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MIT: An Architectural Tour

by Douglass Shand-Tucci, L. Rafael Reif & John Horner

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) was founded in 1861 as the cornerstone of Copley Square in Boston's Back Bay, then the center of a progressive, proto-globalist Brahmin culture committed to intellectual...

Design Inspired by V

by Rina Rovio

Design Inspired by V explores the designs inspired by female genitalia. It is packed with photographs and illustrations showcasing different examples of the use of vulva shapes in a variety of designs from fashion...

Mixed-Use Development: Nine Case Studies of Complex Projects

by Dean Schwanke

This publication provides a detailed look at nine leading examples of mixed-use projects from around the world that have been developed in recent years. The case studies are drawn from the ULI Case Studies program,...

Summary of The Innovators: by Walter Isaacson | Includes Analysis

by Instaread Summaries

Summary of The Innovators by Walter Isaacson | Includes Analysis



The Innovators by Walter Isaacson is a detailed and comprehensive guide to the people who contributed to the digital revolution....

Ponderosa: People, Fire, and the West's Most Iconic Tree

by Carl E Fiedler & Stephen F Arno

The West’s vast ponderosa pine forest has been home to people for thousands of years. Ponderosa from distant mountains provided timbers for the ancient pueblos of the Southwest. Pioneers on horseback extolled...

Summary of Modern Romance: by Aziz Ansari and Eric Klinenberg | Includes Analysis

by Instaread Summaries

Summary of Modern Romance: by Aziz Ansari and Eric Klinenberg | Includes Analysis



Modern Romance is a nonfiction book by the comedian Aziz Ansari and New York

University sociologist Eric Klinenberg....

Summary of How We Got to Now: by Steven Johnson | Includes Analysis

by Instaread Summaries

How We Got to Now by Steven Johnson | Includes Analysis


Preview of this summary: 

Chapter 1

Glass formed in the Libyan desert about twenty-six million years ago when grains of silica became superheated...

Summary of Lights Out: by Ted Koppel | Includes  Analysis

by Instaread Summaries

Summary of Lights Out by Ted Koppel | Includes Analysis



Lights Out by Ted Koppel is a journalistic report on the potential consequences of

a cyberattack on the United States. Koppel emphasizes the...

Summary of Atomic Accidents: by James Mahaffey | Includes Analysis

by Instaread Summaries

PLEASE NOTE: This is a summary of the book and NOT the original book. 


Summary of Atomic Accidents by James Mahaffey | Includes Analysis 


Inside this Instaread Summary:

• Overview of the entire book...

Summary of The Third Wave: by Steve Case | Includes Analysis

by Instaread Summaries

Summary of The Third Wave by Steve Case | Includes Analysis 



The Third Wave relates AOL co-founder and former CEO Steve Case’s reflections on his career and the future of the technology...

The History and Architecture of Cardiff Civic Centre: Black Gold, White City

by John B. Hilling

The history and architecture of Britain's finest civic centre, and how it came to be created following the boom of the coal industry in the south Wales coalfield.

Blockchain Revolution: How the Technology Behind Bitcoin Is Changing Money, Business, and the World

by Don Tapscott & Alex Tapscott

The technology likely to have the greatest impact on the future of the world economy has arrived, and it’s not self-driving cars, solar energy, or artificial intelligence.

It’s called the blockchain.



Industrial and Manufacturing Wellness: The Complete Guide to Successful Enterprise Asset Management

by Mike Sondalini

When humans are well, they are in a state where body, mind, and spirit are holistically integrated, and, as a result, are healthy, happy, and resilient. The same can be said for a thriving business. Industrial...

Fueling Freedom: Exposing the Mad War on Energy

by Stephen Moore & Kathleen Hartnett White

Fossil fuel energy is the lifeblood of the modern world. Before the Industrial Revolution, humanity depended on solar energy captured in living plants. But with the ability to harness the energy in coal and...

Sustainability and Innovation

Engineering for Industrial Designers and Inventors: Fundamentals for Designers of Wonderful Things

by Thomas Ask

If you have designs for wonderful machines in mind, but aren’t sure how to turn your ideas into real, engineered products that can be manufactured, marketed, and used, this book is for you. Engineering professor...

Occupational Ergonomics

by Theresa Stack, Lee T. Ostrom & Cheryl A. Wilhelmsen

The approach to the book is analogous to a toolkit.  The user will open the book and locate the tool that best fits the ergonomic assessment task he/she is performing. The chapters of the book progress from...

American Arcadia

Mineral Processing Design and Operations: An Introduction

by Ashok Gupta & Denis S. Yan

Mineral Processing Design and Operations: An Introduction, Second Edition, helps further understanding of the various methods commonly used in mineral beneficiation and concentration processes. Application...

Upside-Down Gods