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A Publishing Program 2017-2018

by Luca P. Marescotti

The publishing program brings together new manuscripts (Teaching Land Use Planning as a Science, Landscapes, The Planner and the Small Planet) with the revision of two books published in 2004, “Città Tecnologie...

Activity Based Costing for Construction Companies

by Yong-Woo Kim

Activity Based Cotsting for Construction Companies provides guidelines on how overhead costs can be managed for using Activity Based Costing (ABC), providing gains in contractor competiveness. Illustrated with...

Learning from Bogotá: Pedagogical Urbanism and the Reshaping of Public Space

by Rachel Berney

Once known as a "drug capital" and associated with kidnappings, violence, and excess, Bogotá, Colombia, has undergone a transformation that some have termed "the miracle of Bogotá." Beginning in the late 1980s,...

The Complete Guide to Contracting Your Home: A Step-by-Step Method for Managing Home Construction

by Kent Lester & Dave McGuerty

Save 30% on home construction!

Whether you want to take on all the responsibility of contracting your home or simply want to intelligently communicate with your homebuilder, The Complete Guide to Contracting...

Analisys and application of dry cleaning materials on unvarnished pain surfaces

by K. J. van den Berg, M. Daudin-Schotte & H. van Keulen

This book began as a project of Netherland Cultural Heritage Agency (RCE) in collaboration with the Dutch restorers of paintings and Curtauld Instutute of Art that was aimed to achieve a better understanding...

Cassell's Carpentry and Joinery - Comprising Notes on Materials, Processes, Principles, and Practice, Including about 1800 Engravings and Twelve Plate

by Paul N. Hasluck

Cassell's Carpentry and Joinery' is a practical work on practical handicrafts, and it was first published in the confident belief that it was by far the most exhaustive book on these subjects hitherto produced....

Multifamily Housing Development: Ten Case Studies of Innovative Projects

by Dean Schwanke

This publication provides a detailed look at ten leading examples of multifamily projects that have been developed in recent years. The case studies are drawn from the ULI Case Studies program, which showcases...

Power from the Sun: A Practical Guide to Solar Electricity¿Revised 2nd Edition

by Dan Chiras

The completely revised and updated guide to solar energy – everything you need to power your home or small business

City of Refuge: Separatists and Utopian Town Planning

by Michael J. Lewis

The vision of Utopia obsessed the nineteenth-century mind, shaping art, literature, and especially town planning. In City of Refuge, Michael Lewis takes readers across centuries and continents to show how Utopian...

The Recovery of Natural Environments in Architecture: Air, Comfort and Climate

by C. Alan Short

The Recovery of Natural Environments in Architecture challenges the modern practice of sealing up and mechanically cooling public scaled buildings in whichever climate and environment they are located. This...

England's Historic Churches by Train: A Companion Volume to England's Cathedrals by Train

by Murray Naylor

The second millennium saw the spread and consolidation of Christianity in Britain. One means by which the Normans tightened their grip on Britain after 1066 was by the construction of magnificent cathedrals,...

A Vision of Place: The Work of Curtis & Windham Architects

by Russell Windham, William Curtis & Stephen Fox

Since the beginnings of their architectural practice in 1992, William Curtis and Russell Windham have dedicated their work to the principle that classical architecture, in its best sense, should embody the same...

I-SPY SIGNS AND INSTRUCTIONS: You Must Obey (I-SPY for Grown-ups)

by Sam Jordison

From Sam Jordison, author of the bestselling Crap Towns series, comes I-SPY for Grown-ups.

The I-SPY concept is very simple: it’s like the ‘I spy with my little eye’ game, only instead of all the tedious...

The Creation of Markets for Ecosystem Services in the United States

by Mattijs van Maasakkers

The Creation of Markets for Ecosystem Services in the United States is a detailed analysis of the most advanced efforts to create markets for ecosystem services in the United States. With the help of in-depth...

The Society of Interiors

by Rochus Hinkel, Tatjana Schneider, Tor Lindstrand & Peter Lang et al.

The Society of Interiors discusses a variety of spatial practices which critique, reveal, and resist the economical logic of a neo-liberal market. A market that caters for exclusiveness and individualities,...

How to make yourself a Feminist Design Power Tool

by Hélène Frichot

Set amidst the experimental ecology of practices that supports feminist thinking and doing in architecture, this small book outlines an instruc- tion guide that presents six provocative steps toward the invention...

Architectural Aesthetic Speculations

by Jasper Michael

Architectural Aesthetic Speculations expands our understanding of the role of formal aesthetic criteria in twentieth-century artistic practices and reveals potentially transformative aspects in the art of architectural...

Palazzos of Power: Central Stations of the Philadelphia Electric Company, 1900-1930

by Aaron V. Wunsch, David E. Nye & Joseph E.B. Elliott

"If it isn't Electric, it isn't Modern." Such was the slogan of the Philadelphia Electric Company, developer of an unprecedented network of massive metropolitan power stations servicing greater Philadelphia...

Encounters in Planning Thought: 16 Autobiographical Essays from Key Thinkers in Spatial Planning

by Beatrix Haselsberger

Encounters in Planning Thought builds on the intellectual legacy of spatial planning through essays by leading scholars from around the world, including John Friedmann, Peter Marcuse, Patsy Healey, Andreas Faludi,...

The Modern Landscapes of Ted Smyth: Landscape Modernism in the Asia-Pacific

by Rod Barnett & Jacqueline Margetts

The modern period in landscape architecture is enjoying the fascinated appreciation of scholars and historians in Europe and the Americas, and new themes, new subjects and new appraisals are appearing. This...