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Devils Walking: Klan Murders along the Mississippi in the 1960s

by Stanley Nelson & Greg Iles

After midnight on December 10, 1964, in Ferriday, Louisiana, African American Frank Morris awoke to the sound of breaking glass. Outside his home and shoe shop, standing behind the shattered window, Klansmen...

The Vanished: The "Evaporated People" of Japan in Stories and Photographs

by Léna Mauger, Brian Phalen & Stéphane Remael

Every year, nearly one hundred thousand Japanese vanish without a trace. Known as the johatsu, or the “evaporated,” they are often driven by shame and hopelessness, leaving behind lost jobs, disappointed...

Soybeans and Power

Bigger Than Life: Cultural Identity and Labor Relations Among Gaucho Cowboys in Southern Brazil

by Luciano Bornholdt

The gaucho is associated with everything in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. This Brazilian cowboy was made into a state icon, a symbol of regional identity. The figure of the gaucho —always the heroic gaucho...

Murder, Inc., and the Moral Life

Ara Mai he Tetekura: Visioning Our Futures: New and Emerging Pathways of Maori Academic Leadership

by Paul Whitinui, Dan Hikuroa & Marewa Glover

With less than two percent of the total Maori population holding a doctorate, the need for Maori leadership planning in academia has never been greater. The purpose of this book is to present the experiences...

The Management of Hate: Nation, Affect, and the Governance of Right-Wing Extremism in Germany

by Nitzan Shoshan

Since German reunification in 1990, there has been widespread concern about marginalized young people who, faced with bleak prospects for their future, have embraced increasingly violent forms of racist nationalism...

Israeli-Egyptian Relations, 1980-2000

by Ephraim Dowek

A memoir by former diplomat Ephraim Dowek which provides a comprehensive study of the relations between Egypt and Israel from peace until the present day. This is an informative account of the author's time...

Regional Disparities in Human Development

by Raj, Dr Kumar

The present book is an important research-cum-policy document which highlights the trends as well as current level of regional disparities, gaps and level of achievements in human development parameters at the...

Being British: Our Once And Future Selves

by Chris Parish

How liberals can discover and be part of a new post-traditional story and feel proud of being British.

Regional Community Building in East Asia: Countries in Focus

by Zarina Othman & Lee Lai To

This volume is a collection of papers written by nationals or former nationals of the respective country in ASEAN and Northeast Asia. Unlike other works written by scholars outside ASEAN or East Asia, it offers...

Metro Newspaper Journalists in China: The Aspiration-Frustration-Reconciliation Framework

by Zhaoxi (Josie) Liu

This book explores how journalists at local metro papers in a south-western China metropolis give meaning to their work and how these meanings are shaped by the specific social environment within which these...

A Handbook of the Cornish Language - Chiefly in Its Latest Stages with Some Account of Its History and Literature

by Henry Jenner

This book contains a detailed guide to the Cornish language. It is intended for those of Cornish nationality who wish to acquire some knowledge of their ancient tongue, and to read, write, and perhaps even to...

Appalachia Revisited: New Perspectives on Place, Tradition, and Progress

by Rebecca Adkins Fletcher, William Schumann & Yunina Barbour-Payne

Known for its dramatic beauty and valuable natural resources, Appalachia has undergone significant technological, economic, political, and environmental changes in recent decades. Home to distinctive traditions...

Saudi Arabian Foreign Relations: Diplomacy and Mediation in Conflict Resolution

by René|| Rieger

In recent decades, Saudi Arabia has committed itself to playing the part of mediator in intra-national and international conflicts in the greater Middle East region. Examples include the two Saudi-introduced...

Defending Arabia

by J.E. Peterson

The defence of the Gulf has been a vital strategic concern for close on 100 years. The British first became involved in the Gulf to protect the sea routes to India and with the development of international air...

Confronting the Challenges of Urbanization in China: Insights from Social Science Perspectives

by Zai Liang, Steven F. Messner & Youqin Huang

Since the late 1970s, China has experienced an unprecedented pace of urbanization. In 1978, only 17.8% of the population resided in urban areas, but by 2013 the level of urbanization had reached 53.8%. During...

The Journal of Korean Studies, Volume 21, Number 1 (Spring 2016)

by Clark W. Sorensen, Donald Baker & Tracy L. Stober

The University of Washington-Korea Studies Program, in collaboration with Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, is proud to publish the Journal of Korean Studies.

British Stuff: 101 Objects That Make Britain Great

by Geoff Hall & Kamila Kasperowicz

This fascinating, full-color, photographic compendium invites you to discover Britain in a new way: through the everyday objects that are part of the fabric of contemporary life in the UK. Showcasing a wealth...

Local and Regional Development

by ANDY PIKE & Andrés|Tomaney, John Rodriguez-Pose

Actors and institutions in localities and regions across the world are seeking prosperity and well-being amidst tumultuous and disruptive shifts and transitions generated by: an increasingly globalised, knowledge-intensive...