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Breathing & Relaxation: Golf Mental Tips

by Dorothee Haering & Greta Dunn

Anti-Stress Program & Power for Your Swing Have you ever paid attention to your breathing when taking a shot? If you now say "just whatever" then you are not alone. On the range, fades, hooks and draws are taught...

Flow & Pre-Shot Routine: Golf Mental Tips

by Dorothee Haering & Greta Dunn

Routine Leads to Success "Swing!" This is easier said than done. In the space of two seconds, several hundred muscles have to be coordinated, weight shift, rotation, fine alignment and velocity have to be precisely...

Attention & Concentration: Golf Mental Tips

by Dorothee Haering

Attention & Concentration In your daily life you are probably a real pro at multi-tasking. Like quickly reading your e-mails while talking on the phone and at the same time secretly wondering what to buy for...