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Scaling Urban Environmental Challenges: From Local to Global and Back

by Peter J J Marcotullio & Gordon McGranahan

�Think globally, act locally� emphasizes the importance of scale in dealing with environmental challenges, but not how to factor it in. This major new book focuses on the spatial dimensions of urban environmental...

Sustainable Solar Housing: Volume 1 - Strategies and Solutions

by Robert S S Hastings & Maria Wall

This far-reaching and authoritative two-volume set examines a range of potential solutions for low-energy building design, considering different strategies (energy conservation and renewable energy) and technologies...

Sustainable Solar Housing: Volume 2 - Exemplary Buildings and Technologies

by Robert S S Hastings & Maria Wall

This far-reaching and authoritative two-volume set examines a range of potential solutions for low-energy building design, considering different strategies (energy conservation and renewable energy) and technologies...

The Vulnerability of Cities: Natural Disasters and Social Resilience

by Mark Pelling

When disaster strikes in cities the effects can be catastrophic compared to other environments. But what factors actually determine the vulnerability or resilience of cities? The Vulnerability of Cities fills...

The Polycentric Metropolis: Learning from Mega-City Regions in Europe

by Kathy Pain & PETER HALL

A new 21st century urban phenomenon is emerging: the networked polycentric mega-city region. Developed around one or more cities of global status, it is characterized by a cluster of cities and towns, physically...

Energy 2050: Making the Transition to a Secure Low-Carbon Energy System

by Paul Ekins, Jim Skea & Mark Winskel

The United Kingdom is committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80% by 2050, a target that will only be achieved by transforming the way that energy is supplied and used. At the same time...

The Pellet Handbook: The Production and Thermal Utilization of Biomass Pellets

by Gerold Thek & Ingwald Obernberger

Biomass pellets are a suitable fuel type for a wide range of applications, from stoves and central heating systems up to large-scale plants, and with practically complete automation in all these capacities....

Construction in the Landscape: A Handbook for Civil Engineering to Conserve Global Land Resources

by Carpenter T. Carpenter T.G.

Construction in the Landscape describes the impact of construction on the land and landscape where it takes place. Geographical coverage is necessarily global to reflect the great variation both in people�s...

Urban Microclimate: Designing the Spaces Between Buildings

by Evyatar Erell, David Pearlmutter & Terence Williamson

The quality of life of millions of people living in cities could be improved if the form of the city were to evolve in a manner appropriate to its climatic context. Climatically responsive urban design is vital...

Global Urban Analysis: A Survey of Cities in Globalization

by Peter J J Taylor, Pengfei Ni & Ben Derudder

Global Urban Analysis provides a unique insight into the contemporary world economy through a focus on cities. It is based upon a large-scale customised data collection on how leading businesses use cities across...

Ecosystem Services from Agriculture and Agroforestry: Measurement and Payment

by Fabrice DeClerk, Jean Francois Francois Le Le Coq & Bruno Rapidel

Agricultural systems are no longer evaluated solely on the basis of the food they provide, but also on their capacity to limit impacts on the environment, such as soil conservation, water quality and biodiversity...

Plant Genetic Resources and Food Security: Stakeholder Perspectives on the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture

by Christine Frison, Francisco Lopez & Jose Esquinas-Alcazar

The International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (ITPGRFA) is a pivotal piece of recent legislation, providing a route map for the use of such resources for sustainable agriculture...

Renewable Energy for Residential Heating and Cooling: Policy Handbook

by International Energy Authority Renewable

Heating and cooling represent significant energy loads around the world, with the associated high level of carbon emissions. Many countries have commitments in place to derive an increasing proportion of the...

Fisheries Subsidies, Sustainable Development and the Wto

by Anja von von Moltke

The fisheries sector is in crisis. Inappropriate subsidies to the fishing industry are a key factor responsible for worldwide fisheries depletion, overcapitalization and ecosystem degradation. There is an urgent...

A Green Vitruvius: Principles and Practice of Sustainable Architectural Design

by Vivienne Brophy & J Owen Owen Lewis

2000 years ago the roman architect Marcus Vitruvius Pollio wrote the ten books on architecture establishing the concept of the pattern book offering design principles and solutions that is still referred to...

Carpentry and Joinery 1

by Brian Porter

The third edition of Carpentry and Joinery 1 is the first in a series of three books which together provide an authoritative but thoroughly practical guide to carpentry and joinery for students following City...

Economics of Property Management: The Building as a Means of Production

by Herman Tempelmans Tempelmans Plat & Frank Heynick

The economic analysis of a building is a complex subject and traditionally it has focused on a single aspect of the structure or a single part of the construction process. Dr Tempelmans Plat is a leading proponent...

Engineering Gcse

by Michael H H Tooley & Mike Tooley

Mike Tooley's accessible, activity-based approach introduces students to engineering and the pivotal role it plays in the modern world, as well as providing opportunities to develop engineering skills and acquire...

Faber & Kell's Heating and Air Conditioning of Buildings

by Doug Oughton & Steve Hodkinson

"Faber and Kell" has for over fifty years been accepted as the most practical and comprehensive book on heating and air conditioning design and is regarded as the standard reference book for both students and...

Law and Practice for Architects

by Robert Greenstreet, Karen Greenstreet & Brian Schermer

Provides a framework for understanding of the legal, contractual and procedural implication of architectural practice. The book acts as a useful aide-memoire for students and practitioners based on the premise...