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Delirious Consumption: Aesthetics and Consumer Capitalism in Mexico and Brazil

by Sergio Delgado Moya

In the decades following World War II, the creation and expansion of massive domestic markets and relatively stable economies allowed for mass consumption on an unprecedented scale, giving rise to the consumer...

Marfa: The Transformation of a West Texas Town

by Kathleen Shafer

A small town in the vast desert of West Texas, Marfa attracts visitors from around the world to its art foundations and galleries, film and music festivals, and design and architecture symposiums. While newcomers...

Every Day We Live Is the Future: Surviving in a City of Disasters

by Douglas Haynes

When she was only nine, Dayani Baldelomar left her Nicaraguan village with nothing more than a change of clothes. She was among tens of thousands of rural migrants to Managua in the 1980s and 1990s. After years...

New Orleans Remix

by Jack Sullivan

Since the 1990s, New Orleans has been experiencing its greatest musical renaissance since Louis Armstrong. Brass band, funk, hip hop, Mardi Gras Indian, zydeco, and other styles are rocking the city in new neighborhood...

The Limits of Loyalty

by Jarret Ruminski

Jarret Ruminski examines ordinary lives in Confederate-controlled Mississippi to show how military occupation and the ravages of war tested the meaning of loyalty during America�s greatest rift. The extent...

A Worldly Affair

by Pamela Hanlon

For more than seven decades, New York City and the United Nations have shared the island of Manhattan, living and working together in a bond that has been likened to a long marriage—both tempestuous and supportive,...

Decolonizing Psychology

by Sunil Bhatia

In recent years, the news media has directed a significant amount of attention to the effect of globalization on the second most populous nation in the world: India. With the emergence of new economic opportunities...

Governance and Security in Jerusalem: The Jerusalem Old City Initiative

by Tom Najem, Michael J. Molloy & Michael Bell

Governance and Security in Jerusalem is the second in a series of three books which collectively present in detail the work of the Jerusalem Old City Initiative, or JOCI, a major Canadian-led Track Two diplomatic...

Islamists of the Maghreb

by Jeffry R. Halverson & Nathaniel Greenberg

In 2011, the Maghreb occupied a prominent place in world headlines when Sidi Bouzid, Tunisia, became the birthplace of the so-called Arab Spring. Events in Tunisia sparked huge and sometimes violent uprisings....

Nordic Ways

by András Simonyi & Debra Cagan

The project Nordic Ways is a book of short insightful essays written by distinguished authors from all five countries representing a broad spectrum of Nordic life. The project features an impressive and august...

Intellectual dynamics in the Middle East and North Africa

by Ewan Stein

More than three years after the beginning of the wave of Arab uprisings, an understanding of the role of intellectuals in political change across the region has never been more important. This timely volume...

The Southern Shores of the Mediterranean and its Networks: Knowledge, Trade, Culture and People

by Patricia Lorcin

The majority of scholarly conceptions of the Mediterranean focus on the sea's northern shores, with its historical epicentres of Spain, France or Italy. This book seeks to demonstrate the importance of economic,...

Continuity and change before and after the Arab uprisings: Morocco, Tunisia, and Egypt

by Paola Rivetti & Rosita Di Peri

The Arab uprisings of 2011 have sparked much scholarly discussion with regards to democratisation, the resilience of authoritarian rule, mobilisation patterns, and the relationship between secularism and Islam,...

African Languages/Langues Africaines: Volume 3 1977

by P. Ak?j?obi Nwachukwu

Volume 3 of African Languages includes articles originally published in 1977, written in French and English on educational, literary, cultural, historical and socio-linguistic aspects of language in Africa,...

African Languages/Langues Africaines: Volume 2 1976

by P. Ak?j?obi Nwachukwu

Volume 2 of African Languages includes articles originally published in 1976, written in French and English on educational, literary, cultural, historical and socio-linguistic aspects of language in Africa,...

Practical Orthography of African Languages: Bound with: Orthographe Pratique des Langues Africaines; The Distribution of the Semitic and Cushitic Lang

by International African Institute

The first edition of the Practical Orthography of African Languages was a best-seller and this and the following volume re-issues the second edition, in English and French. Originally published in 1930, it provided...

From Falashas to Ethiopian Jews

by Daniel Summerfield

In the light of the Israeli government's plan to halt Ethiopian immigration, this book provides original research into the transformation of the Falashas to Ethiopian Jews during the twentieth century which...

The Languages of West Africa: Handbook of African Languages Part 2

by Diedrich Westermann & M. A. Bryan

This volume, originally published in 1970, presents a survey of the languages spoken in an area extending from the Atlantic coast at the Sengal River eastward to the Lake Chad region. The area covered by this...

Linguistic Survey of the Northern Bantu Borderland: Volume Two

by Irvine Richardson

This volume, originally published in 1957, contains the linguistic evidence for the classification of the languages encountered by the western team of the Northern Bantu Borderland Survey. To appreciate fully...

The Classification of the Bantu Languages bound with Bantu Word Division

by Malcolm Guthrie

The first volume of this pair, The Classification of Bantu Languages, originally published in 1948, investigates the questions arising out of the use of the term Bantu. It establishes and illustrates the criteria...