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Augmented Human: How Technology Is Shaping the New Reality

by Helen Papagiannis

Augmented Reality (AR) blurs the boundary between the physical and digital worlds. In AR’s current exploration phase, innovators are beginning to create compelling and contextually rich applications that enhance...

Vlogging. How to start a vlog and earn money with your vlog. Vlogging tips and themes, cameras, videos, marketing, talent managers and sponsors.

by Jordine Bowen

Vlogging is posting content on the Internet in video form. It is an opportunity to share your life and thoughts with other people. Vloggers have the amazing opportunity to influence people in a very positive...

Life in Code

by Ellen Ullman

The never-more-necessary return of one of our most vital and eloquent voices on technology and culture, the author of the seminal Close to the Machine

The last twenty years have brought us the rise of the internet,...

World State of Emergency

by Jason Reza Jorjani

Apocalypse. In its original Greek sense, the word means “revelation.” Over the course of the next several decades, within the lifespan of a single generation, certain convergent advancements in technology...


by Paul Goodwin

Whether it’s an unforeseen financial crash, a shock election result or an expected barbecue season that sees record rainfall, forecasts have impacts on us all. But do forecasters tell you all that they know...

Team and Collective Training Needs Analysis: Defining Requirements and Specifying Training Systems

by John Huddlestone & Jonathan Pike

Military capability is delivered operationally at a team and collective level, be it a unit as small as a squad or section, or as large as a maritime task group. Modern military forces are required to deal with...

The Darkening Web: The War for Cyberspace

by Alexander Klimburg

"A chilling but well-informed and readable tour of cyber interdependence. Anyone interested in our growing global vulnerabilities should read this book.”

—Joseph S. Nye, Jr., author of The Future of Power...

Simulators for Transportation Human Factors: Research and Practice

by Mark S. Young & Michael G. Lenné

Simulation continues to be a growth area in transportation human factors. From empirical studies in the laboratory to the latest training techniques in the field, simulators offer myriad benefits for the experimenter...

Adolescents and Their Social Media Narratives: A Digital Coming of Age

by Jill Walsh

Adolescents are forging a new path to self-development, taking advantage of the technology at their fingertips to produce desired results.

In Adolescents and Their Social Media Narratives, Walsh specifically...

The Revolution Will Be Improvised

by Mike Freedman, David Edwards & David Cromwell

Filmmaker and writer Mike Freedman speaks with a range of experts from a variety of backgrounds about what the future has in store for humanity.

Post-growth economics, sustainability, water privatisation, rejuvenation...

Gender, Sexuality, and the Cold War

by Philip E. Muehlenbeck

As Marko Dumančić writes in his introduction to Gender, Sexuality, and the Cold War, "despite the centrality of gender and sexuality in human relations, their scholarly study has played a secondary role in...

Social Media in South India

by Shriram Venkatraman

One of the first ethnographic studies to explore use of social media in the everyday lives of people in Tamil Nadu, Social Media in South India provides an understanding of this subject in a region experiencing...

The Handbook of Multimodal-Multisensor Interfaces

by Sharon Oviatt, Björn Schuller, Philip Cohen & Daniel Sonntag et al.

The Handbook of Multimodal-Multisensor Interfaces provides the first authoritative resource on what has become the dominant paradigm for new computer interfaces— user input involving new media (speech, multi-touch,...

Change Here Now: Permaculture Solutions for Personal and Community Transformation

by Adam Brock

Award-winning social entrepreneur and permaculturalist Adam Brock draws from ecology, sociology, community economics, social justice, and indigenous practices the world over to present more than eighty proven...

Mental Penguins

by Ivelin Sardamov

Professor Ivelin Sardamov draws on key findings in neuroscience to explain the waning interest in and knowledge of complex social issues in the United States and around the world. Attributing this trend primarily...

The Rise of the Fourth Political Theory

by Alexander Dugin

The sequel to the bestseller The Fourth Political Theory, expanding further on the fourth political theory. All the political systems of the modern age have been the products of three distinct ideologies: the...

The America Syndrome: Apocalypse, War, and Our Call to Greatness

by Betsy Hartmann

Has apocalyptic thinking contributed to some of our nation's biggest problems—inequality, permanent war, and the despoiling of our natural resources? From the Puritans to the present, historian and public...

Foundations of Futures Studies: Volume 2: Values, Objectivity, and the Good Society

by Wendell Bell

Futures studies is a new field of inquiry involving systematic and explicit thinking about alternative futures. Wendell Bell's two-volume work Foundations of Futures Studies is widely acknowledged as the fundamental...

A Time Traveller's Guide to South Africa in 2030

by Frans Cronje

What will South Africa look like in 2030? And how will the next fifteen years unfold? South Africa has undergone dramatic change in recent years. Political tensions are on the up, economic performance has weakened,...

The Future Factor: Forces Transforming Human Destiny

by Michael G. Zey

The Future Factor offers an inspiring, optimistic view of the human future. Sociologist Michael G. Zey shows how breathtaking innovations in fields such as biotechnology, computing, robotics, medicine, energy...