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Sympathy, Madness, and Crime: How Four Nineteenth-Century Journalists Made the Newspaper Women's Business

by Karen Roggenkamp

In one of her escapades as a reporter for Joseph Pulitzer's New York World, the renowned Nellie Bly feigned insanity in 1889 and slipped, undercover, behind the grim walls of Blackwell's Island mental asylum....

Watergate: The Presidential Scandal That Shook America With a New Afterword by Max Holland

by Keith W. Olson & Max Holland

A new afterword by Max Holland details developments since the original 2003 publication, including the revelation of Mark Felt as the infamous “Deep Throat,” the media’s role in the scandal, both during...

Insider Baseball: from Political Fictions

by Joan Didion

A Vintage Shorts Selection


Almost three decades ago, iconic and incomparable American essayist Joan Didion’s now-classic report from the Dukakis campaign trail exposed, in no uncertain terms, the complete...

Media, Knowledge And Education: Cultures and Ethics of Sharing

by Theo Hug, Ronald Maier, Wolfgang Sützl & Felix Stalder

Dass das Teilen in der Gesellschaft der Gegenwart einmal eine so große Rolle spielen würde, hätte bis vor kurzem wohl kaum jemand vorausgesagt. Eine globale Protestbewegung brachte ein tiefes Bedürfnis zum...

Activist Media and Biopolitics

by Theo Hug & Wolfgang Sützl

After tactical media became less important, many media activist projects repositioned themselves: in the context of biopolitics they challenge the hegemony of biopower. This volume contains theoretical and empirical...

News, Neoliberalism, and Miami's Fragmented Urban Space

by Robert E., Jr. Gutsche, Moses Shumow & Juliet Pinto

This book examines the forces responsible for emerging inequalities in the rampant development of Miami as a “world city.” Looking at news as central to neoliberal movements in physical geography and collective...

Jungian Film Studies: The essential guide

by Helena Bassil-Morozow & Luke Hockley

Jungian film studies is a fast-growing academic field, but Jungian and post-Jungian concepts are still new to many academics and film critics. Helena Bassil-Morozow and Luke Hockley present Jungian Film Studies:...

No News Is Bad News: Canada's Media Collapse - and What Comes Next

by Ian Gill

Canada’s media companies are melting faster than the polar ice caps, and in No News Is Bad News, Ian Gill chronicles their decline in a biting, in-depth analysis. He travels to an international journalism...

Rhetoric, Humor, and the Public Sphere: From Socrates to Stephen Colbert

by Elizabeth Benacka

The Rhetorical Function of Humor in the Public Sphere advances an understanding about how humor functions persuasively in the public sphere as a means to ignite deliberative democracy, a tradition that dates...

Television for Women: New Directions

by Rachel Moseley, Helen Wheatley & Helen Wood

Television for Women brings together emerging and established scholars to reconsider the question of 'television for women'. In the context of the 2000s, when the potential meanings of both terms have expanded...

Introducing Cultural Studies

by Brian Longhurst, Greg Smith & Gaynor Bagnall

This updated, new edition of Introducing Cultural Studies provides a systematic and comprehensible introduction to the concepts, debates and latest research in the field. Reinforcing the interdisciplinary nature...

The Routledge Companion to Cinema & Gender

by Kristin Lené|Jela?a, Dijana Hole & E. Ann Kaplan

Comprised of 43 innovative contributions, this companion is both an overview of, and intervention into the field of cinema and gender. The essays included here address a variety of geographical contexts, from...

Magazine Production

by Jason Whittaker

Magazine Production presents a guide to the practical processes of taking a magazine from initial idea to final product. This second edition provides important revisions on these production processes by examining...

LGBTQs, Media and Culture in Europe

by Alexander Dhoest, Lukasz Szulc & Bart Eeckhout

Media matter, particularly to social minorities like lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people. Rather than one homogenised idea of the 'global gay', what we find today is a range of historically...

Hearts, Minds, Voices

Peace Journalism Principles and Practices: Responsibly Reporting Conflicts, Reconciliation, and Solutions

by Steven Youngblood

Long-time peace journalist Steven Youngblood presents the foundations of peace journalism in this exciting new textbook, offering readers the methods, approaches, and concepts required to use journalism as a...