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Taxidermy Vol.5 Small Mammals - The Preparation, Skinning and Mounting of Small Mammals

by Various

Taxidermy Vol. 5 Small Mammals takes a comprehensive and informative look at the subject, and is a fascinating read for any taxidermy enthusiast or historian of the craft Contents Include: History of Taxidermy;...

A   Guide to Rugby by Rugby Players - Including Chapters on Basic Ball Skills, Forward Tactics, Attacking Moves for the Backs, Training Regimes and a

by Various

A game of rugby can often look hectic and confusing to the uninitiated but it is a game of technique, skill and tactics. This guide is a comprehensive look at the skills required for anybody wishing to learn...

Scopes and Sights for Hunting Rifles - A Collection of Articles on Hunting Scopes, Mounts, Spotting Scopes and the How and Why of Hunting

by Various

This book contains a collection of articles and anecdotes on scopes and sights for hunting rifles. Includes chapters: Hunting Scopes and Mounts, Hunting Slights and Telescopes, Iron and Glass Sights, Sights,...

Tracking and Trailing Animals from Your Back Garden to the Jungle - A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners with a Passion for Nature

by Various

This book provides the reader with an extremely wide knowledge of trailing and tracking all types of animals, creatures and beasts. From the otter, badger, deer and hare of the temperate British countryside,...

Shooting and Stalking in the Manors and Wilds of Scotland - With Notes on Hunting, Shooting, Game Keeping, Vermin, Poaching, Stalking, and Game Birds

by Various

This book contains many articles and anecdotes of shooting and stalking in the wilds and estates of Scotland. Contains chapters on Grouse Shooting, Deer Stalking, Scottish Red Deer, Grounds and Gamekeepers,...

Tales of Good Sport - Stories of Fantastic Days Fox-Hunting from the Great Estates of England

by Various

A fantastic collection of stories from the hay day of English Fox Hunting. Including great runs in Market Harborough, Hampshire and Berkshire and Melton.

The Game of Dominoes - A Collection of Historical Articles on the Rules and Strategies of Dominoes

by Various

This book contains classic material dating back to the 1900s and before. The content has been carefully selected for its interest and relevance to a modern audience. Carefully selecting the best articles from...

A   Guide to Exhibiting and Showing Your Budgerigars - With Tips on Exhibition Cages. Breeding Winners, Preparing and Washing Your Budgerigar, a Guide

by Various

Tips on exhibition cages. Breeding winners, preparing and washing your budgerigar, a guide to judging and the points system used, with pictures of undesirable features.

A History of the Horse Drawn Carriage - A Collection of Historical Articles on Varieties of Coach and Their Evolution

by Various

A wonderful collection of early articles on horse drawn carriages and coaches. Articles include: Carriages and Coaches - Their History and Evolution, Coach Driving - The Coach Driving Revival, Coach Driving...

The Anatomy of the Horse's Foot and Hoof - A Collection of Historical Articles on the Physiology and Function of the Foot and Hoof

by Various

This books contains a collections of articles providing a wealth of information on the anatomy and physiology of the horse's hoof and foot including notes on preserving its health and treatment of diseases....

Rambling in Monmouthshire - A Historical Walking Guide to the Trails and Paths of Wales

by Various

The boundary of the county that lies near Gloucestershire shares some of its neighbour's popularity-and a little of its speech; Chepstow, with its castle and magnificently wooded banks of the Wye, is justly...

The Geology of Snowdonia - A Collection of Historical Articles on the Physical Features of the Peaks of Snowdonia

by Various

Snowdonia is one of the most fascinating areas in the United Kingdom for its stunning peaks, stark beauty and ancient rock. Here are collected some of the articles that helped us understand how and when these...

Companion Dog Training - A Practical Manual on Systematic Obedience; Dog Training in World and Picture

by Hans Tossutti

This book provides a comprehensive guide to the vast approved methods in the training of dogs. If the contents of this book are studied, word by word, lesson by lesson, in a gradual and successive progression...

Badminton for Beginners

by R. C. Tragett

Badminton is a great way to stay in shape and can be played socially or in amateur competition, this helpful guide will help any new players learn the rules that govern the game and the shots and tactics that...

Walking in the Lake District

by H. H. Symonds

The accounts in this book are sure to stir, or maintain, the readers interest in the greatest of our National Parks. Our roots are in the country, it separates one town from the next, and we learn it by walking...

The Practical Angler

by W. C. Stewart

Angling has been a popular pastime for centuries, whether for food or for fun with this helpful companion you will find helpful tips to increase you chance of a record breaking catch.

Grouse Feathers

by Burton L. Spiller

A wonderful almost autobiography detailing the life of a keen grouse hunter from boyhood to fully fledged hunter.

Sailing - A Guide for Everyman

by Aubrey De Selincourt

Aubrey De Selincourt's 'Sailing - A Guide for Everyman' is addressed primarily to those who may from time to time have felt some stirrings of a wish to sail, but have as yet no practical experience in the handling...

Copper Work

by Augustus Foster Rose

In this book, the subject of Copper Work as it may be introduced into the public school, is treated to the extent of specifying an equipment and suggesting some of the possibilities of a course. Not only will...

The Wilderness Hunter - An Account of the Big Game of the United States and Its Chase with Horse, Hound, and Rifle

by Theodore Roosevelt

This books pages contain the adventures and experiences of hunting among the mountains and on the plains for both pastime and to procure hides and meat for the ranch. Contains a wealth of information on hunting,...