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Understanding West Africa’s Ebola Epidemic

by Ibrahim Abdullah & Ismail Rashid

  • The first book-length study of Ebola to consider the wider social, economic and political context of the epidemic.
  • Brings together experts from a wide array of disciplines, including development studies, epidemiology,...

Agricultural Reform in Rwanda

by Chris Huggins

International observers have lauded Rwanda as an example of an African country taking control of its own development trajectory, and as a market-friendly destination for investment. A key component of this narrative...


by Debora Diniz & Diane Grosklaus Whitty

  • The first frontline account of the Zika epidemic. 
  • Much of the coverage of Zika has been alarmist, and focussed on the risks posed to affluent Americans and Olympic athletes. This book corrects this by looking...

Ploughing New Ground

by Getnet Bekele

In October 2016, the Ethiopian administration declared a State of Emergency in response to anti-Government demonstrations and mass riots. While the Government claimed the riots stemmed from subversiveactivities...

Against Colonization and Rural Dispossession

by Dip Kapoor

Under the guise of 'development', a globalizing capitalism has continued to cause poverty through dispossession and the exploitation of labour across the Global South. This process has been met with varied forms...

Mobility between Africa, Asia and Latin America

by Ute Röschenthaler & Alessandro Jedlowski

  • A comprehensive and far-reaching study of South-South mobility, one of the key emerging areas of research within the social sciences.
  • Incorporates a diverse array of original case studies and rich empirical detail...

Dispossessed: Stories from India's Margins

by Ashwin Parulkar, Saba Sharma & Amod Shah et al.

In 2005, starving members of the Bhuiya clan in one of Bihar’s poorest villages dug up a long-buried dead goat, cooked and ate it. Sixteen people died within days, twelve of them children.


Youth, Gender and the Capabilities Approach to Development: Rethinking Opportunities and Agency from a Human Development Perspective

by Aurora Lopez-Fogues & Firdevs Melis Cin

Youth, Gender and the Capabilities Approach to Development investigates to what extent young people have access to fair opportunities, the factors influencing their aspirations, and how able they are to pursue...

Technocrats and the Politics of Drought and Development in Twentieth-Century Brazil

by Eve E. Buckley

Eve E. Buckley's study of twentieth-century Brazil examines the nation's hard social realities through the history of science, focusing on the use of technology and engineering as vexed instruments of reform...

Sikkim Human Development Report 2014: Expanding Opportunities, Promoting Sustainability

by Go Sikkim Human Development Report Cell

This report brings together the findings of a decade-long field survey conducted in the Indian state of Sikkim. It outlines the interventions made by the state government in human development, biodiversity,...

The Water-Energy-Food Nexus in the Middle East and North Africa

by Martin Keulertz & Eckart Woertz

This book discusses key issues concerning water, energy and food in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. It provides an interdisciplinary account of current developments in the most water-scarce and...

National Liberation Movements as Government in Africa

by Redie Bereketeab

Africa is well known for the production of national liberation movements (NLMs), stemming from a history of exploitation, colonisation and slavery. NLMs are generally characterised by a struggle carried out...

Putting the Poor First: How Base-of-the-Pyramid Ventures Can Learn from Development Approaches

by Piera Waibel

In order to make progress toward the UN Millennium Development Goals - and particularly in terms of poverty alleviation - business has a pivotal role to play: in terms of core business; purchasing products from...

Development-Oriented Corporate Social Responsibility: Volume 1: Multinational Corporations and the Global Context

by Michael Blowfield, Charlotte Karam & Dima Jamali

Globalization and the professionalization of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) have led to a surge of CSR activities claiming to support development across the globe. In this two volume series, the chapters...

Sustainability Challenges and Solutions at the Base of the Pyramid: Business, Technology and the Poor

by Prabhu Kandachar & Minna Halme

Around the turn of the millennium it had become painfully evident that development aid, charity or "global business-as-usual" were not going to be the mechanisms to alleviate global poverty. Today, there is...

Stakeholder Politics: Social Capital, Sustainable Development, and the Corporation

by Robert Boutilier

The war is over. The largest corporations in the world are now committed to sustainability. But, behind the public relations gloss, corporate executives and managers are perplexed. The majority of them have...

Development-Oriented Corporate Social Responsibility: Volume 2: Locally Led Initiatives in Developing Economies

by Dima Jamali, Charlotte Karam & Michael Blowfield

This volume provides a platform for localized perspectives on CSR in developing countries across the globe. The chapters bring local context and business to the forefront and highlight the efforts spearheaded...

Multipolar Globalization: Emerging Economies and Development

by Jan Nederveen Pieterse

Like a giant oil tanker, the world is slowly turning. The rapid growth of economies in Asia and the global South has led to a momentous shift in the world order, leaving much of the traditional literature on...

Hunger and Poverty in South Africa: The Hidden Faces of Food Insecurity

by Jacqueline Hanoman

Hunger and Poverty in South Africa: The Hidden Faces of Food Insecurity explores food insecurity as an issue of socioeconomic, political, cultural and environmental inequity and inequality. Based on extensive...

Sustainable Cities in Asia

by Federico Caprotti & Li Yu

With Asia's cities undergoing unprecedented growth in the 21st century, lauded the 'urban century' by many, Sustainable Cities in Asia provides a timely examination of the challenges facing cities across the...