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Strength and Conditioning for Combat Sports

by Darren Yas Parr

The role of the strength and conditioning coach for a combat athlete is to perform a needs analysis in which both the fighter as an individual and the sport itself are assessed in order to develop a high-performance...


by Joseph Mayberry

No one expects to be the victim of crime and violence, however these situations occur everyday and generally without advance warning. In our current society, criminals are becoming educated and terrorists are...

Okinawa Sai-jutsu

by Jamal Measara

With over 250 photographs, this book is an illustrated presentation of the art of the Okinawan Sai-jutsu. With its comprehensive commentary on stances, basic techniques, and bunkai, it is an essential companion...

Empty Hand

by Kenei Mabuni

The Lifework of a Grandmaster of Karate Budo is the path of the Japanese traditional martial arts. Mabuni Kenei has followed this path for almost eight decades until now. He belongs to the last masters taught...

Spiritual Interview with Bruce Lee

by Ryuho Okawa

“Don’t think. FEEL,” said the martial artist portrayed by Bruce Lee in the movie, Enter the Dragon [Golden Harvest, 1973]. “Don’t think, BELIEVE [this book],” say we, the publisher of this mystical...

The Boxer Within

by Vickie Simos

Based on true events, this story is set predominantly in Adelaide, and takes a trip down memory lane to my childhood home of Barmera in the Riverland, 222 kilometres north of Adelaide. Born in 1974 to Greek...

Bruce Lee: Words of the Dragon: Interviews, 1958-1973

by John Little

Here they are, available for the first time in one collection, Bruce Lee's conversations with the press from 1958 to 1973.

Words of the Dragon is an anthology of rare newspaper and magazine interviews with Bruce...

Kick Start your Life!

by Ewan C. Briscoe

Ewan's book is for you if....

  • You are looking for your path in life, or have come to a barrier and wonder how to climb over it;
  • You are facing challenges, whether in your personal or working life, and feel...

Power in Practice

by Sergio González Varela

Considering the concept of power in capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian ritual art form, Varela describes ethnographically the importance that capoeira leaders (mestres) have in the social configuration of a style...

Shots Fired

by Joseph B. Walker & Jeff Bonano

Its a scene thats becoming more frequent: Someone walks into work, a nightclub or other public place, and they are suddenly confronted with an armed assailant spraying bullets.

Police officers train for such...

Violence and Ego

by Daniel Arnold

Most people do not really comprehend the speed at which real violence can occur or how the human ego is the main cause of most violence. Something as fragile as the human ego is the second leading cause to most...

KARATE - BENEATH THE SURFACE: Emotional Content of Kata

by Roy K Kamen

This book is for Martial Artists, who train their bodies and minds but have yet to find the spirit that lies deep within their art.

Martial Arts are brutal and deadly forms of fighting, however, they also contain...

Fighting Buddha

by Jeff Eisenberg

A raucous, irreverent look into the Buddhist and Martial Arts worlds Can we be martial arts practitioners and Buddhists at the same time? Can these practices actually complement each other, in mindfulness? How...


by Alex Dong & David Saltman

The story of Dong Ying Jie, Tai Chi champion of China. First time in English.

More than 250-million people worldwide practice Tai Chi Chuan, an ancient art of physical, mental and spiritual culture. Developed...

Strength and Conditioning for Judo

by Andy Burns & Mike Callan

Judo is a dynamic Olympic sport that requires a wide range of physical attributes and skills. It is the second largest participation sport in the world after football, and estimates suggest there are 20 million...

Fight Like a Marine - Close Combat Fighting (Official U.S. Marine Handbook)

by U.S. Department of Defense

This book thoroughly explains military techniques of close combat fighting necessary for self-defense in every situation. They will enhance your strength, flexibility, balance, and cardio-respiratory fitness....

Krav Maga Tactical Survival

by Gershon Ben Keren & Miki Assulin

Krav Maga Tactical Survival presents proven solutions to dangerous, real life situations.

Krav Maga is the official self-defense system of the Israeli Defense Forces, and has been battle-tested by police, armed...

Mythologies of Martial Arts

by Paul Bowman

What do martial arts signify today? What do they mean for East-West cross cultural exchanges? How does the representation of martial arts in popular culture impact on the wide world? What is authentic practice?...

The Virtual Ninja Manifesto

by Chris Goto-Jones

Navigating between society’s moral panics about the influence of violent videogames and philosophical texts about self-cultivation in the martial arts, The Virtual Ninja Manifesto asks whether the figure of...

A Killing Art

by Alex Gillis

The eagerly anticipated updated return of a bestselling martial arts classic

The leaders of Tae Kwon Do, an Olympic sport and one of the world’s most popular martial arts, are fond of saying that their art...