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Seasons of Lotus, Seasons of Bone

by Matthew Shenoda

American Book Award-winner Matthew Shenoda weaves poetic narratives of ancient and contemporary Egypt.

The Last Deer: short stories from Downeast

by Paul Molyneaux

"The Last Deer" is a collection of stories that map the places and people of a world apart: Downeast Maine. The stories are enlightening in many ways; they deal with a life that is very far from the urban environment...

Revolutionary Egypt: Connecting Domestic and International Struggles

by Reem Abou-El-Fadl

In 2011 the world watched as Egyptians rose up against a dictator. Observers marveled at this sudden rupture, and honed in on the heroes of Tahrir Square. Revolutionary Egypt analyzes this tumultuous period...

Women of the Mountain South: Identity, Work, and Activism

by Connie Park Rice & Marie Tedesco

Scholars of southern Appalachia have tended to focus their research on men, particularly white men. While there have been a few important studies of Appalachian women, no one book has offered a broad overview...

A Critical Study of Thailand's Higher Education Reforms: The culture of borrowing

by Rattana Lao

This book offers a critical examination of contemporary higher education reforms in Thailand situated in the broader historical, socio-economic and political changes. Through a qualitative case study with three...

Arab Oil Policies in the 1970s (RLE Economy of Middle East): Opportunity and Responsibility

by Yusuf A. Sayigh

Until 1973 few people, either in the advanced, industrial countries or in the developing countries of the Third World, thought seriously on the issues and complexities involved in the production and marketing...

Mobilizing Human Resources in the Arab World (RLE Economy of Middle East)

by R. Paul Shaw

R. Paul Shaw has travelled widely in the Arab world, obtaining data and gathering impressions first-hand from national and local planners. In this book, he identifies population and manpower problems that are...

Oil, Industrialization & Development in the Arab Gulf States (RLE Economy of Middle East)

by Atif Kubursi

Were oil supplies everlasting and the demand for oil strong and continuous, economic diversification in the Gulf would be pointless. However oil reserves are finite and non-renewable and the world demand for...

North Africa (RLE Economy of the Middle East): Contemporary Politics and Economic Development

by Richard I Lawless & Allan Findlay

This book covers the contemporary politics and economic development of the four countries of North Africa - Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya. The first part is devoted to contemporary politics and political...

Qatar (RLE Economy of Middle East): Development of an Oil Economy

by Ragaei el Mallakh

No region in the world has seen so much development activity in the last ten years as the Gulf area. Since 'black gold' catapulted the oil-producing countries into the limelight of the international political...

The Palestinian Economy (RLE Economy of Middle East): Studies in Development under Prolonged Occupation

by George T. Abed

This volume brings together the results of the symposium on 'Economic Development under Prolonged Occupation' held at Oxford University in January 1986. The basic aim of the symposium was to stimulate research...

Saudi Arabia: Rush to Development (RLE Economy of Middle East): Profile of an Energy Economy and Investment

by Ragaei el Mallakh

Saudi Arabia is one of the most controversial and least known of the Arab nations. A land of massive contrasts - between its densely populated cities and its vast expanses of desert; between the recent poverty...

Social and Economic Development in the Arab Gulf (RLE Economy of Middle East)

by Tim Niblock

The crucial importance of the Gulf region today - which may be defined as comprising the states of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, with Iran as a non-Arab onlooker...

Libya: Continuity and Change

by Ronald Bruce St John

Retaining the conceptual framework of the first edition through emphasis on the dual themes of continuity and change, the second edition of Libya is revised and updated to include discussion of key developments...

Islam and the Political Economy of Meaning (RLE Economy of Middle East): Comparative Studies of Muslim Discourse

by William R. Roff

To be a Muslim is to be a part of a culture with distinct beliefs, ideas, institutional forms and prescriptive roles. Yet there is a complex inter-relationship between a system of knowledge and belief, such...

Libya: Agriculture and Economic Development (RLE Economy of Middle East)

by J.A. Allan, K.S. McLachlan & Edith T. Penrose

Oil revenues have made Libya rich since 1961, when oil exports began. This new wealth has affected all sectors of the economy and especially the agricultural sector; there have been considerable movements of...

The Role of Government in the Industrialization of Iraq 1950-1965 (RLE Economy of Middle East)

by Ferhang Jalal

Since 1950 the governments of Iraq have attempted vigorously to develop the economy and have stressed industrial development. Here Dr Ferhang Jalal discusses, analyses and appraises a number of policies adopted...

Intellectuals and  Reform in the Ottoman Empire: The Young Turks on the Challenges of Modernity

by Stefano Taglia

This book uncovers Young Turk political and social ideas at the end of the nineteenth century, during the intellectual phase of the movement.

Analysing the life in exile of two of the most charismatic leaders...

The Poetics of Ancient and Classical Arabic Literature: Orientology

by Esad Durakovic

Through analysing ancient and classical Arabic literature, including the Qur'an, from within the Arabic literary tradition, this book provides an original interpretation of poetics, and of other important aspects...

Population Change in Europe, the Middle-East and North Africa: Beyond the Demographic Divide

by Koenraad Matthijs, Karel Neels & Christiane Timmerman

Current demographic trends raise new questions, challenges and controversies. Comparing demographic trends in Europe and the NAME-region (North Africa and the Middle East), this book demonstrates how population...