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1,001 Questions & Answers for the CWI Exam

by David Ramon Quinonez

AWS (The American Welding Society) is the worldwide leader in certification programs for the welding industry.  Since the CWI (Certified Welding Inspectors) program inception in 1976, AWS has certified more...

Concepts in Physical Metallurgy

by Lavakumar Avala

The progress of civilization can be, in part, attributed to their ability to employ metallurgy. This book is an introduction to multiple facets of physical metallurgy, materials science, and engineering. As...

The Metal Bible for Kids : Chemistry Book for Kids | Children's Chemistry Books

by Baby Professor

This book is all about chemistry. Are you ready to learn more about the subject? If you do, then open the first page and start reading! Chemistry has practical applications that make life a lot easier. This...

Physical Chemistry of Metallurgical Processes

by M. Shamsuddin

This book covers various metallurgical topics, viz. roasting of sulfide minerals, matte smelting, slag, reduction of oxides and reduction smelting, interfacial phenomena, steelmaking, secondary steelmaking,...

The Art of Sculpture Welding: From Concept to Creation

by Kristi Richardson McCoy

This extraordinary seven-part book covers the processes of creating 13 projects -- from pencils to vases to bicycles -- for all personalities, skill levels and interests. It is specifically designed for students,...

Inorganic binders

by Hartmut Polzin & Bernhard E. Schwarz

In addition to clay minerals, which have been used for decades as a binder for the compaction moulding process (with bentonite moulding materials), there are also inorganic chemically curing binder systems od...

Sheet Metal Forming Processes and Die Design

by Vukota Boljanovic

Written by an engineer with decades of practical manufacturing experience, this new edition has been thoroughly revised and is a complete modern guide to sheet metal forming processes and die design – still...

Metallurgy and Processing of High-Integrity Light Metal Pressure Castings

by Helmut Kaufmann & Peter J. Uggowitzer

Very sophisticated pressure casting equipment, such as High Pressure Die Casting (HPDC) machines with hydraulic shot control, Vertical Squeeze Casting machines and various Semi-solid Casting machines are used...

Chats on Old Silver

by Arthur Hayden

With Frontispiece And Ninety-Nine Full-Page Illustrations

Together With Illustrated Tables Of Marks

The study of old silver usually begins when the inquiring possessor of family plate sets himself the task of...

Commercial Steel Estimating: A Comprehensive Guide to Mastering the Basics

by Kerri Olsen

 There has never been available a compilation of information on steel estimating such as this one in the entire history of steel fabrication. Designed to provide enough information to train someone new in all...

Metal Shaping Processes

by Vukota Boljanovic

As the only comprehensive text focusing on metal shaping processes, which are still the most widely used processes in the manufacture of products and structures, Metal Shaping Processes carefully presents the...

Engineering Formulas for Metalcutting

by Edmund Isakov

Maximize the productivity of cutting.

  • Linear regression equations for converting Rockwell, Vickers, Knoop, and Scleroscope hardness numbers into Brinell hardness numbers.

  • Formulas and linear regression equations...