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Scapegoats: How Islamophobia Helps Our Enemies and Threatens Our Freedoms

by Arsalan Iftikhar & Reza Aslan

When a murderous psychopath goes on a killing spree, law enforcement officials and the media never make his religion the central issue—unless he happens to be a Muslim. Then it sets off another frenzied wave...

Nawabs, Nudes, Noodles

by Ambi Parameswaran

This is as much the story of Indian advertising as it is about India. Ad veteran Ambi Parameswaran looks at how advertising has evolved, reflecting the country's culture, politics and economy in the last fifty...

The Internet Revolution in the Sciences and Humanities

Shooting Hipsters: Rethinking Dissent in the Age of PR

by Christiana Spens

In an age of PR, public protest and other forms of dissent have lost their meaning and impact. The intense media interest  in rioting and political violence, as well as an existing obsession with youth culture,...

New Korean Wave: Transnational Cultural Power in the Age of Social Media

by Dal Yong Jin

The forces that converged to unleash a pop culture tsunami

News Across Media: Production, Distribution and Consumption

by Jakob Linaa Jensen, Mette Mortensen & Jacob Ørmen

News production, distribution and consumption are in rapidly changing due to the rise of new media. This book examines how these processes become more and more interrelated through logics of dissemination, sharing...

Food and the Risk Society: The Power of Risk Perception

by Charlotte Fabiansson & Stefan Fabiansson

This book offers a comprehensive understanding of the current scientific knowledge concerning risks associated with food preparation, processing and consumption, with particular attention to the gap between...

Early Race Filmmaking in America

by Barbara Lupack

The early years of the twentieth century were a formative time in the long history of struggle for black representation. More than any other medium, movies reflected the tremendous changes occurring in American...

The Politics of Ephemeral Digital Media: Permanence and Obsolescence in Paratexts

by Sara Pesce & Paolo Noto

In the age of "complex Tv", of social networking and massive consumption of transmedia narratives, a myriad short-lived phenomena surround films and TV programs raising questions about the endurance of a fictional...

Chronopoetics: The Temporal Being and Operativity of Technological Media

by Wolfgang Ernst & Anthony Enns

An abridged and translated edition of two of Wolfgang Ernst’s major works, representing the ambitious claim of a comprehensive knowledge-oriented analysis of media tempor(e)alities.

How Canadians Communicate V: Sports

by David Taras & Christopher Waddell

Fewer Canadians than ever are lacing up skates, swimming lengths at the pool, practicing their curve ball, and experiencing the thrill of competition. However, despite a decline in active participation, Canadians...

Obesity, Eating Disorders and the Media

by Karin Eli & Stanley Ulijaszek

How do the media represent obesity and eating disorders? How are these representations related to one another? And how do the news media select which scientific findings and policy decisions to report? Multi-disciplinary...

The Making of English Popular Culture

by John Storey

The Making of English Popular Culture provides an account of the making of popular culture in the nineteenth century.

While a form of what we might describe as popular culture existed before this period, John...

Digital Photography and Everyday Life: Empirical Studies on Material Visual Practices

by Edgar Gómez Cruz & Asko Lehmuskallio

Digital Photography and Everyday Life: Empirical studies on material visual practices explores the role that digital photography plays within everyday life.

With contributors from ten different countries and...

Chinese Cinemas: International Perspectives

by Felicia Chan & Andy Willis

Chinese Cinemas: International Perspectives examines the impact the rapid expansion of Chinese filmmaking in mainland China has had on independent and popular Chinese cinemas both in and outside of China.


Making Digital Cultures: Access, Interactivity, and Authenticity

by Martin Hand

Many people in the West or global North now live in a culture of 24/7 instant messaging, iPods and MP3s, streamed content, blogs, ubiquitous digital images and Facebook. But they are also surrounded by even...

Online Gambling and Crime: Causes, Controls and Controversies

by James Banks

Offering the first empirically driven assessment of the development, marketisation, regulation and use of online gambling organisations and their products, this book explores the relationship between online...

The Ethnography of Rhythm

Media and the Rhetoric of Body Perfection: Cosmetic Surgery, Weight Loss and Beauty in Popular Culture

by Deborah Harris-Moore

Against the background of the so-called 'obesity epidemic', Media and the Rhetoric of Body Perfection critically examines the discourses of physical perfection that pervade Western societies, shedding new light...

Mass Communications Research Resources: An Annotated Guide

by Christopher H. Sterling, James K. Bracken & Susan M. Hill

This reference book is designed as a road map for researchers who need to find specific information about American mass communication as expeditiously as possible. Taking a topical approach, it integrates publications...