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Tinkernut Presents Upcycled Technology

by Daniel Davis

Transform old tech into amazing, modern inventions

Fans of Popular Science, Smithsonian’s Maker Lab, and The Big Book of Makerspace Projects will love Upcycled Technology.

DIY science projects using your...

From Gutenberg to Google

by Tom Wheeler

Network revolutions of the past have shaped the present and set the stage for the revolution we are experiencing today

In an era of seemingly instant change, it's easy to think that today's revolutions—in communications,...

Fundamentals of Electroceramics

by R. K. Pandey

The first textbook to provide in-depth treatment of electroceramics with emphasis on applications in microelectronics, magneto-electronics, spintronics, energy storage and harvesting, sensors and detectors,...

Films from the Future

by Andrew Maynard

Learn how movies reveal the future of technology

Fans of The Science of InterstellarThe Second Machine Age, and Physics of the Future will love the Films from the Future.

Science, technology, and society:...

Reinventing Jobs

by Ravin Jesuthasan & John Boudreau

Two experts on human capital and work provide a practical framework for addressing the leadership and organizational challenges of automation.

  • Of all the books available on automation and artificial intelligence,...

Government Digital

by Alex Benay

Governments the world over are consistently outpaced by digital change, and are falling behind.

Governments worldwide have lost the trust and faith of citizens and other stakeholders. A steady decline in public...

CWNA Certified Wireless Network Administrator Study Guide

by David D. Coleman & David A. Westcott

The bestselling CWNA study guide, updated for the latest exam

The CWNA: Certified Wireless Network Administrator Study Guide is the ultimate preparation resource for the CWNA exam. Fully updated to align with...

On the Buses

by Lawrence Martin

A riveting tale of the evolution of automated fare collection systems written by a project manager who was working on the inside,

The Melbourne Metcard system developed in 1995 was the first multi-modal system...

Society Elsewhere

by Francis Sanzaro

The biggest political and economic issue of the 21st and 22nd centuries will not be food, war, overpopulation, or the environment, but boredom and uselessness. The biggest problem will be figuring out how to...

A Dictionary of Electronics and Electrical Engineering

by Andrew Butterfield & John Szymanski

This popular dictionary, formerly published as the Penguin Dictionary of Electronics, has been extensively revised and updated, providing more than 5,000 clear, concise, and jargon-free A-Z entries on key terms,...


by Nick Polson & James Scott

“There comes a time in the life of a subject when someone steps up and writes the book about it. AIQ explores the fascinating history of the ideas that drive this technology of the future and demystifies the...

The Automated Society

by Darrell M. West

Looking for ways to handle the transition to a digital economy

Robots, artificial intelligence, and driverless cars are no longer things of the distant future. They are with us today and will become increasingly...

How to Profit and Protect Yourself from Artificial Intelligence

by Timothy J Smith

The rapidly growing impact of artificial intelligence permeates our lives through multiple channels from the tech giants such as Amazon, Google, and Facebook to the computers controlling our cars, smartphones,...

Neural Networks Without the Math

by Alan French

More and more, artificial intelligence is taking over our lives.

Voice-controlled assistants like Alexa and Siri, Amazon’s recommendation engine, Google’s search, self-driving cars, autonomous robots, and...

Plumbing Licensing Study Guide

by Rex Miller & Mark R. Miller

This book is designed for use as both a text and study guide for those students taking the licensing test in plumbing. Because of the large number of residential dwellings under construction and planned for...

The Digital Workforce

by Jarrod McGrath

Many businesses are being challenged by the convergence of technologies,

such as artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and the internet of things (IoT).

In The Digital Workforce, Jarrod shares a 5-step methodology...

High Power Microwave Tubes

by Vishal Kesari & B N Basu

Volume 2 of the book begins with chapter 6, in which we have taken up conventional MWTs (such as TWTs, klystrons, including multi-cavity and multi-beam klystrons, klystron variants including reflex klystron,...

High Power Microwave Tubes

by Vishal Kesari & B N Basu

Our aim in this book is to present a bird's-eye view of microwave tubes (MWTs) which continue to be important despite competitive incursions from solid-state devices (SSDs). We have presented a broad and introductory...

Sensor Analysis for the Internet of Things

by Michael Stanley, Jongmin Lee & Andreas Spanias

While it may be attractive to view sensors as simple transducers which convert physical quantities into electrical signals, the truth of the matter is more complex. The engineer should have a proper understanding...

Digital Storytelling, Mediatized Stories

by Knut Lundby

Recent years have seen amateur personal stories, focusing on «me», flourish on social networking sites and in digital storytelling workshops. The resulting digital stories could be called «mediatized stories»....