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Military Robots: Mapping the Moral Landscape

by Jai Galliott

Philosophers have wrestled over the morality and ethics of war for nearly as long as human beings have been waging it. The death and destruction that unmanned warfare entails magnifies the moral and ethical...

Britain and Disarmament: The UK and Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Weapons Arms Control and Programmes 1956-1975

by John R. Walker

Since the use of poison gas during the First World War and the dropping of atomic bombs on Japan at the end of the Second World War, nuclear, biological or chemical (NBC) weapons have registered high on the...

Britain and the War on Terror: Policy, Strategy and Operations

by Warren Chin

Why did Britain come to play such a prominent role in the war on terror and why did the military instrument come to be the dominant theme in the British prosecution of what was an ideological and political struggle?...

Music in the 20th Century (4 Vol Set)

by Dave DiMartino

This is an examination of the crucial formative period of Chinese attitudes toward nuclear weapons, the immediate post-Hiroshima/Nagasaki period and the Korean War. It also provides an account of US actions...

Gender Integration in NATO Military Forces: Cross-national Analysis

by Lana Obradovic

Numerous states have passed gender integration legislation permanently admitting women into their military forces. As a result, states have dramatically increased women's numbers, and improved gender equality...

Gendered Wars, Gendered Memories: Feminist Conversations on War, Genocide and Political Violence

by Ay?e Gül Alt?nay & Andrea Pet?

The twentieth century has been a century of wars, genocides and violent political conflict; a century of militarization and massive destruction. It has simultaneously been a century of feminist creativity and...

Soldier Repatriation: Popular and Political Responses

by Kaare Dahl Martinsen

Soldier repatriation from Afghanistan has impacted debate about the war. This study highlights this impact with particular focus on Britain, Denmark and Germany. All three countries deployed soldiers soon after...

Air Power in UN Operations: Wings for Peace

by A. Walter Dorn

Air power for warfighting is a story that's been told many times. Air power for peacekeeping and UN enforcement is a story that desperately needs to be told. For the first-time, this volume covers the fascinating...

The Ashgate Research Companion to War: Origins and Prevention

by Oleg Kobtzeff & Hall Gardner

Many different social scientists have been challenged by the origins of wars, their immediate causes and the mechanisms leading to the breakdown of peaceful relations. Many have speculated whether conflicts...

The Ashgate Research Companion to Military Ethics

by James Turner Johnson & Eric D. Patterson

This Companion provides scholars and graduates, serving and retired military professionals, members of the diplomatic and policy communities concerned with security affairs and legal professionals who deal with...

In a Time of Total War: The Federal Judiciary and the National Defense - 1940-1954

by Joshua E. Kastenberg & Eric Merriam

This book is a judicial, military and political history of the period 1941 to 1954. As such, it is also a United States legal history of both World War II and the early Cold War. Civil liberties, mass conscription,...

Flight Craft 9: Avro Shackleton

by Martin Derry & Neil Robinson

Initially projected as a maritime reconnaissance version of the Lincoln bomber, itself a development of the famous wartime Lancaster which saw post-war service in a General/Maritime Reconnaissance role, (see...

The Transformation of Italian Armed Forces in Comparative Perspective: Adapt, Improvise, Overcome?

by Fabrizio Coticchia & Francesco N. Moro

European armed forces have undergone deep changes in the past two decades. Given the breadth of the debate and the size of transformations that took place, it is somewhat surprising that relatively few academic...

UK Communication Strategies for Afghanistan, 2001-2014

by Thomas W. Cawkwell

The war in Afghanistan came to an end in 2014 after nearly thirteen years of conflict. Throughout that period, British officials have described UK operations there in various conflicting and often contradictory...

Australia's Nuclear Policy: Reconciling Strategic, Economic and Normative Interests

by Michael Clarke & Stephan Fruhling

Australia's Nuclear Policy: Reconciling Strategic, Economic and Normative Interests critically re-evaluates Australia's engagement with nuclear weapons, nuclear power and the nuclear fuel cycle since the dawn...

Super Soldiers: The Ethical, Legal and Social Implications

by Jai Galliott & Mianna Lotz

The Spartan City State produced what is probably one of the most iconic and ruthless military forces in recorded history. They believed that military training and education began at birth. Post-World War II...

The Defense Industrial Base: Strategies for a Changing World

by Nayantara D. Hensel

The US and international defense industrial sectors have faced many challenges over the last twenty years, including cycles of growth and shrinkage in defense budgets, shifts in strategic defense priorities,...

The Law of War

by Ingrid Detter

The third edition of Ingrid Detter's authoritative work explores the changing legal context of modern warfare in light of events over the last decade. Ingrid Detter reviews the status of non-State actors, as...

The Military Covenant: Its Impact on Civil-Military Relations in Britain

by Sarah Ingham

The Military Covenant states that in exchange for their military service and their willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice, soldiers should receive the nation's support. Exploring the concept's invention...

The New Democracy Wars: The Politics of North American Democracy Promotion in the Americas

by Neil A. Burron

Burron provides a critical analysis of Canadian and US democracy promotion in the Americas. He concentrates on Haiti, Peru, and Bolivia in particular but situates them within a larger analysis of Canadian and...