“I see the way that butters-fat-lipped-troll-Patrice looks at him, now she’s the kinda lighty that finks she’s too nice.”

Evie is thirteen and lives in Neasden with her Mum.

She wants to tell us about...


by George Yancy & Cornel West

When George Yancy penned a New York Times op-ed entitled “Dear White America” asking white Americans to confront the ways that they benefit from racism, he knew his article would be controversial. But he...

The Encyclopedia of Racism in American Films

by Salvador Jimenez Murguia

From D.W. Griffith’s Birth of a Nation in 1915 to the recent Get Out, audiences and critics alike have responded to racism in motion pictures for more than a century. Whether subtle or blatant, racially biased...

Race and Racism

by Carolyn Fluehr-Lobban

Race and Racism examines the foundations of race in American society from an anthropological perspective. The book offers and accessible overview of a variety of perspectives and theories on the biology of race,...

The Gift of Our Wounds

by Arno Michaelis & Pardeep Singh Kaleka

The powerful story of a friendship between two men—one Sikh and one skinhead—that resulted in an outpouring of love and a mission to fight against hate.

One Sikh. One former Skinhead. Together, an unusual...

Delta Epiphany

by Ellen B. Meacham

In April 1967, a year before his run for president, Senator Robert F. Kennedy knelt in a crumbling shack in Mississippi trying to coax a response from a listless child. The toddler sat picking at dried rice...

Murder In Memphis

by Stuart Wexler & Larry Hancock

Uncovering previously unknown FBI files and sources, as well as new forensics, the authors of America's Secret Jihad convincingly make the case that Martin Luther King was assassinated by a clear and long simmering...

Conversations with Will D. Campbell

by Tom Royals

Conversations with Will D. Campbell is the first collection of interviews with the southern preacher, activist, and author best known for his involvement with the civil rights movement. Ranging from a 1971 discussion...

No Small Thing

by William H. Lawson

The Mississippi Freedom Vote in 1963 consisted of an integrated citizens' campaign for civil rights. With candidates Aaron Henry, a black pharmacist from Clarksdale for governor, and Reverend Ed King, a college...

The South African Mosaic II

by Nomazengele A. Mangaliso

The book revisits a study conducted in 1994 on subjects defined as historically disadvantaged by the apartheid regime. However, despite the ravages of that regime, these individuals had succeeded and gotten...