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Biscuit Baking Technology: Processing and Engineering Manual

by Iain Davidson

Biscuit Baking Technology, Second Edition, is a reference book for senior managers and staff involved in industrial scale biscuit baking. It covers the biscuit industry process, ingredients, formulations, besides...

Handbook of Food Science and Technology 1: Food Alteration and Food Quality

by Romain Jeantet, Thomas Croguennec & Pierre Schuck

This book serves as a general introduction to food science and technology, based on the academic courses presented by the authors as well as their personal research experiences.

The authors' main focus is on...

Peanuts: Genetics, Processing, and Utilization

by Thomas Stalker & Richard F. Wilson

Peanuts: Genetics, Processing, and Utilization (Oilseed Monograph) presents innovations in crop productivity and processing technologies that help ensure global food security and high quality peanut products....

To Eat Or Not To Eat?  The Meat And Beans Group - Food Pyramid

by Baby Professor

What do meat and beans do to your body? Here, your child will learn why you always tell him/her to eat the green beans. Filled with pictures and as few text as possible, learning is made fun and easy. Learning...

To Eat Or Not To Eat?  The Vegetable Group - Food Pyramid

by Baby Professor

Improve how your child responds to vegetables by making them look fun to eat and delicious. The purpose of this educational book, then, is to expose a child to beautiful vegetables and make him/her curious enough...

The Sociology of Food and Agriculture

by Michael Carolan

In this second edition of The Sociology of Food and Agriculture, students are provided with a substantially revised and updated introductory text to this emergent field.

The book begins with the recent development...

Meat Quality: Genetic and Environmental Factors

by PhD, Wieslaw Przybylski & PhD, David Hopkins

One of the biggest challenges faced by meat producers today is the requirement to improve the quality of meat while maintaining focus on efficiency and higher yields. Numerous studies have shown that consumers...

Make: Like The Pioneers: A Day in the Life with Sustainable, Low-Tech/No-Tech Solutions

by The Editors of Make:

You may have mastered Arduino and 3D printing, but what will you make when the power goes out? This book, featuring projects drawn from previous issues of Make: and Craft:, features projects you can build with...

A Complete Course in Canning and Related Processes: Volume 3 Processing Procedures for Canned Food Products

by Susan Featherstone

A Complete Course in Canning and Related Processes: Volume 3, Processing Procedures for Canned Food Products, Fourteenth Edition provides a complete course in canning and is an essential guide to canning and...

Food Insecurity and Public Health

by Louise Ivers

Affecting more than 800 million people, food insecurity is a global problem that runs deeper than hunger and undernutrition. In addition to the obvious impact on physical well-being, food insecurity can result...

Dietary Supplements in Health Promotion

by Taylor C. Wallace

The supplement market continues to grow annually with more than half of the population using these products for reasons spanning from health maintenance to disease prevention and/or treatment. Dietary Supplements...

Engineering Aspects of Food Emulsification and Homogenization

by Marilyn Rayner & Petr Dejmek

Emulsions are found in a wide variety of food products, pharmaceuticals, paints, and cosmetics, thus emulsification is a truly multidisciplinary phenomenon. Therefore understanding of the process must evolve...

Food Carotenoids: Chemistry, Biology and Technology

by Delia B. Rodriguez-Amaya

Carotenoids were first studied as natural pigments, then as precursors of vitamin A, and then as bioactive compounds against chronic diseases. These compounds have been and continue to be the subject of intense...

Palm Oil: Production, Processing, Characterization, and Uses

by Oi-Ming Lai, Chin-Ping Tan & Casimir C. Akoh

This book serves as a rich source of information on the production, processing, characterization and utilization of palm oil and its components. It also includes several topics related to oil palm genomics,...

Cocoa Butter and Related Compounds

by Nissim Garti & Neil R. Widlak

This book covers the progress of the last 10 years of studies on cocoa butter. Descriptions of several aspects, including physical characteristics such as rheology, hardness, melt profiles, etc., studied by...

Biofilms in the Food Environment

by Anthony L. Pometto III & Ali Demirci

In nature, microorganisms are generally found attached to surfaces as biofilms such as dust, insects, plants, animals and rocks, rather than suspended in solution. Once a biofilm is developed, other microorganisms...

Processing Contaminants in Edible Oils: MCPD and Glycidyl Esters

by Shaun Macmahon

This book discusses the current research on monochloropropanediol (MCPD) and glycidyl esters in edible oils. These potentially harmful contaminants are formed during the industrial processing of food oils during...

Lipid Oxidation: Challenges in Food Systems

by Amy S. Logan, Uwe Nienaber & Xiangqing (Shawn) Pan

Lipid oxidation in food systems is one of the most important factors which affect food quality, nutrition, safety, color and consumers' acceptance. The control of lipid oxidation remains an ongoing challenge...

Polar Lipids: Biology, Chemistry, and Technology

by Moghis U. Ahmad & Xuebing Xu

Polar Lipids is a valuable reference resource providing thorough and comprehensive coverage of different types of polar lipids known to lipid science and industry today. This book covers important applications...

Canola: Chemistry, Production, Processing, and Utilization

by James K. Daun, N A Michael Eskin & Dave Hickling

This book gives a complete picture of the canola crop including its history, botany, genetics, distribution, breeding and biotechnology, production, processing, composition, nutritional properties and utilization...