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Sealab: America's Forgotten Quest to Live and Work on the Ocean Floor

by Ben Hellwarth

Sealab is the underwater Right Stuff: the compelling story of how a US Navy program sought to develop the marine equivalent of the space station—and forever changed man’s relationship to the sea.

While NASA...

How to Build a Small Budget Recording Studio from Scratch 4/E

by Mike Shea

Build a cutting-edge sound studio--at a price that's music to your ears

How to Build a Small Budget Recording Studio from Scratch, Fourth Edition gives you detailed plans (including 12 studio designs with 23...

Sustainable Urbanism: Urban Design With Nature

by Douglas Farr

Written by the chair of the LEED-Neighborhood Development (LEED-ND) initiative, Sustainable Urbanism: Urban Design with Nature is both an urgent call to action and a comprehensive introduction to "sustainable...

Form and Forces: Designing Efficient, Expressive Structures

by Edward Allen & Waclaw Zalewski

Here, in one volume, is all the architect needs to know to participate in the entire process of designing structures. Emphasizing bestselling author Edward Allen's graphical approach, the book enables you to...

Threatened Landscapes: Conserving Cultural Environments

by Bryn Green & Willem Vos

Few, if any, environments are free of human intervention. Often this generates ecosystems which are rich in biodiversity, historical interest, recreational opportunity and scenic beauty just as worthy of conservation...

Strategies for Sustainable Architecture

by Paola Sassi

Filling a gap in existing literature on sustainable design, this new guide introduces and illustrates sustainable design principles through detailed case studies of sustainable buildings in Europe, North America...

Structural Design of Low-Rise Buildings in Cold-Formed Steel, Reinforced Masonry, and Structural Timber

by J. R. Ubejd Mujagic

A concise guide to the structural design of low-rise buildings in cold-formed steel, reinforced masonry, and structural timber

This practical reference discusses the types of low-rise building structural systems,...

Strategic Environmental Assessment in Action

by Riki Therivel

This practical guide on how to carry out strategic environmental assessment (SEA) presents a coherent 'how to do it' approach for the practitioner. It is the first publication to take account of the requirements...

Sustainability Assessment: Criteria and Processes

by Bob Gibson, Selma Hassan & James Tansey

Sustainability assessment is now emerging as a more transparent, comprehensive, integrated and far-sighted approach to decision making. Its basic demand is that all significant undertakings must make a positive...

The Sociology of Food and Agriculture

by Michael Carolan

As interest has increased in topics such as the globalization of the agrifood system, food security, and food safety, the subjects of food and agriculture are making their way into a growing number of courses...

Adaptive Thermal Comfort: Principles and Practice

by Fergus Nicol, Michael Humphreys & Susan Roaf

The fundamental function of buildings is to provide safe and healthy shelter. For the fortunate they also provide comfort and delight. In the twentieth century comfort became a 'product' produced by machines...

Infrastructure Sustainability and Design

by Spiro N. Pollalis, Andreas Georgoulias & Stephen J. Ramos

You're overseeing a large-scale project, but you're not an engineering or construction specialist, and so you need an overview of the related sustainability concerns and processes. To introduce you to the main...

Construction Quality Management: Principles and Practice

by Paul Watson & Tim Howarth

Quality management is essential for facilitating the competitiveness of modern day commercial organizations. Excellence in quality management is a requisite for construction organizations who seek to remain...

Language of Space and Form: Generative Terms for Architecture

by James F. Eckler

A unique graphical guide for using architectural terminology to jump-start the design process

This design studio companion presents architectural terms with special emphasis on using these terms to generate design...

PMP Practice Makes Perfect: Over 1000 PMP Practice Questions and Answers

by John Estrella, Charles Duncan & Sami Zahran

A unique learning resource to prepare for the PMP certification exam

Without sufficient practice and preparation for taking the Project Management Institute's (PMI's) PMP certification exam, you won't be able...

Handbook on Material and Energy Balance Calculations in Material Processing

by Arthur E. Morris, Gordon H. Geiger & H. Alan Fine

Lately, there has been a renewed push to minimize the waste of materials and energy that accompany the production and processing of various materials. This third edition of this reference emphasizes the fundamental...

Channel Equalization for Wireless Communications: From Concepts to Detailed Mathematics

by Gregory E. Bottomley

The most thorough, up-to-date reference on channel equalization—from basic concepts to complex modeling techniques

In today's instant-access society, a high premium is placed on information that can be stored...

Bridge Engineering, Third Edition

by Jim Zhao & Demetrios Tonias

The state of the art in highway bridge engineering

Fully updated with the latest codes and standards, including load and resistance factor design (LRFD), Bridge Engineering, Third Edition covers highway bridge...

Urban Wildscapes

by Anna Jorgensen & Richard Keenan

Urban Wildscapes is one of the first edited collections of writings about urban 'wilderness' landscapes. Evolved, rather than designed or planned, these derelict, abandoned and marginal spaces are frequently...

Rural Design: A New Design Discipline

by Dewey Thorbeck

Rural areas worldwide are undergoing profound change creating considerable challenges and stress for its residents and on the ecosystems upon which they depend. Rural design brings design thinking and the problem-solving...