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The BIM Manager's Handbook, Part 3

The BIM Manager's Handbook, Part 4

A/E/C Marketing Fundamentals: Your Keys to Success

by Ronald D. Worth, Holly R. Bolton & Julie Huval

Whether you are new to the A/E/C community and working on your very first job or you are a more seasoned professional who is taking on marketing responsibilities for the first time, you will find "A/E/C Marketing...

The Architecture and Cities of Northern Mexico from Independence to the Present

by Edward Burian

The states of Northern Mexico-Tamaulipas, Nuevo León, Coahuila, Chihuahua, Durango, Sonora, Sinaloa, and Baja California Norte and Sur-have architecture, urbanism, and landscape design that offer numerous lessons...

A Field Guide to American Houses: The Definitive Guide to Identifying and Understanding America's Domestic Architecture

by Virginia Savage Mcalester

For the house lover and the curious tourist, for the house buyer and the weekend stroller, for neighborhood preservation groups and for all who want to know more about their community -- here, at last, is a...

Child and Adolescent Therapy: Science and Art

by Jeremy P. Shapiro

Comprehensive introduction to the theory and practice of child and adolescent therapy

Child and Adolescent Therapy: Science and Art, Second Edition relies on both psychotherapy research and clinical expertise...

Florence: A Walking Guide to Its Architecture

by Richard J. Goy

Each year, millions of visitors travel to Florence to admire the architectural marvels of this famous Renaissance city. In this compact yet comprehensive volume, architect and architectural historian Richard...

The EcoNest Home: Designing and Building a Light Straw Clay House

by Robert Laporte & Paula Baker-Laporte

Step-by-step instructions to build your own beautiful, environmentally-friendly, healthy natural home.

Medieval Graffiti

by Matthew Champion

For centuries carved writings and artworks in churches lay largely unnoticed. So archaeologist Matthew Champion started a nationwide survey to gather the best examples. In this book he shines a spotlight on...

The Principles of Gothic Ecclesiastical Architecture

by Matthew Holbeche Bloxam

Amongst the vestiges of antiquity which abound in this country, are the visible memorials of those nations which have succeeded one another in the occupancy of this island. To the age of our Celtic ancestors,...

Mall Maker: Victor Gruen, Architect of an American Dream

by M. Jeffrey Hardwick

The enclosed shopping mall, now so ubiquitous, was invented by one man: Victor Gruen. Mall Maker is the first biography of this visionary spirit.

An Era of Expansion: Construction at the University of Cambridge 1996-2006

by David M. Adamson

Changing conditions in Higher Education and national funding regimes preceded a proliferation of construction projects in universities between 1996 and 2006. This book reviews a hundred projects between 1996...

The Homeowner's Guide to Buying Replacement Windows and Hiring Contractors: Insider Secrets that Will Save You Time, Headaches, and Money

by Peter Anthony Jackson

This book is for homeowners thinking about replacing their existing windows and having a service provider do it for them. If you are a DIY-er or renter, then this book is not for you. It does not matter what...

Scottish Cathedrals

by Dugald Butler

Architecture is a great stone book in which nations have recorded their annals, before the days of the printing-press: have written their thoughts, expressed their aspirations, and embodied their feelings as...

BIM and Construction Management: Proven Tools, Methods, and Workflows

by Brad Hardin & Dave McCool

A sleeker, more comprehensive approach to construction projects

BIM and Construction Management, Second Edition is a complete integration guide, featuring practical advice, project tested methods and workflows,...

Critical Landscapes: Art, Space, Politics

by Emily Eliza Scott & Kirsten J Swenson

From Francis Alÿs and Ursula Biemann to Vivan Sundaram, Allora & Calzadilla, and the Center for Urban Pedagogy, some of the most compelling artists today are engaging with the politics of land use, including...

What Architecture Means: Connecting Ideas and Design

by Denise Costanzo

What Architecture Means introduces you to architecture and allows you to explore the connections between design ideas and values across time, space, and culture. It equips you to play an active and informed...

The Idea of the Cottage in English Architecture, 1760 - 1860

by Daniel Maudlin

The Idea of the Cottage in English Architecture is a history of the late Georgian phenomenon of the architect-designed cottage and the architectural discourse that articulated it. It is a study of small buildings...

Spaces of the Cinematic Home: Behind the Screen Door

by Eleanor Andrews, Stella Hockenhull & Fran Pheasant-Kelly

This book examines the ways in which the house appears in films and the modes by which it moves beyond being merely a backdrop for action. Specifically, it explores the ways that domestic spaces carry inherent...

American Architects and the Single-Family Home: Lessons Learned from the Architects' Small House Service Bureau

by Lisa M. Tucker

American Architects and the Single-Family Home explains how a small group of architects started the Architects' Small House Service Bureau in 1919 and changed the course of twentieth-century residential design...