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Manual of Section

by Paul Lewis, Marc Tsutumaki & David J. Lewis

Along with plan and elevation, section is one of the essential representational techniques of architectural design; among architects and educators, debates about a project's section are common and often intense....

Civil Engineering Systems Analysis

by Luis Amador-Jimenez

This textbook covers tools and applications in civil engineering systems. It begins by revising the mathematical and statistical background for the adequate formulation of civil engineering problems. Then it...

Miniaturized Testing of Engineering Materials

by V. Karthik, K.V. Kasiviswanathan & Baldev Raj

This book is a comprehensive overview of methods of characterizing the mechanical properties of engineering materials using specimen sizes in the micro-scale regime (0.3-5.0 mm). A range of issues associated...

Sustainability in the Mineral and Energy Sectors

by Sheila Devasahayam, Kim Dowling & Manoj K. Mahapatra

Sustainable practices within the mining and energy sectors are assuming greater significance due to uncertainty and change within the global economy and safety, security, and health concerns. This book examines...

Organic Thin-Film Transistor Applications: Materials to Circuits

by Brajesh Kumar Kaushik, Brijesh Kumar & Sanjay Prajapati

Text provides information about advanced OTFT (Organic thin film transistor) structures, their modeling and extraction of performance parameters, materials of individual layers, their molecular structures, basics...

Large Turbo-Generators: Malfunctions and Symptoms

by Isidor Kerszenbaum & Geoff Klempner

This book presents a comprehensive, ordered relationship between malfunctions and symptoms occurring in large turbogenerators. With this book, the operator and/or engineer in a generating station could identify...

Environmental Sustainability Using Green Technologies

by V. Sivasubramanian

Environmental Sustainability Using Green Technologies explains the role of green engineering and social responsibility in the development of chemicals, processes, products, and systems. Examining the relationship...

Granular Materials at Meso-scale: Towards a Change of Scale Approach

by Bernard Cambou, Hélène Magoariec & Ngoc-Son Nguyen

Granular Materials at Meso-scale: Towards a Change of Scale Approach proposes a new way for developing an efficient change of scale-considering a meso-scale defined at the level of local arrays of particles....

Beyond Human

by Eve Herold

Never before in the history of medicine has mankind faced such hope and peril as those of us poised to embrace the radical medical technologies of today.

Eve Herold's Beyond Human examines the medical technologies...

Make It Glow: LED Projects for the Whole Family

by Emily Coker & Kelli Townley

Everyone loves to play with light and this collection of kid-ready LED projects will have young Makers exploring electricity and electronics while opening up a world of endless fun! Makers, tinkerers, hobbyists,...

Sustainability of Construction Materials

by Jamal Khatib

Sustainability of Construction Materials, Second Edition, explores an increasingly important aspect of construction. In recent years, serious consideration has been given to environmental and societal issues...

Cities That Think like Planets: Complexity, Resilience, and Innovation in Hybrid Ecosystems

by Marina Alberti

As human activity and environmental change come to be increasingly recognized as intertwined phenomena on a rapidly urbanizing planet, the field of urban ecology has risen to offer useful ways of thinking about...

Electrical Oscillators

by Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was a genius who revolutionized how the world looks at electricity. In 1893 he patented an electro-mechanical oscillator as a steam-powered electric generator. By his own account, one version of...

Famous Scientific Illusions

by Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was a genius who revolutionized how the world looks at electricity.

Handy Farm Devices and How to Make Them: With Linked Table of Contents

by Rolfe Cobleigh

A wonderful book for anyone interested in starting their own homestead or small farm. This book will show you how to be self reliant and build the things you'll need. There are more than 200 illustrations showing...

High Frequency Oscillators for Electro-Therapeutic and Other Purposes

by Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was a genius who revolutionized how the world looks at electricity.

Experiments with Alternate Currents of High Potential and High Frequency

by Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was a genius who revolutionized how the world looks at electricity.

The Four-Dimensional Human: Ways of Being in the Digital World

by Laurence Scott

You are a four-dimensional human.

Each of us exists in three-dimensional, physical space. But, as a constellation of everyday digital phenomena rewires our lives, we are increasingly coaxed from the containment...

Advanced AutoCAD 2017: Exercise Workbook

by Cheryl Shrock & Steve Heather

This is the right book for users who liked the author’s “Beginning AutoCAD” workbook and want to learn more about AutoCAD’s features, including Xref, Attributes, and 3D solids. This clear, no nonsense,...

Power at Ground Zero