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Excessive Use of Force

by Loretta P. Prater

The vast majority of the law enforcement officers in this country perform their very difficult jobs with respect for their communities and in compliance with the law. Even so, there have been incidents in which...

No Problem Here

by Neil Davidson, Minna Liinpää, Maureen McBride & Satnam Virdee

Does Scotland have a problem with racism?

With its 'civic nationalism' and 'welcoming' attitude towards migrants and refugees, Scotland is understood to be relatively free of structural and institutional racism....

The One-Way Street of Integration

by Edward G. Goetz

The One-Way Street of Integration examines two contrasting housing policy approaches to achieving racial justice. Integration initiatives and community development efforts have been for decades contrasting...

The Science and Politics of Race in Mexico and the United States, 1910–1950

by Karin Alejandra Rosemblatt

In this history of the social and human sciences in Mexico and the United States, Karin Alejandra Rosemblatt reveals intricate connections among the development of science, the concept of race, and policies...

We Matter

by Etan Thomas

Presenting the voices of over fifty athletes interwoven with the thoughts, opinions, and stories of former NBA star Etan Thomas. Readers will get intimate personal tales and opinions from interviews conducted...

Most of 14th Street Is Gone

by J. Samuel Walker

"Left behind were hundreds of burned-out buildings, whole blocks that looked as though they had been bombed into oblivion." These words, written by the Washington Post's Leonard Downie Jr., do not describe a...

From Sea to Sea

by Rudyard Kipling

Kipling's observations are cast in a wry style that permits, as his work often does, different readings. The unsympathetic reader can hear a banal repetition of the patriarchal, racist and imperialist ideas...

American Notes

by Rudyard Kipling

Kipling affects a wide-eyed innocence, and expresses astonishment at features of American life that differ from his own, not least the freedom (and attraction) of American women. However, he scorns the political...

Adolescence, Girlhood, and Media Migration

by Aimee Rickman

Adolescence, Girlhood, and Media Migration: US Teens' Use of Social Media to Negotiate Offline Struggles considers teens’ social media use as a lens through which to more clearly see American adolescence,...

Eloquent Rage

by Brittney Cooper

Roxane Gay: "I encourage you to check out Eloquent Rage out now."

Joy Reid, Cosmopolitan: "A dissertation on black women’s pain and possibility."

Damon Young: "Like watching the world’s best Baptist preacher...


by John Robinson

From Humble beginnings to becoming a millionaire twice in his lifetime, John Robinson weaves the story of his life. Born in the deep south, reared by a mother living the life of a migrant worker, John endures...

On Durban's Docks

by Ralph Callebert

On Durban's Docks focuses on dock labor in early apartheid Durban, South Africa's main port city and a crucial node in the trade and communication networks of the Indian Ocean and the British Empire. Although...

The Extreme Gone Mainstream

by Cynthia Miller-Idriss

How extremism is going mainstream in Germany through clothing brands laced with racist and nationalist symbols

The past decade has witnessed a steady increase in far right politics, social movements, and extremist...

The Souls of Black Folk

by W.E.B. Du Bois

"The Souls of Black Folk" is a classic work of American literature and a cornerstone of African-American literary history. Written by W. E. B. Du Bois in 1903 this book holds an important place in social science...


by Louis Villalba

The thirteen short stories of this book—10 fiction and three non-fiction—put faces to the unsung heroes who leave their homelands in Latin America seeking a better life in the US. Some provide a glimpse...

The Souls of Black Folk

by W. E. B. Du Bois

Often revealingly autobiographical, DuBois explores topics as diverse as the death of his infant son and the politics of Booker T. Washington. In every essay, he shows the consequences of both a political color...

The Mis-Education of the Negro

by Carter Godwin Woodson

“The Negro, whether in Africa or America, must be directed toward a serious examination of the fundamentals of education, religion, literature, and philosophy as they have been expounded to him. He must be...

Black Fortunes

by Shomari Wills

“By telling the little-known stories of six pioneering African American entrepreneurs, Black Fortunes makes a worthy contribution to black history, to business history, and to American history.”—Margot...

Laughing at Political Correctness

by David Cook

There’s one weapon political correctness fears – laughter. And Dr. David Cook will show you how Americans can regain their freedom by scoffing at the lies of the radical left.

As Dr. Cook shows, PC operates...

America the Beautiful

by Oswald Mould

From its original sin of slavery, we hoped America would have changed its ways with the Emancipation and the Reconstruction period. However, its journey through darkness was to continue with the birth of the...