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Eight Years to the Moon

by Nancy Atkinson

A Behind-the-Scenes Look At NASA’s incredible Journey to the Moon

Space journalist and insider Nancy Atkinson weaves together the riveting story of NASA’s mission to complete “the greatest adventure on...

The Eagle has Landed

by Peter Murray & Buzz Aldrin

It’s important that we reflect upon and celebrate our experiences, to learn from them and to push for more small steps and giant leaps. “One Small Step” commemorates the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo...

Space 2.0

by Rod Pyle & Buzz Aldrin

  • The National Space Society (membership of nearly 30K) will provide financial and marketing support
  • NSS will co-brand
  • Book has four-color interior 
  • Plans to leverage NSS's clout within the aerospace and space...

Laika's Window

by Kurt Caswell

Laika began her life as a stray dog on the streets of Moscow and died in 1957 aboard the Soviet satellite Sputnik II. Initially the USSR reported that Laika, the first animal to orbit the earth, had survived...

To Caress the Air

by C. David Gierke & Richard Thompson

To Caress the Air continues to track the progress of Augustus Herring as he prepares to fly his revolutionary powered aeroplane. Gus, still optimistic after a series of nagging technical setbacks, believes that...

Honest Vision: The Donald Douglas Story

by Julie Boatman Filucci

"Honest Vision: The Donald Douglas Story" tells the life story of a man who foresaw and developed a critical part of our daily modern lives‚ the commercial airliner—yet remained relatively unknown to the...

To Caress the Air

by C. David Gierke

Most people accept the view that the Wright brothers invented the airplane. “Not so!” according to American aviation pioneer Augustus Moore Herring. “The aeroplane has a good many daddies.” Herring should...

The Earth's orbit

by Oleksiy Serdyuk & Natalia Shkurat

Despite the fact that year 2018 has recently begun, it has already been marked by a number of important events in Cosmonautics. Many important events also await us in the near future. Humanity is becoming more...

Aerodynamics of the Airplane

by Clark B. Millikan

Written on the eve of World War II, this brief but intensive introduction by one of the founders of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory deals with the basic problems of aerodynamics. 1941 edition.

Elon Musk: The Unauthorized Autobiography

by J.T. Owens X

Want to know what makes Elon Musk one of the most inspiring and kick-ass entrepreneurs in history?

We are at the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Elon Musk sets the pace for challenging the status...

Unmanned Aircraft Design

by Mohammad Sadraey

This book provides fundamental principles, design procedures, and design tools for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) with three sections focusing on vehicle design, autopilot design, and ground system design....

Neil Armstrong : The First Man to Walk on the Moon - Biography for Kids 9-12 | Children's Biography Books

by Baby Professor

You’ve probably heard of Neil Armstrong and his historic moon landing. But other than that part of his life, what else do you know about him? This biography book will discuss the life of Armstrong before he...

Viscous Hypersonic Flow

by William H. Dorrance

This frequently cited text addresses theories for treating the laminar and turbulent boundary layers of reacting gas mixtures. The theories are developed from fundamentals, and all related chemical, thermodynamic,...

Are We There Yet? All About the Planet Saturn! Space for Kids - Children's Aeronautics & Space Book

by Baby Professor

Next, let’s fly to Saturn on board our rocket ship! Can we breathe the air in Saturn? Can we see animals, plants and water there? It seems to be a very far planet to explore but with this educational book,...

All about the Solar System - Children's Science & Nature

by Baby Professor

Science is a tough subject to introduce to young minds. This book is one of the steps to make the task easier. Your kids will be taken to another dimension having fun while learning about the solar system and...

Saturn: Planets in Our Solar System | Children's Astronomy Edition

by Baby Professor

Study the planets and the stars with the help of this very depictive educational book. This book captures the need for visuals in order for a young child to be interested in the subject. Learning through more...

Everything about Black Holes Astronomy Books Grade 6 | Astronomy & Space Science

by Baby Professor

Is it true that within a black hole is a polarity so intense that not even light can escape? But despite that, there has been several studies made by scientists about the subject. The most interesting fruits...

Fly Low! Fly High Airplanes of the World - Children's Aeronautics & Astronautics Books

by Baby Professor

Wouldn't it be more comfortable to ride an airplane if you knew the science behind its flight? Learning about planes does not have to be as complex as rocket science. All your child needs to know are the basics...

A Kid's Guide to Black Holes Astronomy Books Grade 6 | Astronomy & Space Science

by Baby Professor

Is it true that Black Holes suck everything that comes near it? It’s time to learn the truths and the myths behind these mysterious giants in outer space. It’s interesting to know that even if our scientists...

Out of this World Truths about the Solar System Astronomy 5th Grade | Astronomy & Space Science

by Baby Professor

A 5th grader needs as much as “reinforcements” when it comes to studies. It is best if you can complement the official textbooks with refreshing resources but you don't want to overdo it. You want your child...