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Remote Control: Television, Audiences, and Cultural Power

by Ellen Seiter, Hans Borchers & Gabriele Kreutzner

The ways in which we watch television tell us much about our views of gender, the family and society. Bringing together the leading experts in the field of audience studies, this book investigates how viewers...

The Future of Broadcasting: A Report Presented to the Social Morality Council, October 1973

by Social Morality Council

At the time when this book was originally published, broadcasting in Britain had become a huge industry undergoing major changes. There were questions over the release of a new television channel, and commercial...

Videology and Utopia: Explorations in a New Medium

by Alfred Willener, Guy Milliard & Alex Ganty

When this book was originally published in 1976, video represented a new instrument, a new medium, and a new field of research with largely unrealized potential. The video-taperecorder was an addition to the...

Cable Television and the Future of Broadcasting

by Ralph Negrine

Originally published in 1985, this book surveys developments in cable television in the major industrialised countries with chapters specifically authored on each area. It looks at the technology, its potential,...

Artists, Obsessives and Chicago Originals: Selected Articles

by Christopher Borrelli

Reporter Christopher Borrelli has a fascination with the quirky and the obsessive, and a talent for finding unique angles and stories when it comes to artists, entertainers, and everyday people. This book collects...

Queer Looks

by Martha Gever, Pratibha Parmar & John Greyson

Queer Looks is a collection of writing by video artists, filmmakers, and critics which explores the recent explosion of lesbian and gay independent media culture. A compelling compilation of artists' statements...

Femmes Fatales

by Mary Ann Doane

A major work of feminist film criticism examining questions of sexual difference, the female body and the female spectator through a discussion of such figures as Pabst's Lulu and Rita Hayworth's Gilda.

Communication Matters: Materialist Approaches to Media, Mobility and Networks

by Jeremy Packer & Stephen B. Crofts Wiley

Communication has often been understood as a realm of immaterial, insubstantial phenomena-images, messages, thoughts, languages, cultures, and ideologies-mediating our embodied experience of the concrete world....

Adaptations: From Text to Screen, Screen to Text

by Deborah Cartmell & Imelda Whelehan

Adaptations considers the theoretical and practical difficulties surrounding the translation of a text into a film, and also looks at the reverse process: the novelisation of films

Narrative Comprehension and Film

by Edward Branigan

Branigan provides a comprehensive introduction to the basic concepts of narrative theory and its relation to film - and literary - analysis. He brings together theories from both linguistics and cognitive science,...

Understanding News

by John Hartley

News depends for its effect on a culturally shared language, and this book concentrates on ways we can decode its messages without simply reproducing their underlying assumptions.

The Media Studies Book: A Guide for Teachers

by David Lusted

Written by teachers for teachers with essays concentrating on the key concepts within media studies. Included is a complete listing of teaching materials, resources, agencies and publications in media education....

Queer Temporalities in Gay Male Representation: Tragedy, Normativity, and Futurity

by Dustin Bradley Goltz

Through the analysis of over seventy films and thirty television series, ranging from Shortbus, Sweet Home Alabama, and Poseidon to Noah's Arc, Brothers & Sisters, and Dawson's Creek, Goltz examines reoccurring...

Budgets and Markets: A Study of the Budgeting of European Films

by Terry Ilott

Budgets and Markets highlights the decisions involved in budgeting and marketing European films. It looks at the origin, development, production, distribution, financing and profit of thirteen European films,...

Women and Journalism

by Deborah Chambers, Linda Steiner & Carole Fleming

Women and Journalism offers a rich and comprehensive analysis of the roles, status and experiences of women journalists in the United States and Britain.

Drawing on a variety of sources and dealing with a host...

Resistance and Empowerment in Black Women's Hair Styling

by Elizabeth Johnson

Elizabeth Johnson's Resistance and Empowerment in Black Women's Hair Styling answers the following questions: What is the relationship between Black females' choice of hairstyles/grooming and transmitted messages...

Argentine Serialised Radio Drama in the Infamous Decade, 1930-1943: Transmitting Nationhood

by Lauren Rea

In her study of key serialized radio dramas broadcast from 1930 to 1943, Rea analyses the work of leading exponents of the genre against the wider backdrop of nation-building, intellectual movements and popular...

Tradition, Culture and Aesthetics in Contemporary Asian Cinema

by Peter C. Pugsley

From the critically acclaimed Malaysian film Sepet to the on-going box office successes of the films created by Hong Kong director Wong Kar Wai, cinematic texts from the nations of Asia are increasingly capturing...

Considering Animals: Contemporary Studies in Human-Animal Relations

by Carol Freeman & Elizabeth Leane

Taking their cue from the specific 'animal moments' that punctuate our relationships with nonhuman animals, experts from the biological sciences, humanities, and social sciences engage with issues and debates...

Visual Culture in the Modern Middle East: Rhetoric of the Image

by Christiane Gruber & Sune Haugbolle

This timely book examines the power and role of the image in modern Middle Eastern societies. The essays explore the role and function of image making to highlight the ways in which the images "speak" and what...