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The Future of Capitalism

by Rudyard Griffiths, Arthur C. Brooks, Yanis Varoufakis & David Brooks et al.

The twenty-fifth semi-annual Munk Debate, held on December 4, 2019, pits editorial director and publisher of the Nation Katrina vanden Heuvel and former finance minister of Greece Yanis Varoufakis against Harvard...

The Values Algorithm

by Flynn Coleman

Spirited, expansive, and universal, this is your personal guidebook to reimagining life in the Intelligent Machine Age and thriving in our brave new world

The Intelligent Machine Age is upon us, and we are at...

Artificial Intelligence

by Yorick Wilks

Artificial intelligence has long been a mainstay of science fiction and increasingly it feels as if AI is entering our everyday lives, with technology like Apple’s Siri now prominent, and self-driving cars...

i-Minds - 2nd edition

by Mari Swingle

The way we use i-technology is affecting our health and happiness. While programs, devices, information, and constant connectivity can offer us ease, liberation, and efficiency, they can also rewire our brains...

Spaceport Earth

by Joe Pappalardo

It?s the 21st-century and everything about the space industry is changing, and leading that charge are private sector companies including Elon Musk?s SpaceX and Jeff Bezos?s Blue Origin, which are building a...

From Gutenberg to Google

by Tom Wheeler

Network revolutions of the past have shaped the present and set the stage for the revolution we are experiencing today

In an era of seemingly instant change, it's easy to think that today's revolutions—in communications,...

Films from the Future

by Andrew Maynard

Learn how movies reveal the future of technology

Fans of The Science of InterstellarThe Second Machine Age, and Physics of the Future will love the Films from the Future.

Science, technology, and society:...

Making Australia Slightly Better Than Average Again™

by Mark Swivel

Making Australia Slightly Better Than Average Again™ is Mark Swivel's soundbite manifesto as he embarks on a bid for the senate in 2019. Swivel argues our political class detached from the rest of us a long...

User Not Found

by Chris Goode & Dante or Die

It’s the moment of your death.

There’s a magic button.

Do you delete your entire online legacy?

Or do you keep it – and leave the choice for someone else?

USER NOT FOUND is about our digital lives after we...

Future Trends

by Lawrence R. Samuel

Future Trends: A Guide to Decision Making and Leadership in Business is the first and only book to link a decision-making and leadership platform to trends pointing to the future.

By identifying sixty global,...

Living in Information

by Jorge Arango

The book brings together ideas from three fields— architecture, library sciences, and cognitive science—to explain how we can create websites and apps that lead to more resilient societies. The book offers...

Social Media and Civic Engagement

by Scott P. Robertson & John M. Carroll

Social media platforms are the latest manifestation in a series of sociotechnical innovations designed to enhance civic engagement, political participation, and global activism. While many researchers started...

The Phlebotomist

by Ella Road

Bea meets Aaron. He’s intelligent, handsome, makes her laugh and, most importantly, has a high rating on his genetic profile. What’s not to like?

Char is on the brink of landing her dream job and has big...

Instructions for Correct Assembly

by Thomas Eccleshare

“Maybe turn down the ‘opinionated’ dial?”

Hari and Max weren’t satisfied with their first attempt at parenthood, so they’re giving it a second go.

Only this time they’ve got a 30-day money back guarantee...

The Art of Interaction

by Ernest Edmonds & John M. Carroll

What can Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) learn from art? How can the HCI research agenda be advanced by looking at art research? How can we improve creativity support and the amplification of that important...


by David B Gittlin

The year is 2038. Earth’s biosphere is on the brink of destruction from the effects of global warming and pollution. The World Energy Council has awarded a lucrative contract to a major US corporation to mine...

Virtual Reality and the Criminal Justice System

by Bobbie Ticknor

Virtual Reality (VR) is becoming a popular technology for gaming and entertainment; however, researchers and scientists have used the technology for decades to develop real world solutions. The criminal justice...

The Rise of the Great Southern Land

by David Shaun Larsen

I have a vision for Australia and it’s a new story, about a new chapter for our great nation but its more than a dream, it foretells our destiny. ‘The Rise of the Great Southern Land” is my second book...

We Do Things Differently

by Mark Stevenson

Our systems are failing. Old models?for education, healthcare and government, food production, energy supply?are creaking under the weight of modern challenges. As the world's population heads towards 10 billion,...

a man wearing a dress

by Glenn C. Koenig

In today's world of rapid and profound change, how can we make sense of it all? We seem to be grappling with sexism, racism, and the abuse of power at high levels, all at once!

The book starts with a memoir,...