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Women of the Mountain South: Identity, Work, and Activism

by Connie Park Rice & Marie Tedesco

Scholars of southern Appalachia have tended to focus their research on men, particularly white men. While there have been a few important studies of Appalachian women, no one book has offered a broad overview...

Islam and the Political Economy of Meaning (RLE Economy of Middle East): Comparative Studies of Muslim Discourse

by William R. Roff

To be a Muslim is to be a part of a culture with distinct beliefs, ideas, institutional forms and prescriptive roles. Yet there is a complex inter-relationship between a system of knowledge and belief, such...

Libya: Agriculture and Economic Development (RLE Economy of Middle East)

by J.A. Allan, K.S. McLachlan & Edith T. Penrose

Oil revenues have made Libya rich since 1961, when oil exports began. This new wealth has affected all sectors of the economy and especially the agricultural sector; there have been considerable movements of...

The Role of Government in the Industrialization of Iraq 1950-1965 (RLE Economy of Middle East)

by Ferhang Jalal

Since 1950 the governments of Iraq have attempted vigorously to develop the economy and have stressed industrial development. Here Dr Ferhang Jalal discusses, analyses and appraises a number of policies adopted...

Intellectuals and  Reform in the Ottoman Empire: The Young Turks on the Challenges of Modernity

by Stefano Taglia

This book uncovers Young Turk political and social ideas at the end of the nineteenth century, during the intellectual phase of the movement.

Analysing the life in exile of two of the most charismatic leaders...

The Poetics of Ancient and Classical Arabic Literature: Orientology

by Esad Durakovic

Through analysing ancient and classical Arabic literature, including the Qur'an, from within the Arabic literary tradition, this book provides an original interpretation of poetics, and of other important aspects...

An Arab Ambassador in the Mediterranean World: The Travels of Muhammad ibn 'Uthman al-Miknasi, 1779-1788

by Nabil Matar

This book provides translated selections from the writings of Muhammad Ibn Othman al-Miknasi (d. 1799). The only writings by an Arab-Muslim in the pre-modern period that present a comparative perspective, his...

The Kurdish Issue in Turkey: A Spatial Perspective

by Zeynep Gambetti & Joost Jongerden

This volume gives a thorough and comprehensive analysis of the Kurdish issue in Turkey from a spatial perspective that takes into account geographical variations in identity formation, exclusion and political...

Islamism and Cultural Expression in the Arab World

by Abir Hamdar & Lindsey Moore

Whereas most studies of Islamism focus on politics and religious ideology, this book analyses the ways in which Islamism in the Arab world is defined, reflected, transmitted and contested in a variety of creative...

The Daeva Cult in the Gathas: An Ideological Archaeology of Zoroastrianism

by Amir Ahmadi

Addressing the question of the origins of the Zoroastrian religion, this book argues that the intransigent opposition to the cult of the daēvas, the ancient Indo-Iranian gods, is the root of the development...

The Italians

by John Hooper

A vivid and surprising portrait of the Italian people from an admired foreign correspondent

How did a nation that spawned the Renaissance also produce the Mafia? And why does Italian have twelve words for coat...

Routledge Handbook of Families in Asia

by Stella R. Quah

Research on the family has expanded considerably across Asia but studies tend to be fragmented, focusing on narrow issues within limited areas (cities, towns, small communities) and may not be accessible to...

The City in the Muslim World: Depictions by Western Travel Writers

by Mohammad Gharipour & Nilay Ozlu

Presenting a critical, yet innovative, perspective on the cultural interactions between the "East" and the "West", this book questions the role of travel in the production of knowledge and in the construction...

Al Jazeera and Democratization: The Rise of the Arab Public Sphere

by Ezzeddine Abdelmoula

Al Jazeera and Democratization analyses the increasing role of the media in political transformations with a special emphasis on the Arab world. Taking the Al Jazeera media network as a case study, the author...

Sufism and Politics in Morocco: Activism and Dissent

by Abdelilah Bouasria

Presenting a political history and sociology of Moroccan Sufism from colonialism to the modern day, this book studies the Sufi model of Master and Disciple in relation to social and political life, comparing...

The Turkish Deep State: State Consolidation, Civil-Military Relations and Democracy

by Mehtap Söyler

The deep state ranks among the most critical issues in Turkish politics. This book traces its origins and offers an explanation of the emergence and trajectory of the deep state; the meaning and function of...

The Re-Emergence of the Single State Solution in Palestine/Israel: Countering an Illusion

by Cherine Hussein

Providing the first in-depth intellectual and organizational mapping of the single state idea's recent resurgence in Palestine/Israel, this book enquires into its nature as a phenomenon of resistance, as well...

Boom Winter 2014: A Journal of California

by Jon Christensen

Thoughtful, provocative, and playful, Boom: A Journal of California aims to create a lively conversation about the vital social, cultural, and political issues of our times, in California and the world beyond....

Critical Interventions in Caribbean Politics and Theory

by Brian Meeks

A well-known public intellectual's intense engagement with politics in the contemporary Caribbean

Community Economic Development in Social Work

by Steven D. Soifer, Joseph B. McNeely & Cathy Costa

Community economic development (CED) is an increasingly essential factor in the revitalization of low- to moderate-income communities. This cutting-edge text explores the intersection of CED and social work...