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Against Colonization and Rural Dispossession

by Dip Kapoor

Under the guise of 'development', a globalizing capitalism has continued to cause poverty through dispossession and the exploitation of labour across the Global South. This process has been met with varied forms...

Mobility between Africa, Asia and Latin America

by Ute Röschenthaler & Alessandro Jedlowski

  • A comprehensive and far-reaching study of South-South mobility, one of the key emerging areas of research within the social sciences.
  • Incorporates a diverse array of original case studies and rich empirical detail...

Dispossessed: Stories from India's Margins

by Ashwin Parulkar, Saba Sharma & Amod Shah et al.

In 2005, starving members of the Bhuiya clan in one of Bihar’s poorest villages dug up a long-buried dead goat, cooked and ate it. Sixteen people died within days, twelve of them children.


Technocrats and the Politics of Drought and Development in Twentieth-Century Brazil

by Eve E. Buckley

Eve E. Buckley's study of twentieth-century Brazil examines the nation's hard social realities through the history of science, focusing on the use of technology and engineering as vexed instruments of reform...

Private Security in Africa

by Doctor Paul Higate & Mats Utas

Across Africa, growing economic inequality, instability and urbanization have led to the rapid spread of private security providers. While these PSPs have already had a significant impact on African societies,...

Chinese Hydropower Development in Africa and Asia: Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainable Global Dam-Building

by Giuseppina Siciliano & Frauke Urban

In recent years, both Chinese overseas investment and hydropower development have been topics of increasing interest and research, with Chinese actors acting as financiers, developers, builders and sub-contractors....

The African Metropolis: Struggles over Urban Space, Citizenship, and Rights to the City

by Toyin Falola & Bisola Falola

On a planet where urbanization is rapidly expanding, nowhere is the growth more pronounced than in cities of the global South, and in particular, Africa. African metropolises are harbingers of the urban challenges...

Trends and Issues in Housing in Asia: Coming of an Age

by Urmi Sengupta & Annapurna Shaw

This book offers a comprehensive overview of current housing practices across Asian cities based on facts and trends in the market. For many countries in Asia, the future of housing is now. This future is closely...

The Class Struggle in Latin America: Making History Today

by James Petras & Henry Veltmeyer

The Class Struggle in Latin America: Making History Today analyses the political and economic dynamics of development in Latin America through the lens of class struggle. Focusing in particular on Peru, Paraguay,...

The End of Development

by Andrew Brooks

Why did some countries grow rich while others remained poor?

Human history unfolded differently across the globe. The world is separated in to places of poverty and prosperity. Tracing the long arc of human...

Non-State Social Protection Actors and Services in Africa: Governance Below the State

by Nicholas Awortwi & Gregor Walter-Drop

For millions of Africans, the social situation is dire. Over half of the population of Sub-Sahara Africa do not have access to improved sanitation facilities, and about a quarter are undernourished. If factors...

Learning and Volunteering Abroad for Development: Unpacking Host Organization and Volunteer Rationales

by Rebecca Tiessen

Learning/volunteer abroad programmes provide opportunities for cross-cultural understanding, partnership-building, and cooperative development, but there are also significant structural challenges and inequality...

Advancing Gender Equality in Bangladesh: Twenty Years of BRAC's Gender Quality Action Learning Programme

by Rieky Stuart, Aruna Rao & David Kelleher

In 1994, BRAC, the world's largest NGO, made headlines by putting women's rights centre stage in Bangladesh, one of the poorest countries in the world. The Gender Quality Action Learning (GQAL) Programme was...

Communicating Development with Communities

by Linje Manyozo

Development theory and practice are often taught in a manner that strips them of their historical context and obscures alternative intellectual assumptions and critical frameworks. This prevents students from...

Superfast Primetime Ultimate Nation: The Relentless Invention of Modern India

by Adam Roberts

Who can foretell India's future? Mr. Joshi is a fortune teller in a slum in south Delhi who uses a soothsaying green parrot to make predictions. When Adam Roberts visited him in 2012, Joshi's parrot declared...

Warlord Democrats in Africa

by Anders Themnér

Post-war democratization has been identified as a crucial mechanism to build peace in war-ridden societies, supposedly allowing belligerents to compete through ballots rather than bullets. A byproduct of this...

A Fraught Embrace

by Ann Swidler & Susan Cotts Watkins

In the wake of the AIDS pandemic, legions of organizations and compassionate individuals descended on Africa from faraway places to offer their help and save lives. A Fraught Embrace shows how the dreams of...

Anti-genocide Activists and the Responsibility to Protect

by Annette Jansen

Although the Genocide Convention was already adopted by the UN General Assembly in 1945, it was only in the late 1990s that groups of activists emerged calling for military interventions to halt mass atrocities....

Making Climate Compatible Development Happen

by Fiona Nunan

Making Climate Compatible Development Happen introduces readers to the concept of climate compatible development (CCD) through exploring what it might look like, how it could be achieved in practice and identifying...

When Helping Heals

by Tracy Kuperus & Roland Hoksbergen

Is it possible to work in international development without hurting those we are trying to help?

Over the last few decades, evangelical Christians in the United States have moved from an open embrace of development...