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by Dave Franzel

With Sailing: The Basics, acclaimed teacher and racer Dave Franzel moves you quickly from book to boat. It is his firm conviction that the best and most effective way to learn to sail is to be out on the water....

Under the Arms of the Sky

by Kate Macready

This is the journey that saw Kate and Hugh step outside their comfort zone in every respect. Ditching jobs, saying goodbye to family in Sydney, and reducing their wordly belongings to what fit on a 13m sailing...

In The Wake of Erma (a pensioner's tale)

by Trevor Wilson

A sequel to the author’s “Sailing alone across the Atlantic (a pensioner’s tale)”. In turns fascinating, nail-biting and astonishing. A story that was fifty years in the making, filled with drama and...

High Mountains and Cold Seas

by J.R.L. Anderson & Tim Madge

Harold William ‘Bill’ Tilman (1898 –1977) was among the greatest adventurers of his time, a pioneering mountaineer and sailor who held exploration above all else.

The son of a Liverpool sugar importer,...

A New History of Yachting

by Mike Bender

This book, by a leading expert in the field, is the first major history of yachting for over a quarter of a century. Setting developments within political, social and economic changes, the book tellsthe story...

The Swan and Her Crew

by George Christopher Davies

The Swan And Her Crew - Or The Adventures Of Three Young Naturalists And Sportsmen On The Broads And Rivers Of Norfolk (1889) by George Christopher Davies . 


This is a story of sport and adventure, natural...

An Inexplicable Attraction

by Eric B. Forsyth

Sailing well into his eighties, Captain Eric Forsyth shows in his book, An Inexplicable Attraction: My Fifty Years of Ocean Sailing, that age need not be a barrier to an adventurous retirement. His love of...

Narrowboating for Novices

by John Henshaw & Annie Henshaw

John and Annie Henshaw took their first narrowboat holiday in 2002. Now, in Narrowboating for Novices they share all the knowledge they have acquired over the years - and which they wish they’d had when they...

Ice with Everything

by H.W. Tilman, Trevor Robertson & Alex Ramsay

‘For most men, as Epicurus has remarked, rest is stagnation and activity madness. Mad or not, the activity that I have been pursuing for the last twenty years takes the form of voyages to remote, mountainous...

Where Whales Sing

by Daniel H. Van Ginhoven & Peggy A. Van Ginhoven

You have now sailed thousands of miles with us aboard the good ship Osprey. That 41 foot sloop has carried us half way across the mighty South Pacific Ocean; where we have been met by severe storms with giant...

Where Whales Sing

by Daniel H. Van Ginhoven & Peggy A. Van Ginhoven

I intend to have you feel the wind at sea, to taste the salt on your lips, to hear the wave as he rushes toward you, to smell the sweet scent of land yet beyond the horizon. I want to put your hand on the smooth...

The Adventures of Chas from Tas

by Juliet Prentice & Charles Blundell

Thrown into freezing Southern Ocean waters on a stormy, moonless night as a boy Chas from Tas survived and was fated to live a life of adventure as a renegade at sea.

Swearing never to take an ordinary job, it’s...

Captain Jolly's Do Over

by John Ingrisano

The islands are home to an eclectic mix of ex-pats, escaping a troubled former life. For Captain Jolly, refugee from an acrimonious divorce, the good life looks set to come to an abrupt end - the Do Over, his...

In Mischief's Wake: In the joy of the actors lies the sense of any action. That is the explanation, that the excuse.

by H.W. Tilman & Bob Shepton

'I felt like one who had first betrayed and then deserted a stricken friend; a friend with whom for the past fourteen years I had spent more time at sea than on land, and who, when not at sea, had seldom been...

Spindrift: A Wilderness Pilgrimage at Sea

by Peter Reason

This is the story of a sailing odyssey, but also of an inward journey into deep truths about who we are and how we belong in the universal scheme. A meditation on sailing and life, it is a hugely enjoyable and...

Sailing's Strangest Tales

by John Harding

This fascinating collection of entertaining stories from the seven seas reveals unusual and bizarre sailing trips, vessels and characters, and recounts perilous journeys in freak weather and other legendary...

Mostly Mischief

by H.W. Tilman

Mostly Mischief’s ordinary title belies four more extraordinary voyages made by H.W. ‘Bill’ Tilman covering almost 25,000 miles in both Arctic and Antarctic waters.

The first sees the pilot cutter Mischief...

Mischief in Greenland

by H.W. Tilman

‘Only a man in the devil of a hurry would wish to fly to his mountains, forgoing the lingering pleasure and mounting excitement of a slow, arduous approach under his own exertions.’

H.W. ‘Bill’ Tilman’s...

Voice of a Voyage: Rediscovering the World During a Ten-year Circumnavigation

by Doann Houghton-Alico

In 2001, sixty-year old author Doann Houghton-Alico and her husband embarked on a ten-year sailing circumnavigation visiting forty-one countries and sailing over 43,000 nautical miles. As an award-winning author...

Mischief among the Penguins

by H.W. Tilman, Libby Purves & Tom Cunliffe

Hand (man) wanted for long voyage in small boat. No pay, no prospects, not much pleasure.’ So read the crew notice placed in the personal column of The Times by H.W. ‘Bill’ Tilman in the spring of 1959....