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Corn Meets Maize: Food Movements and Markets in Mexico

by Lauren E. Baker

Corn Meets Maize links the everyday practices of growing, cooking, and exchanging food in specific cultural, economic, and ecological contexts to broader social movements in Mexico and beyond. The local food...

Food Security, Biological Diversity and Intellectual Property Rights

by Muriel Lightbourne

This volume advances the claim that the FAO International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (ITPGRFA) adopted in 2001 is the only existing international agreement with the potential...

Food Rebellions: Crisis and the Hunger for Justice

by Eric Holt-Gimenez & Raj Patel

Today there are over a billion hungry people on the planet, more than ever before in history. While the global food crisis dropped out of the news in 2008, it returned in 2011 (and is threatening us again in...

Drinking Water: A History

by James Salzman

When we turn on the tap or twist open a tall, cold plastic bottle, we might not give a second thought to where our drinking water comes from. But how it gets from the ground to the glass is far more complex...

The Life of Cheese: Crafting Food and Value in America

by Heather Paxson

Cheese is alive, and alive with meaning. Heather Paxson's beautifully written anthropological study of American artisanal cheesemaking tells the story of how craftwork has become a new source of cultural and...

High Steaks: Why and How to Eat Less Meat

by Eleanor Boyle

What’s the matter with meat? A solution-oriented guide to developing food systems that nourish people and the planet

You Aren't What You Eat: Fed Up with Gastroculture

by Steven Poole

We have become obsessed by food: where it comes from, where to buy it, how to cook it and – most absurdly of all – how to eat it. Our televisions and newspapers are filled with celebrity chefs, latter-day...

Food Full of Life: Nourishing Body, Soul and Spirit

by Gill Bacchus

Is organic and biodynamic food worth the higher price consumers often pay? Which aspects of us are nourished by the food we eat? How can different methods of growing and cooking food best preserve the life energies...

Milk Money: Cash, Cows, and the Death of the American Dairy Farm

by Kirk Kardashian & Bernie Sanders

The failing economics of the traditional small dairy farm, the rise of the factory mega-farm with its resultant pollution and disease, and the uncertain future of milk

The Future of Water in African Cities: Why Waste Water?

by Michael Jacobsen & Michael Webster

The objective of this study is to assist public authorities to identify and address the future challenges of urban water supply, sanitation, and flood management in cities. In order to do that, this report uses...

Gardens of New Spain: How Mediterranean Plants and Foods Changed America

by William W. Dunmire & Evangeline L. Dunmire

When the Spanish began colonizing the Americas in the late fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, they brought with them the plants and foods of their homeland-wheat, melons, grapes, vegetables, and every kind of...

The Common Agricultural Policy after the Fischler Reform: National Implementations, Impact Assessment and the Agenda for Future Reforms

by Alessandro Sorrentino & Roberto Henke

Providing an updated state of the art report on the effects of the 2003 Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reform, this volume has a particular emphasis on the governance of institutional changes and national/regional...

Food and War in Twentieth Century Europe

by Ina Zweiniger-Bargielowska & Rachel Duffett

Wars cannot be fought and sustained without food and this unique collection explores the impact of war on food production, allocation and consumption in Europe in the era of total war. The analysis ranges from...

Naming Food After Places: Food Relocalisation and Knowledge Dynamics in Rural Development

by Maria Fonte & Apostolos G. Papadopoulos

Bringing together a range of case studies from Ireland, Scotland, Sweden, Germany, Norway, Poland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and Greece, this book compares and contrasts different models of food re-localization....

Imagining Sustainable Food Systems: Theory and Practice

by Alison Blay-Palmer

In the context of the global food crisis, a growing consensus is emerging among academics, health practitioners, farmers, policy-makers, businesses and consumers about the merits of building an alternative food...

Liquid Materialities: A History of Milk, Science and the Law

by Peter Atkins

As a food, milk has been revered and ignored, respected and feared. This is a history of two centuries of struggle to bring it under control, to manipulate its naturally variable composition and, as a result,...

The Rise of Obesity in Europe: A Twentieth Century Food History

by Derek J. Oddy & Peter J. Atkins

Bringing together a range of case studies from nine European countries, this book provides a comprehensive examination of the transition from under-nutrition to obesity, offering the historical context to these...

Traditional Food Production and Rural Sustainable Development: A European Challenge

by Teresa de Noronha Vaz & Peter Nijkamp

Illustrated by a range of case studies from across Europe, this volume examines the interface of agricultural development and the social and economic feasibility of traditional modes of production and consumption....

Agri-Food Commodity Chains and Globalising Networks

by Christina Stringer & Richard Le Heron

Bringing together an interdisciplinary team of anthropologists, economists, business and management academics and geographers, this book examines a wide range of case studies illustrating various agri-food commodity...

Food Fears: From Industrial to Sustainable Food Systems

by Alison Blay-Palmer

Drawing on a wealth of empirical research into mainstream and alternative North American food systems, this book discusses how sustainable, grass roots, local food systems offer a template for meaningful individual...