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The Earth, the City, and the Hidden Narrative of Race

by Carl C. Anthony

Carl Anthony's memoir offers a new worldview to people of color. His work is both a personal story and an exposition of ideas that will appeal to those who appreciate thoughtful writing on issues of race, including...

Structural Drafting - A Practical Presentation of Drafting and Detailed Methods used in Drawing up Specifications for Structural Steel Work

by Frank O. Dufour

"Structural Drafting" contains a detailed, practical treatise on architectural drawing with a focus on methods used in drawing up specifications for structural steel work. With authentic photographs and simple...


by Victoria Charles

The lighthouse, an indefatigable watchman, ceaselessly guides boats to their ports.This beacon of maritime signalisation has guided sailors since antiquity.The first known lighthouse appeared on the island of...


by Victoria Charles

Born in the Industrial Revolution, the factory has long been considered like a monster of iron, subjugating the individual to the collective in an act of mass dehumanisation.Turning away from the pure functionality...

City Lights

by Victoria Charles

A symbol of massive crowds and solitary desires, the city holds promise for all those that pass through it. Its meandering streets, unexplored neighbourhoods and incessant noise create a landscape that captivates...


by Victoria Charles

A bridge is a link between two worlds, a point of tension between two separate and often disparate locations. Free, belonging neither to one region or another, the bridge imposes upon the landscape and defies...

Mechanical Drawing Problems

by Charles William Weick

This volume analyses mechanical drawing based on its elements, or natural divisions, such as perspective sketching, orthographic sketching, pencil mechanical drawing, inking, tracing, and reproducing. It contains...

Nondestructive Techniques for the Assessment and Preservation of Historic Structures

by Luisa Maria da Silva Gonçalves, Hugo Rodrigues & Florindo Gaspar

New technologies play an increasingly important role in the analysis, monitoring, restoration, and preservation of historic structures. These technological systems continue to get more advanced and complex,...

Coastal Planning and Management

by Robert Kay & Jaqueline Alder

The first comprehensive tool-kit for coastal planners and those aiming to achieve effective coastal management worldwide. Coastal Planning and Management provides a link between planning and management tools...

Spon's Civil Engineering and Highway Works Price Book 2018


SPON'S CIVIL ENGINEERING AND HIGHWAY WORKS PRICE BOOK 2018 from AECOM gives costs for both general and civil engineering works and highway works. It provides a full breakdown of labour, plant and material elements,...

Spon's External Works and Landscape Price Book 2018


This year the rates in the book include contractor's overheads and profit, making the book easier for design and planning professionals.

Now in its 37th edition, Spon's External Works and Landscape Price Book...

Mechanical Drawing

by John S. Reid

"Mechanical Drawing" aims to provide a fundamental course on all theory, principles, and methods needed to create a practical working drawing. It outlines a systematic method for mechanical drawing and offers...

Elementary Structural Analysis and Design of Buildings: A Guide for Practicing Engineers and Students

by Dominick R. Pilla

This overview of the analysis and design of buildings runs from basic principles and elementary structural analysis to the selection of structural systems and materials, and on to foundations and retaining structures....

Lean Culture for the Construction Industry: Building Responsible and Committed Project Teams, Second Edition

by Gary Santorella

Many of the struggles that we are currently experiencing when attempting to implement Lean in the construction environment are the direct result of applying Lean tools out of proper context. Understanding Lean...

The Permaculture Earthworks Handbook

by Douglas Barnes

The Permaculture Earthworks Handbook covers the functions and appropriate siting, design, and construction of nine types of earthworks, including swales, dams, ponds, and hügelkultur beds, to maximize water...

Mechanical Drafting

by H. W. Miller

"Mechanical Drafting" is a complete and detailed handbook on technical drawing intended for students of engineering and related subjects. This profusely illustrated guide contains information on all aspects...

Architecture and How to Sketch it - Illustrated by Sketches of Typical Examples

by H. W. Roberts

Including a wealth of practical information and step-by-step instructions concerning architectural drawing, this profusely illustrated handbook will be of considerable utility to illustrators, designers, architects,...

A Manual of Elementary Geometrical Drawing Involving Three Dimensions: In Five Divisions, Div. I. Elementary Projections Div. II. Details of Construct

by S. Edward Warren

This is a vintage manual on basic geometrical drawing, designed for use in high schools, academies, and engineering schools. Comprehensive and beginner-friendly, this volume is ideal for students of engineering...

Progressive Steps in Architectural Drawing - A Step-by-Step Method for Student Draughtsmen Together with Details of Construction and Design

by George W. Seaman

"Progressive Steps in Architectural Drawing" is a step-by-step guide originally untended for young student draftsmen. It outlines a systematic method for architectural drawing and offers useful information on...

Mechanical Drawing - Projection Drawing, Isometric and Oblique Drawing, Working Drawings

by Walter K. Palmer

This is a complete and detailed handbook on technical drawing, originally intended for students of engineering and other related subjects. This profusely illustrated guide contains information on all aspects...