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The Digital Document

by Bruce Duyshart

Documents, such as drawings, memos and specifications, form an essential function in the design and construction industry. Throughout the lifecycle of a built asset, starting from an initial design idea, right...

Homegrown Honey Bees: An Absolute Beginner's Guide to Beekeeping Your First Year, from Hiving to Honey Harvest

by Alethea Morrison & Mars Vilaubi

This beginner's guide to beekeeping clearly explains everything you need to know, from getting your first bees to harvesting your first crop of honey. Spectacular macro photography brings the inner workings...

Photonic Signals and Systems: An Introduction

by Nabeel Riza

Build the skills needed to engineer next-generation systems using light

Photonic Signals and Systems: An Introduction presents essential and current knowledge of light applied in the design of innovative photonic...

Food Selection and Preparation: A Laboratory Manual

by Frank D. Conforti

Knowledge, skill, and art are the three words to remember when working with foods. They are also the focus of the second edition of Food Selection and Preparation: A Laboratory Manual, which guides students...

The Energy Reader

by Tom Butler, George Wuerthner & Daniel Lerch

The Energy Reader takes an unflinching look at the environmental devastation created by our thirst for energy—including supposedly “clean” renewable sources. From oil spills, nuclear accidents, and mountaintop-removal...

Bioprocess Engineering: Kinetics, Biosystems, Sustainability, and Reactor Design

by Shijie Liu

Bioprocess Engineering involves the design and development of equipment and processes for the manufacturing of products such as food, feed, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, chemicals, and polymers and paper...

What Is BPM?

by Marvin Wurtzel


This concise, easy-to-understand guide provides a straightforward introduction to the tools and techniques required to implement business process...

Energy Efficiency: Lessons Learned from Success Stories

by Alexander Sharabaroff

Energy efficiency is an important factor in an economy, since it helps meet energy needs, decrease costs, and lower environmental impacts. A review of the evolution of energy intensity in European and Former...

Architectural Design with Sketchup: Component-Based Modeling, Plugins, Rendering, and Scripting

by Alexander Schreyer

“… the book is wonderfully illustrated with full color and descriptive images that complement each tutorial or exercise. Alex’s teaching background really rings through as every item is nicely structured...

Atmospheric Monitoring with Arduino: Building Simple Devices to Collect Data About the Environment

by Patrick Di Justo & Emily Gertz

Makers around the globe are building low-cost devices to monitor the environment, and with this hands-on guide, so can you. Through succinct tutorials, illustrations, and clear step-by-step instructions, you’ll...

Computational Fluid Dynamics: A Practical Approach

by Jiyuan Tu, Guan Heng Yeoh & Chaoqun Liu

An introduction to CFD fundamentals and using commercial CFD software to solve engineering problems, designed for the wide variety of engineering students new to CFD, and for practicing engineers learning CFD...

Ship Stability for Masters and Mates

by Bryan Barrass & D R Derrett

Ship Stability for Masters and Mates explores all aspects of ship stability and ship strength, squat, and interaction and trim, as well as materials stresses and forces. Organized into 56 chapters, the book...

IAENG Transactions on Electrical Engineering Volume 1


This volume contains revised and extended research articles written by prominent researchers. Topics covered include electrical engineering, circuits, artificial intelligence, data mining, imaging engineering,...

Telecommunications and Data Communications Handbook

by Ray Horak

For an accessible and comprehensive survey of telecommunications and data communications technologies and services, consult the Telecommunications and Data Communications Handbook, which includes information...

Neutron Physics

by M Yeater

Nuclear Science and Technology, Volume 2: Neutron Physics provides information pertinent to neutron and reactor physics. This book presents a discussion of the general area of energy sources, surveying the fusion...

Internal Combustion Engines

by Constantine Arcoumanis

Internal Combustion Engines covers the trends in passenger car engine design and technology. This book is organized into seven chapters that focus on the importance of the in-cylinder fluid mechanics as the...

General carbohydrate method

by Roy Whistler

Methods in Carbohydrate Chemistry is a multivolume treatise that describes useful methods in carbohydrate chemistry. It comprises a collection of methods selected from the entire field of carbohydrate chemistry....

Theory and Practice of Emulsion Technology

by A.L. Smith

Theory and Practice of Emulsion Technology covers the proceedings of the Theory and Practice of Emulsion Technology Symposium, held at Brunel University on September 16-18, 1974. This book is organized into...

Polymer Blends

by D.R. Paul

Polymer Blends, Volume 2 aims to show the importance of mixed polymer systems as a major branch of macromolecular science and provides a broad background of principles and practices in this field.

Starting from...

Graphene: Fundamentals and emergent applications

by Jamie H. Warner, Franziska Schaffel & Mark Rummeli

Providing fundamental knowledge necessary to understand graphene's atomic structure, band-structure, unique properties and an overview of groundbreaking current and emergent applications, this new handbook is...