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The America Syndrome: Apocalypse, War, and Our Call to Greatness

by Betsy Hartmann

Has apocalyptic thinking contributed to some of our nation's biggest problems—inequality, permanent war, and the despoiling of our natural resources? From the Puritans to the present, historian and public...

Emotions and Affect in Human Factors and Human-Computer Interaction

by Myounghoon Jeon

Emotions and Affect in Human Factors and Human-Computer Interaction is a complete guide for conducting affect-related research and design projects in H/F and HCI domains. Introducing necessary concepts, methods,...

The Future: A Very Short Introduction

by Jennifer M. Gidley

From the beginning of time, humans have been driven by both a fear of the unknown and a curiosity to know. We have always yearned to know what lies ahead, whether threat or safety, scarcity or abundance. Throughout...

Emergent Strategy: Shaping Change, Changing Worlds

by adrienne maree brown

Radical self-help, society-help, and planet-help to help us shape the futures we want.

Emergent Strategy

by adrienne maree brown

In the tradition of Octavia Butler, here is radical self-help, society-help, and planet-help to shape the futures we want. Change is constant. The world, our bodies, and our minds are in a constant state of...

Visualising Facebook

by Professor Daniel Miller Professor of Anthropology & Dr Jolynna Sinanan

Since the growth of social media, human communication has become much more visual. This book represents the first attempt to analyse the images people post on a regular basis to Facebook. It includes hundreds...

To Be a Machine: Adventures Among Cyborgs, Utopians, Hackers, and the Futurists Solving the Modest Problem of Death

by Mark O'Connell

“This gonzo-journalistic exploration of the Silicon Valley techno-utopians’ pursuit of escaping mortality is a breezy romp full of colorful characters.” —New York Times Book Review (Editor's Choice)


Information Architecture

by Wei Ding, Xia Lin, Michael Zarro & Gary Marchionini

Information Architecture is about organizing and simplifying information, designing and integrating information spaces/systems, and creating ways for people to find and interact with information content. Its...

Sapiens and Homo Deus: The E-book Collection

by Yuval Noah Harari

Discover humanity’s past and its future in this in this special e-book collection featuring Sapiens—a reading pick of President Barack Obama, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg—and its acclaimed companion...

Homo Deus

by Yuval Noah Harari


Yuval Noah Harari, author of the critically-acclaimed New York Times bestseller and international phenomenon Sapiens, returns with an equally original, compelling, and provocative book,...

Power Play

by Asi Burak & Laura Parker

The phenomenal growth of gaming has inspired plenty of hand-wringing since its inception--from the press, politicians, parents, and everyone else concerned with its effect on our brains, bodies, and hearts....

The Oracle Day

by Pierluigi Casalino

Here is the new International digital book (in english) of the eclectic Pierluigi Casalino scholar, already known as a modern protagonist of the italian futurist revival. He's often wandering around the world;...

Contested Futures: A Sociology of Prospective Techno-Science

by Nik Brown & Brian Rappert

In a unique volume, Contested Futures brings together a group of scholars to examine the relationships between social action and the future. Rather than speculating upon what the future might bring, the volume...

New Perspectives on the Social Aspects of Digital Gaming: Multiplayer 2

by Rachel Kowert & Thorsten Quandt

Expanding on the work in the volume Multiplayer, this new book explores several other areas related to social gaming in detail. The aim is to go beyond a typical "edited book" concept, and offer a very concise...

Cracking the IT Architect Interview

by Sameer Paradkar

The ultimate guide to successful interviews for Enterprise, Business, Domain, Solution, and Technical Architect roles as well as IT Advisory Consultant and Software Designer roles About This Book • Learn about...

Studying Digital Media Audiences: Perspectives from Australasia

by Craig Hight & Ramaswami Harindranath

Although many digital platforms continue to appropriate and reconfigure familiar forms of media experience, this is an environment which no longer consistently constructs an identifiable 'mass' audience in the...

Contextual Design: Design for Life

by Karen Holtzblatt & Hugh Beyer

Contextual Design: Design for Life, Second Edition, describes the core techniques needed to deliberately produce a compelling user experience. Contextual design was first invented in 1988 to drive a deep understanding...

Communities of Computing: Computer Science and Society in the ACM

by Thomas J. Misa

Communities of Computing is the first book-length history of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), founded in 1947 and with a membership today of 100,000 worldwide. It profiles ACM's notable SIGs, active...

Why the Future Is Workless

by Tim Dunlop

Even as the robots gather on the near horizon this book argues we have choices about the manner in which we greet them. A world without work as we know it could be a good thing.The landscape of work is changing...

Socialbots and Their Friends: Digital Media and the Automation of Sociality

by Robert W. Gehl & Maria Bakardjieva

Many users of the Internet are aware of bots: automated programs that work behind the scenes to come up with search suggestions, check the weather, filter emails, or clean up Wikipedia entries. More recently,...