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Success through Failure

by Henry Petroski

Design pervades our lives. Everything from drafting a PowerPoint presentation to planning a state-of-the-art bridge embodies this universal human activity. But what makes a great design? In Success through Failure...

The Perfectionists

by Simon Winchester

The revered New York Times bestselling author traces the development of technology from the Industrial Age to the Digital Age to explore the single component crucial to advancement—precision—in a superb...

Beginning AutoCAD® 2019 Exercise Workbook

by Cheryl R. Shrock & Steve Heather

For those new to the world of AutoCAD®, as well as those honing longtime skills, there is simply no better resource on the market than the Beginning AutoCAD® 2019 Exercise Workbook. Industry-expert authors...

The Design Thinking Playbook

by Michael Lewrick, Patrick Link & Larry Leifer

A radical shift in perspective to transform your organization to become more innovative

The Design Thinking Playbook is an actionable guide to the future of business. By stepping back and questioning the current...

Fundamentals of Queueing Theory

Technical Writing for Environmental Engineers

by Joan Giblin & Emily Coolidge Toker

There are many kinds of writing required in the workplace, and a degree of mastery is necessary for effective and efficient communication between colleagues, clients, and managers. This book is meant to serve...

A Celebration of English Wine

by Liz Sagues

English wine has greatly changed in recent years. Royalty and heads of government drink it and pour it for foreign dignitaries, and it is sold to some thirty wine-drinking nations and even beats champagne in...

The Sun Above the Clouds

by Paul Hebert & Rodney Miles

In Paul Hebert’s inspirational memoir, The Sun Above the Clouds, travel back to a day when men cleared wooded homesteads by hand and horse but raised their families with violence. Watch Paul escape his upbringing...

Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning

by Carol Ptak & Chad Smith

In the 1950s, a method called Material Requirements Planning (or “MRP”) changed the world of manufacturing forever. But times have changed—customer tolerance times are shorter, product variety and complexity...

A Professional's Guide to Problem Solving with Decision Science

by Frank A Tillman & Deandra T Cassone

Drawing on vast experience, the authors show how to apply state-of-the-art decision science, statistical modeling, benchmarking, and process modeling techniques together to create a robust analytical framework...

Audio Production Principles

by Stephane Elmosnino

With this all-in-one manual, students and teachers have an easy-to-read reference that provides a reliable and current rundown of the world of sound production, from planning a recording session to mastering...

Still Think Robots Can't Do Your Job?

by Riccardo Campa

Is Artificial Intelligence qualitatively different from other means of economizing the use of labor? Are we on the edge of a jobless society? If yes, are we ready for it? These are a few of the questions discussed...

Handbook of Safety Principles

The Chemistry of Membranes Used in Fuel Cells

by Shulamith Schlick

Examines the important topic of fuel cell science by way of combining membrane design, chemical degradation mechanisms, and stabilization strategies

This book describes the mechanism of membrane degradation...

Nonlinear Polymer Rheology

by Shi-Qing Wang

Integrating latest research results and characterization techniques, this book helps readers understand and apply fundamental principles in nonlinear polymer rheology. The author connects the basic theoretical...

Photomedicine and Stem Cells

by Heidi Abrahamse & Michael R Hamblin

Janus, the ancient Roman god depicted with two faces is an appropriate metaphor for light therapy. In the right photodynamic therapy conditions, light is able to kill nearly anything that is living such as cancers,...

Hammer's Blueprint Reading Basics

by Charles Gillis & Warren Hammer


Warren Hammer’s Blueprint Reading Basics has been a bestselling classic for nearly two decades, revered for its ease of understanding and for giving readers opportunities to practice what they learned....

Polyurethane Immobilization of Cells and Biomolecules

by T. Thomson

This book provides a comprehensive review of the chemistry and research illustrating the benefits of polyurethane for immobilizing cells, with dozens of case studies in medical devices and environmental engineering....

The Joint Kitchen

by Michael David Ries


Imagine a doctor doing ordinary activities in his kitchen, stopping to draw some of the everyday objects around him, like an orange and a corkscrew. Then watch him turn those drawings into advanced patents...

Biosensors and Nanotechnology

by Zeynep Altintas

Provides a broad range of information from basic principles to advanced applications of biosensors and nanomaterials in health care diagnostics

This book utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to provide a wide...