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Food Utopias: Reimagining citizenship, ethics and community

by Paul V. Stock, Michael Carolan & Christopher Rosin

Food is a contentious and emotive issue, subject to critiques from multiple perspectives. Alternative food movements - including the different articulations of local, food miles, seasonality, food justice, food...

Savoring Alternative Food: School Gardens, Healthy Eating and Visceral Difference

by Jessica Hayes-Conroy

Advocates of the alternative food movement often insist that food is our "common ground" - that through the very basic human need to eat, we all become entwined in a network of mutual solidarity. In this challenging...

Climate Change and Agriculture in India: Studies from Selected River Basins: Studies from Selected River Basins

by K. Palanisami, C. R. Ranganathan & Udaya Sekhar Nagothu

This book provides an overview of climate change in India using river basin data and analytical and econometric methods. It, first, makes a quantitative assessment of how climate change affects agricultural...

Street Food: Culture, Economy, Health and Governance

by Ryzia De Cássia Vieira Cardoso, Michèle Companion & Stefano Roberto Marras

Prepared foods, for sale in streets, squares or markets, are ubiquitous around the world and throughout history. This volume is one of the first to provide a comprehensive social science perspective on street...

Seasonal Workers in Mediterranean Agriculture: The Social Costs of Eating Fresh

by Jörg Gertel & Sarah Ruth Sippel

Over the last three decades there has been a rapid expansion of intensive production of fresh fruit and vegetables in the Mediterranean regions of south and west Europe. Much of this depends on migrating workers...

Coffee and Community

by Sarah Lyon

We are told that simply by sipping our morning cup of organic, fair-trade coffee we are encouraging environmentally friendly agricultural methods, community development, fair prices, and shortened commodity...

S5 | 2009 - Can consumers save the world? - AOF

by Virginie Amilien

Sommaire : Sara Korzen, Jesper Lassen, The environment overlooked? / Bente Halkier, A practice theoretical perspective on everyday dealings with environmental challenges of food consumption / Hanne Torjusen,...

Loving the Earth

by Carlo Petrini

An extraordinary collage of conversations between Carlo Petrini, founder of Slow Food, and a gallery of influential personages to mark the tenth anniversary of Terra Madre, the global network of food communities...

S3 | 2008 - Food Chains - AOF

by Virginie Amilien

Sommaire : Florian Muehlfried, Sharing the same blood – culture and cuisine in the Republic of Georgia / Liza Debevec, The meaning of African and “White man’s” food at Muslim and civil wedding celebrations...

S2 | 2007 - From local food to localised food - AOF

by Virginie Amilien

Sommaire : Pascale Moity-Maïzi, Geneviève Cazes-Valette (dir.), Faire la cuisine. Analyses pluridisciplinaires d’un nouvel espace de modernité / Pictures / Photographies / Georgina Holt, Workshop experience...

5 | 2006 - Food and Religion - AOF

by Virginie Amilien

Sommaire : Éloi Ficquet, De la chair imbibée de foi : la viande comme marqueur de la frontière entre chrétiens et musulmans en Éthiopie / Michelle Lelwica, Redefining Womanhood (?): Gender, Power, and...

4 | 2005 - Local Foods - AOF

by Virginie Amilien

Sommaire : Fatiha Fort, Lucie Sirieix, Philippe Aurier, Exploring terroir product meanings for the consumer / Catherine Hérault-Fournier, Anne-Hélène Prigent-Simonin, The role of trust in the perception of...